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It's a discord mod of /r/antiwork A 16 hour account has been made a mod here.


Just in case you're wondering if the remaining mods feel any actual duty to transparency.


I wonder who that could be?

Edit: Hello /r/all. There are a lot of eyeballs on this post, so I would like to encourage everyone to join the two alt subs that have sprung up to replace this.

And also please know that this is exactly what happens to movements. They get broken up. They get corrupted. They get incompetent leadership that shouldn't be in charge.

This movement isn't a subreddit. It's about respecting yourself, drawing boundaries in your professional lives, and demanding to be treated like human beings, not cash-making machines for corporations. Don't conflate this subreddit with what the long-term goal is -- which are better working standards, the ability to have balance in life, and never needing to justify your existence to your job or career.

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Experts eviscerate Joe Rogan’s ‘wackadoo’ and ‘deadly’ interview with Jordan Peterson on climate crisis

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How do I respond pls help

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Petition: Shut down r/antiwork


I feel the ban hammer on my neck already for even suggesting this, or a sizeable downvote binge from true believers, but I feel like I needed to get this out there in the first round of public posting.

The mods of r/antiwork should shut down the sub, completely and for good, as they no longer represent the will of the members.

Several things have been made very clear in the last couple days:

  • The mods of the sub believe they have any authority at all to speak on behalf of the sub community as a whole
  • Decisions were made without the transparency necessary to have them shut down as against the wishes of that community
  • The remaining team of mods intend to continue pushing the narrative that "mistakes were made," and that the sub still somehow represents the will of its members
  • The choices they have made have undone much of the work many have toiled for, and have actively set back the movement significantly by painting the entire sub with the same brush
  • Even if people move to alternate subs that better represent their values and goals, /r/antiwork now has enough of the public spotlight that it can continue to do damage without the consent or consultation necessary to accurately reflect the movement it seeks to represent, and is a megaphone wielded by individuals wholly unprepared to use it effectively

The choice to remove /u/AbolishWork was the right call, but it was damage control after the fact. Nothing in the post by /u/Kimezukae substantially addresses the enormous missteps or provides security that similar (or worse) choices won't be made in the future. A vague promise of transparency is not the same as accepting responsibility and allowing the community you purport to serve decide the fate of the mods - all the mods - for allowing this to happen in the first place.

People have come to /r/antiwork from all walks of life, and with different ideas of what "anti-work" means. The most radical ideas (Work should be an option to increase wealth, not a requirement for survival) only represent a minority of the spectrum, while active work reform, worker respect and dignity, and redistribution of stake control via unionizing are by far the majority goals. They're also the first steps in any more radical changes. In the interest of serving these goals, the mods have routinely failed to recognize this and have stubbornly clung to their radical, anarchist views, all while enjoying the clout of modding for a nearly two million member sub.

You do not represent us.

If the goal for /r/Antiwork was, and continues to be, to push exclusively for the mission statement in the colophon ("A subreddit for those who want to end work, are curious about ending work, want to get the most out of a work-free life, want more information on anti-work ideas and want personal help with their own jobs/work-related struggles."), then they need to own the responsibility of working to make sure the sub and its members represent that mission together. Failing that, if they want to keep the sub and the members, then it's time to change the mission statement.

You don't get to welcome in a workforce and then pretend they're part of your radical mission when all they want is fair and equitable treatment in their jobs. Most members have no interest in not working. That is, most members would rather see their labor fairly compensated, not be beholden to stake holders that do not value them, and to have a fulfilling life outside of work that is not pinned inexorably to the wishes of an employer. They don't wish to be defined by their jobs, but rather have those jobs be a tool by which they can enrich their non-work lives.

I also don't pretend to represent anyone here. These are my observations from reading the sub and its comments daily. I personally do lean strongly towards the work-as-an-option end goal. I think that, in one of the most economic and resource-rich countries in the world, the idea that anyone has to work is laughable. Choosing to labor should be the goal, and that choice is only possible when employers recognize that they do not have income unless they have a fulfilled and happy workforce who is fairly compensated for choosing to be there.

TL;DR: Sub leaders need to shut down the entire sub because they have done more harm to the cause than can possibly be compensated for in any meaningful way, OR recognize that the membership of the sub no longer represents its stated mission, and either change the rules to favor only their (using a mod's own words) "radical anarchist" positions, OR change the mission statement to reflect the will of the members (and any mods who cannot represent this value step down or be removed).

EDIT: Please don't do any more paid awards. I made this post to represent my own take on the topic, not anyone else's, as a call to action for the people who make the final decisions on how this sub is managed. If you want to spend your money, give it to Union Advocacy groups.

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Oh you sure showed that commenter. What.

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Sarah Palin went out to eat at a NYC restaurant two days after testing positive for Covid

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What a little girl she is 👍

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Are y'all ok?

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'We're done with mandates': Freedom Convoy vows no violence as up to 2,000 vehicles head for Ottawa

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What is a reasonable amount of rent to charge adult children?


For context, we own our own home with a small mortgage. Our eldest son (21) wants to live with us to build up a house deposit. We're happy to have him, but he isn't free and we need to be careful with money as approaching retirement. Don't want to profit from him, and want to help, but cost of everything is going up so high...

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When they hit you in the Parking lot

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Truly ….

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My projector screen looks like the Windows 10 Desktop every morning.

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The 59 Republicans Who Joined Electoral Voter Fraud Scheme For Trump Could Face Prison

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sources are important

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y'all act like she died Such wonderful words from Ramsay

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TIL that bananas naturally produce anti-matter. Roughly every 75 minutes one positron is produced by the trace amounts of Potassium-40 that is naturally occurring in bananas.

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Meme/Macro Who here still uses HDD

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His daughter walking in was like: I’m gonna end my dad’s whole career


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S Mortgage sold to a company that wants to charge me $14.95 to pay my bill online. So I send them a check every week for 1/4th the amount instead.


I figured someone here might get a kick out of this. Last year, for like the 6th time since we bought our house, our mortgage was sold to yet another company. I've never been late paying it, have occasionally made extra payments, never had any issues.

But this new company wants to charge me a $14.95 "convenience" fee to take a payment online. This is absolutely stupid. I can make a payment over the phone and pay another fee, or I can mail a check/money order for no fee. Also, I can set up auto-pay, giving them access to my bank account, but that's a hard no from me.

So, I went online and my bank has a neat bill pay service where you can set it to repeat weekly, monthly, etc.

Took the montly payment, rounded it up a bit, then set my bank to cut them a check every week for a bit over 1/4th the amount. Doesn't cost me a dime - I don't even pay postage. I'm sure the money comes out of the account a little earlier than the mortgage company actually gets it, losing me a tiny bit of interest or something, but man, it makes me feel better that for trying to charge me $15 for what is essentially an automated process for them, they now get to process 4-5 checks a month. And, sure, I'm sure they have that whole process down to an art for minimal human interaction... but it's not zero.

I really wanted to press my luck and send 1/30th of the payment every day, but I figured my bank might cut me off at that point.

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Is it just me or has googles search result quality massively gone down?


Not sure if that's actually the case but it seems like a lot of things and sources , articles, and pages that I used to look up and be able to find, can't find any more now. the search results seemed a lot more diverse, has anything like that occured to you as well?

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Careers & Work LPT: This is a friendly reminder that employees currently have more power to negotiate for improved benefits and pay raises than at any point in the last 20+ years. Take advantage of it!!


Due to the shortage of employees, most employers are desperate for good help. That means you should be seeking pay raises, promotions, and increased benefits.

Unless you are completely satisfied with your job and your income, shop around. Chances are you will find someone desperate for help and willing to pay more than your current employer. If you like your job, shop around anyway, then politely ask your employer to match/beat those offers.

Look after yourself! This employment opportunity will not last forever!

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🇨​🇴​🇻​🇮​🇩​ They dig their own graves

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5th Edition Dm questions: I was running a game where monster attacked twice for 1d6+4. Had a group a newbies decided to handicap by doing 1d10 and only one attack. A player noticed and accused me of cheating. I was just adjusting the encounter to make it easier for new players. Was I wrong?


Edit: thank you all for the support. He’s actually the one that told me to post online. “Dude post it, Im positive people will say you’re cheating”. Glad to see y’all have my back. I shoulda just said “bro I’m god I can do whatever I want”

Edit2: wow this really blew up more than I thought it would. Since posting I’ve send the post thread to them and he said “the internet has spoken I’ll take the L” we gotem bois