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Match Thread: Final - Australia vs India, Day 3


Final, ICC World Test Championship at London

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Innings Score
Australia 469 (Ov 121.3)
India 296 (Ov 69.4)
Australia 123/4 (Ov 44)
Batter Runs Balls SR
Cameron Green* 7 27 25.93
Marnus Labuschagne 41 118 34.75
Bowler Overs Runs Wickets
Mohammed Shami 10 17 0
Umesh Yadav 7 21 1
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Day 3 - Australia lead by 296 runs.

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Wholesome Moments Dad and daughter at a concert, so sweet

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My boyfriend doesn't put his shopping cart back, red flag?


He has no good reason not to.

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LIV Golf's Bryson DeChambeau suggests 9/11 families should forgive Saudi Arabia: 'Nobody's perfect'


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MOD POST Sync will shut down on June 30, 2023


Evening all,

This is a really tough post to write but following my post the other day I think the best course of action is to shut down Sync before the new API changes go live.

To be absolutely clear I really don't want to close Sync. Working on this app has been a labour of love and my life for the past decade but with how things stand I can't see any other way.

It's been an honour and a privilege. Thank you all,


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Apollo dev posts backend code to Git to disprove Reddit’s claims of scrapping and inefficiency

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Call Of Duty removes FaZe Clan member NICKMERCS skin from game, after Anti-LGBTQ comments during Pride Month.

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News RIF will shut down on June 30, 2023, in response to Reddit's API changes

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Meme The House Always Wins

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Country Club Thread Now I know why my PS2 only lasted 2 years

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AITA AITA for refusing to use alternate names for anatomy with transgender patients on a L&D unit


I work as a nurse on a busy labour and delivery unit. We have had an increased number of transgender/non-binary patients giving birth on our unit in the last year. The department put out an educational resource on how to limit harm and provide inclusive care for these patients. The information/ suggestions in this packet is mostly reasonable such as asking “what pronouns do you prefer?” “What can I do to make you feel safe and comfortable during this process?”. I have zero problem with this. The suggestion I have a problem with is asking “what should I refer to your birthing parts as in order to limit triggers during the birthing process?”. As a healthcare provider we are taught to only use anatomically correct terms in a healthcare setting. Using “nicknames” is unprofessional and could cause confusion with patients and between healthcare providers. It also makes it difficult to get consent for procedures/assessments if you are not saying the name of the body part. Such as obtaining consent for a cervical exam. I honestly don’t care if a birthing patient identifies as a male, but they still have a uterus, cervix and vagina and I am not going to use alternative names in a healthcare setting. I’m all for trans rights and making people feel comfortable but I think this is a little too far. I have cared for transgender patients on L&D before and it can be a very triggering process for them. However, I don’t think using incorrect terms for their anatomy is an appropriate solution and goes a little too far and I will not be incorporating this in my practice. So AITA?

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Patients have no right to know if medics are transgender, NHS warns


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Satan has waited patiently for Pat Robertson

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Sports Fastest Ninja Warrior junior championship

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to exercise

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Insane/Crazy He published a BMX on Marketplace but realized that they did not want to buy it

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Gaming companies really just said Fuck it let's just do the 2000nds again huh.

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no politics Thankfully, Australia is no longer a racist country


So, a mate of mine is Asian and wears a hijab. Very lovely and gentle young woman. Wouldn't hurt a fly (I've been trying to get her to reform that particular behaviour in Australia ;-))

She recently went shopping at Target (Northlands, in Melbourne) and was refused service by a woman (elderly, maybe 60s, white). The woman told my mate something along the lines of "I don't like you" when asked for assistance. No interaction leading up to that. Just flat out said it and then refused to help.

A similar situation occurred when my mate was shopping at Woolies in Barkly Square a few weeks back. Again, an elderly, white woman at the checkout refused to help. Thankfully, a younger bloke on another checkout saw what happened and helped my mate while cheekily signalling that he thought the older woman was nuts.

I have encouraged my mate to report it. She's a little reticent, but I will keep encouraging her, though respecting her choice.

But, I mean, what the fuck, Australia.

I'm not so naive to think there isn't a bunch of complete arsehole racists out there (the recent Nazi plague in Melbourne attests to that). But I didn't think these shitcunts would openly practise their bigotry on the job at Target and Woolies.

Stay well, follow Aussies. Make this country better by telling these racist arsewipes to get fucked.

**Edit (6 hours post-post): so many beautiful people bringing their thoughts and experiences to this matter. Some genuinely heart-warming responses.

TBH, I am surprised at the lack of nasty responses. At least this community is full of decent humans. Hey, maybe we've just scared the racists away. Ha. I wish.

Would love to engage you all, but I must go off and pretend to be useful.

Have a great evening.**

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What do you miss about lockdown?


Myself and my mates used to always check in on one another via Zoom every couple of weeks, have a quiz which we all compiled rounds for, had a catch up etc. Now we are all lucky to meet up with each other once or twice a year due to geography and life going back to normal. Is there anything that you miss from that time too? Don’t get me wrong I like living a ‘normal’ life again - but that part of lockdown was enjoyable!

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FBI arrests Texas businessman linked to impeachment of state Attorney General Ken Paxton

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ How pathetic is that?

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1990s Testing the animatronics for the T-REX, from behind the scenes of "Jurassic Park" (which premiered 30 years ago today in 1993)

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Trump A January 2018 law signed by Trump made unauthorized removal and retention of classified information of the United States government a felony crime


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Boy, I sure do love online dating!

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