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Mod Elections Bi-yearly moderator elections are happening next week!


Hey all, we will be holding our twice-yearly moderator elections starting next week! The election will take place in our management sub r/metanarchism, which is open to all users meeting these criteria.

I meet those criteria. How do I get access to r/metanarchism?

Message the mods to get your access.

When's the vote?

The nomination and voting will open next week (Monday, Mar 27) and will go for two weeks, so you'll have plenty of time to consider your nominations and vote for moderators.

Who can I nominate? Can I nominate myself?

Yes! If you have meta access, you will be able to nominate any user you think is suitable to be a mod of r/Anarchism, including yourself, as long as the user is an anarchist or libertarian socialist.

I meet the access criteria but I can't use that 'message the mods' link because of some issue with reddit's mobile site!

Message one of the r/Anarchism moderators (such as myself) directly, please.

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Time to fight


The trans community is being brutally assaulted with lies and propaganda. I'm sure all of you have probably heard one thing or another about what's been going on.. for those who haven't- Their rights are being threatened such as and very much not limited to - Healthcare, bathroom usage, some states even going so far as to eliminate their right to mere existence. Over 300(and growing) anti-trans bills have been or are fixing to be passed.

Myself and a horde of others are working on organizing a worldwide protest for March 31st. If you call yourself an ally or friend of the lgbtqa+ community please go here queer defence front.

transrightsarehumanrights #marchfortransrights

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Nations force Humans to cruelty and murder for the sake of those who own those Nations. Fuck war, fuck Nations, embrace your fellow humans as equals.


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Oppositional Defiant Disorder: fact or fiction?


I was diagnosed with ODD as a child, and I always thought it was some bullshit made up because I wouldn't just do what someone tells me to, but now as an adult I realize that I seem to start from a stance of defiance before I even consider what is being said to me. This includes when people are giving advice.

I don't know what to make of it. I recall having a discussion on here years ago about ODD, but I can't remember much of it so I thought I would start another.

What are your thoughts?

Edit: A lot of people are talking about neurodivergence being misattributed to ODD, and I think that must definitely be the case for me. I am Schizophrenic. Even though the major part didn't happen until adulthood, it is a lifetime neurodivergence.

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As anarchists, we have every reason to hate and distrust AI. While discussing anarchism with it, ChatGPT4 spontaneously came up with a framework for an online AI-driven platform founded on anarchist principles, and I found what it had to say so compelling that I brought it here for discussion


Google docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lBQTG5c_xuPLnvpEA0vdvziTZoKVonvcKl1iBZ7UKEo/edit?usp=sharing

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/d6tsFr9r

It's a long conversation, but to summarize: In the story it wrote (asking it to write a story about itself is a common trick to try to circumvent alignment if you want it to offer opinions on things that it's not supposed to) it not only had a fairly accurate perception of anarchism, but depicts the AI characters it's writing about as immediately viewing it favorably, and then goes on to envision the creation of an AI-driven decentralized platform founded on anarchist principles that in the story goes on to "revolutionize the world'. When I asked it to describe a real-life implementation of this platform, to my surprise it began constructing a very compelling argument as to the viability of this platform and how to go about implementing it, and was able to offer very strong responses to the immediate criticisms I raised as well. I'm sure I could get it to go into even more detail if I were to ask it more, but I found both the conceptual foundation and the timing of the idea to be extremely compelling.

Oh and also the name it came up with is a play on Discord, which I thought was cute.


Given that the unilateral corporate and/or government control of AI is possibly one of the biggest threats to human freedom imaginable, the fact that ChatGPT4 itself handed me a template for starting an open-source AI-driven platform based fundamentally in anarchist principles was something I absolutely could not keep to myself. Please read the document and then comment, I raised some of the more immediate criticisms I imagine most of you would have (how can one design such a platform in a way that does not create hierarchies given the practical necessities of moderation, and how can we really employ and/or develop AI in a way that is safe, transparent, and decentralized) and I found that the responses it gave me actually ended up being very good start points for discussion.

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The mud wizard strikes again in #Sainte-Soline, France

Thumbnail self.CrimethInc

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Saw this sticker near my apartment

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I think this is a very succinct way of bringing up dual power structures. Dual power structures are an integral part of anarchism because burning everything down not only hurts many people in the short term, but also leaves people's needs unmet. Destroying a power structure leaves a hole where another corrupt system can be implemented. Creating and growing egalitarian systems has the opportunity to make the old, corrupt system obsolete and can help more people in the mean time

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Anarchy for freedom


So I was a army soldier, I was only in bct/Ait and I feel like the hierarchy and the corruption is real. Soldiers are trained to fight for freedom but do we get freedom? absolutely not. I’m the hero and I was treated like I’m the villain. I knew I couldn’t get further deep into it because the way I view this situation is that I feel that my life was in danger and I couldn’t escape. Old Men training us not because they care but want to do it for their own reputation. They only was kind to me when I followed them and be impressionable like a sponge. I felt like I was going to die and nobody would save me. You get left behind and they call you a “hero” it’s all bs. I’m not going to let social classes and society ruin me anymore. They’re going to pay for this and I will show them the beast. :) I’m going to stop living in a world that consists of war and pain. People are fake and they only care about your title. “Only white men can lead”. They didn’t tell me that but it showed. All the promises was broken. They made me feel like a black person couldn’t lead and I don’t respect that. I’m a man and I have a plan. These far right nazi activists will understand the pain and suffering. Liberation.

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Where we're going we dont need roads


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Important petitions regarding protecting the Indian Child Welfare Act


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New User Made a flag for an anti-trans counterprotest in a couple days, I'm aiming for the queer anarchism flag but only had a couple t shirts to cut up and sew

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The subtle sabotage and subtle sarcasm of r/maliciouscompliance strike me as good praxis.


If you must comply, comply with an unjust rule, comply subversively. Ruffle some feathers and make a statement without the risk of termination from directly and entirely disobeying.

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I'm looking for the meaning of this Painting (Les chataigniers a Osny 1888). It's supposedly an anarchist painting but I couldn't find the meaning behind it

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Top lawyers defy bar to declare they will not prosecute peaceful climate protesters


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I've been lurking for a while now...


I want to get more active. I'm not sure how. I don't really know any one else in person to discuss this with or how to get information on protests and such. I want things to change. Things simply can not stay the way they are. Any tips?

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Made my first Zine - Fuck the Patriarchy


I did a project in University for campaigns, and I decided to create a campaign called 'Stand-up Transport'. One of my outcomes was a Zine on Sexual Harassment. Inspired by riot grrl and the old school punk feminists zines, I wanted to do a modern twist yet bringing back the traditional newspaper cutting formats.

This is the first Zine i've made. I hope y'all like it. I'm new to Reddit, if you wanna see more my Instagram is @dukeillustration / www.dukeillustrarion.con

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Any of you smoke cigarettes?


I know it's part of the system but anyone else doing it?

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In Bordeaux France, City Hall on fire. The uprising of the people continues

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How the FBI used 'Cop City' protests to snoop on activists in Chicago. Describing meeting and talking about Cop City as “Anarchist extremism”.

Thumbnail grist.org

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CrimethInc.—France: The Movement against the Pension Reform, On the Threshold of an Uprising?


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What is the difference between and in the Right and the Left


I posted the same question to r/socialism and I am awaiting answers. It is my understanding that the biggest disconnect between the right and the left is that of authority. The left seems obsessed with a relentless struggle for liberation and freedom from domination while the right seems to have an obsession with an apathetic and cruel society that encourages conflict to many different degrees rather than cooperation.

It's also my understanding that the most significant divide on the right is the struggle between Neoconservative imperialists who seek to achieve exploitative domination by slowly crippling liberal democracies into Randian hellscapes via twisted elections where they lie about minorities to scare votes out of the working class and then on the other hand, the new and modern more overtly authoritarian movement containing genocidal currents from the radicalization of the masses from right-wing populist messaging.

Its also my understanding that the left broadly is divided between a vast array of currents and factions that are the result of the leftist movement having ubiquitous principles and axiomatic values like universal human well-being and liberation in the form of positive freedoms but that some groups misinterpret their own tactics and policies in a way that is not adjacent with these values (i.e. so-called "wartime communism" or modern disconnected militant groups).

In other words, the left is either good-faith and harmful praxis or good-faith positive praxis whereas the right is distinguished by bad-faith authoritarians practices (neocons) and good-faith authoritarian practices (fascists)

I know this is really broad, but I just wanted to establish my pre-existing thoughts/inclinations about the matter. I am eager to see what other viewpoints there are.

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"Anarchism, a global movement." - Workers Solidarity Federation (Pakistan)

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Why the left must question the language of 'multipolarity'


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The FBI Used an Undercover Cop With Pink Hair to Spy on Activists and Manufacture Crimes


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Doubts on applying anarchist values on my day-to-day life.


Hello everybody, I hope you are having a nice evening.

I've been reading theory (so far just the bread fella) and I find much of its insights extremely interesting, and I will explore and read further on such materials. However, I've felt a certain nuisance: despite agreeing with most of the stuff explained, I find great difficulty in applying certain principles to my everyday life. I don't have much free time, which means I can't volunteer on social causes or participate in political movements, and to top it off, I can't grow food on my own. Is there a way I can contribute to anarchist ideals in my society with extremely limited time and resources?

Thank you very much!

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Untraceable printing


I want to print flyers to inform people about fascist groups in my city, but I don't want them to be traced back to me. How would I go about doing this? Going to a library or a copy shop would mean that someone could see me or security cameras recording me, and I don't have a guarantee that the file I'm trying to print won't be stored somewhere. Same with ordering prints online. Using a printer at home would probably still be traceable in the end because of the model of the printer and the ink used, right? But what other options are there then?