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Big Brother is watching you in the UK

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How a decades-old database became a hugely profitable dossier on the health of 270 million Americans


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Just found Orwell was colonial India born & likely inspired by fake historical narratives weaved by British - was he?

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The U.S. Intelligence Community, Flouting Laws, is Increasingly Involving Itself in Domestic Politics | A letter from House Intelligence Committee members demands answers from the DNI about illegal breaches of the wall guarding against CIA and NSA domestic activity.


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Cars Have Your Location. This Spy Firm Wants to Sell It to the U.S. Military: "15 billion car locations. Nearly any country on Earth. ‘The Ulysses Group’ is pitching a powerful surveillance technology to the U.S. government." [United States of America]


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Disgusting and dehumanising. Can’t wait for the lawsuits to begin.

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Doing your taxes? The IRS will soon require a video selfie to access your account


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When Big Brother Is Your Boss: The Rise of Surveillance Wages


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Establishment Covid Lies


Establishment Covid Lies:

  1. Two weeks to flatten the curve
  2. The EUA vaccines
    1. will let you go back to normal
    2. are the only remedies
    3. prevent you from contracting Covid
    4. prevent you from transmitting Covid
    5. are not experimental
    6. do not require boosters
    7. do not cause variants
    8. are superior to natural immunity
    9. cause less myocarditis that Covid
    10. are healthier for young people than sars-cov-2
    11. are not killing people
    12. are not an experiment on everyone to work the bugs out of a new technology
  3. We need more
    1. ventilators
    2. hospital tents
    3. hospital beds
    4. hospital ships
    5. hospital workers
  4. We need
    1. expensive treatments
    2. experimental treatments
  5. We don't need
    1. vitamin D
    2. vitamin C
    3. zinc
    4. quercetin
    5. sunlight
    6. exercise
    7. weight loss
  6. Masks
    1. are effective indoors
    2. are effective outdoors
    3. do not cause bacterial pneumonia
    4. do not halt a child's cognitive development
    5. do not damage a child psychologically
    6. are always worn by anyone who is not selfish
    7. are always worn by anyone who is not a sociopath
  7. Social distancing
    1. is effective indoors
    2. is effective outdoors
    3. does not cause psychological damage
  8. Lockdowns
    1. are effective
    2. do not cause psychological damage
    3. do less damage than Covid
  9. An anti-vaxxer is
    1. anyone who disagrees with the establishment narrative
    2. anyone who refuses to get the Covid EUA vaccines
    3. anyone who refuses a booster
    4. selfish
    5. a sociopath
  10. Governments have legitimate authority to
    1. mandate vaccines
    2. mandate masks
    3. shut down small business
    4. confine people to their homes
    5. censor misinformation
    6. trace your contacts
    7. require vaccine passports
    8. put people in camps
  11. sars-cov-2
    1. occurred naturally
    2. was not created in a lab
    3. was not funded by Fauci
    4. is transmitted by droplets
    5. can be transmitted outdoors
  12. Omicron
    1. evolved naturally
    2. did not come from a lab
    3. is dangerous
  13. The unvaccinated
    1. cause the variants
    2. cause the spread
    3. prolong the pandemic
    4. prevent a return to normal
    5. are misinformed
    6. are selfish
    7. are sociopaths
  14. Ivermectin
    1. is "Horse Paste"
    2. is not effective against Covid
    3. has sent many people to the Hospital
    4. has clogged poison control lines
  15. Hydroxychloroquine
    1. can kill you
    2. is not effective against Covid
    3. is only advocated by Trump fans
    4. is only advocated because Trump mentioned it
  16. Establishment policy
    1. is transparent
    2. is about safety
    3. is science based
    4. has not inflated Covid deaths
    5. has not inflated Covid cases
    6. has not misused the PCR test
    7. has not created perverse incentives
    8. has not created conflicts of interest
    9. has not killed millions
    10. has not permanently injured tens of millions
  17. Reports of adverse vaccine reactions in systems like Vaers
    1. are irrelevant
    2. are not alarming
    3. are not under-reported
  18. Establishment experts
    1. do not lie
    2. do not have conflicts of interest
    3. follow their own rules
  19. The uniformity of the global response
    1. is coincidence
    2. is science based

Consider that many lies are lies by omission. If talk about vitamins and other "home remedies" is simply banned, then there may not be a link to where someone explicitly advocated against them. Of course, we can sometimes show explicit evidence where an establishment source, such as YouTube, banned such content. Therefore, demanding a link to an explicit lie would be tantamount to another lie.

Likewise, one is often not allowed to link to the evidence. For example, anyone can do a test where they publish a post or comment on reddit that contains a link to the studies on 33 (and growing) different substances that have been used to combat Covid. (Remove the underscore in the following link: https://ivm_meta.com) Then ask anyone if they can see that post/comment. They will find that their content has been instantly shadowbanned and that even mods cannot approve it.

I did not include anything that was simply a good-faith error, so the handful of lies that are no longer being promulgated, but which were lies at the time and not merely mistakes, are on the list.

Also, many people have experienced these lies since the beginning of Covid, so to some extent, we must rely on individuals to be honest with themselves.

That is just a few off the top of my head. I will add more as I think of them. Let me know any I missed.

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Highly Censored information


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Rise of the Mark


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Kill switches and monitoring systems for "impaired driving" will be mandated in new cars per the infrastructure bill


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They chosen the lie


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How Intel wants to backdoor every computer in the world | Intel Manageme...


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In the Book, The Party claims they invented the Burrito.

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Is Tax Reform Possible George Orwell 1984


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The lies about natural immunity


It has been known for more than 100 years that the natural immunity resulting from infection enables one's immune system to prevent serious symptoms for decades if one is reinfected, so that is what everyone should have expected from the natural immunity conferred by Covid from the beginning.

The only caveat is that if sars-cov-2 is a bioweapon and was released intentionally, then immunity may not behave normally, so we should be open to that possibility, but it does not appear to have been a factor thus far. In fact, we know that natural immunity to sars-cov (a.k.a. sars-cov-1) still existed in 2020 after 17 years. We also know that natural immunity to sars-cov-1 recognizes some of the proteins on sars-cov-2, and thus provides some immunity to sars-cov-2 as well.

Although some vaccines can come close to natural immunity, the three Covid vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer, J&J), which are still being injected under the American EUA as of January 2022, are very different from traditional vaccines, so one should investigate how their effectiveness compares to traditional vaccines (and how their safety compares to traditional vaccines).

One critical difference is that all of the EUA vaccines, as well as a fourth one from Astra Zeneca, which did not get approved by the American EUA, all train one's immune system to recognize a single spike protein--the same spike protein.

The way immunity works is that one's immune system initially learns about a new pathogen when antigen presenting cells (APCs) carry an antigen (fragment of a pathogen) back to your B memory cells, which live in your lymph system. The APC also tells you B cell where it found the antigen. An antigen could be a spike protein, or some other protein in/on the virus, or it could be something else like an oligosaccharide. Each B cell that receives an APC with a payload will try to construct an antigen-specific immunoglobulin (antibody) that should match that antigen fragment. Those antibodies will have two prongs that can grab the pathogen by that fragment, and they will have one opposing prong that will bind to any of several passing immune cells, such as T cells, which will destroy the antibody and its payload.

Some B cells will have better luck than others in producing an effective antibody. As more B cells get more antigen fragments, the probability of more effective antibodies increases. B cells (a.k.a. B memory cells) remember how to produce those antibodies, which is the key to long term immunity.

As the pathogen continues to replicate exponentially, your immune system keeps repeating this process in order to discover which antibodies can kill the pathogen, and produce enough of them before the pathogen kills you.

The B cells that saved you will not only have been good at killing the pathogen, but will also have been good at recognizing the pathogen by many (perhaps all) of its proteins. Knowledge of how to produce the antibodies that saved you will be stored in your B-cells for the rest of your life; whereas the antibodies that did the fighting naturally disappear after a few months.

The first thing to note is that anyone should have been able to deduce that when the global establishment began citing the disappearance of antibodies after natural infection as proof that natural immunity only lasted two or three months .... they were lying.

The second thing to note requires the very common background knowledge that if a therapy kills off a pathogen that it can recognize and fight, but does not kill off enough of them to make the pathogen extinct, then mutations (variants) that the therapy cannot recognize and/or fight will become widespread--hence the existence of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Therefore, the second thing to note is that as soon as the vaccines arrived, it was known that they only recognized the same single spike protein, and thus one should expect mutations in that spike protein to become widespread because of that evolutionary pressure caused by the vaccines. However, those mutations were blamed on the unvaccinated, so anyone should have been able to deduce that blaming the unvaccinated was a lie.

The third thing to note is that such mutations (variants) would make it hard for the immunity conferred by the EUA vaccines to recognize that spike protein on the future variants they were creating, whereas natural immunity could still recognize the pathogen by its other proteins, and thus anyone should have been able to deduce in 2020 that natural immunity was superior, and that the claim by the global establishment that vaccine immunity was superior was a lie.

We can deduce all of this if we think for ourselves and if we do not have the same conflicts of interest as establishment experts, but wouldn't it be nice if we also had some data to back up our rock solid deductions? Well .... we do.

A study of natural immunity vs. vaccine immunity in the whole population Israel proves that natural immunity prevents subsequent reinfection 6-13 times better than the vaccine, and that natural immunity prevents hospitalization 27 times better than the vaccine. As you can guess, the results of this and similar studies have been suppressed by the global establishment, which is tantamount to another lie.

Now we can make another solid deduction based solely on the issue of natural immunity v. the vaccine: It was never about safety.

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Government and its cronies slapping you around until you let them inject you with their fluids ….

If you ever wonder what you would do if your country started down the path of Nazi Germany …. now you know.

Ways Covid helps the Apex Players

We will not go to the camps.

The Apex Players have openly declared war on humanity.

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October 2021 - Harvard Study: "Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States."


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My Dear Vaccinated Friends: You will still get it and still transmit it. Your immunity will be inferior to that of the unvaxxed that have had covid. You'll need a booster every 6 months for life. At best you get reduced symptoms for a short time. Be mad at those that lied to you - not the unvaxxed!


A Reminder:

Vaxed people:

Can still get covid.

Can still spread covid.

Can still die from covid.

Can potentially die from the vaccine.

Unvaxed people:

Can still get covid.

Can still spread covid.

Can still die from covid.

Cannot die from the vaccine.

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Update current events


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Update current events Daniel Warned


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The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command

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If you ever wondered what you would do if your country started going down the path of Nazism ....


If you have ever wondered what you would have done if you had lived in Germany during the rise of Nazism .... or likewise .... what you would do if your country started going down the path of Nazism .... now you know.

You're doing it right now. You've been doing it for a while now.

Governments have long been somewhat fascist, but since early 2020, there has been an extraordinary new push.

Nazi Germany is not just the most popular metaphor for fascism and totalitarianism. At present, there are alarming new parallels to well known elements of the rise of Nazi Germany, and it is really in-your-face, so everyone sees it whether they will admit it or not. For example:

  • Massive propaganda campaigns.
  • Massive election rigging.
  • Informants.
  • Curfews.
  • Travel restrictions.
  • Forcing medical experiments on individuals.
  • Scapegoating a group of one's own citizens.
  • Making them wear something to signify their unworthiness.
  • Taking away their jobs and businesses.
  • Putting them in camps.
  • Censoring them hard.These proto-Nazis even perpetrated their equivalent of the Reichstag fire in the form of the Jan. 6 false-flag.

This is pretty similar to things that communist countries have done too, but it parallels the stereotype of Nazi Germany better, and it is far more effective in this case to shame these perps as Nazis rather than communists because they imagine themselves to be on the left and they like to think they are fighting Nazis.

Whatever happens, I think this is humanity's last chance. A window has been opening since the spectacle of the masked servants and the unmasked VIPs began to pierce the illusion of legitimacy, and we need to keep it open, or else it is probably over.

The Apex Players have always been at war with humanity, but the announcement of the vaccine mandate by the US President on September 9th 2021 was the first time they had openly declared war on humanity.

It should now be clear. It will never end until we end it.

In the end, it's the things you didn't do you'll regret most.

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U.S. stonewalls probe into security firm that allegedly spied on Assange for CIA, says Spanish judge