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Some additional thoughts:

Things always go most smoothly when the questions are really about anarchism and the answers are provided by anarchists. Almost without exception, requests for anarchist opinions about non-anarchist tendencies and figures lead to contentious exchanges with Redditors who are, at best, unprepared to provide anarchist answers to the questions raised. Feelings get hurt and people get banned. Threads are removed and sometimes have to be locked.

We expect that lot of the questions here will involve comparisons with capitalism, Marxism or existing governmental systems. That's natural, but the subreddit is obviously a better resource for learning about anarchism if those questions—and the discussions they prompt—remain focused on anarchism. If your question seems likely to draw in capitalists, Marxists or defenders of other non-anarchist tendencies, the effect is much the same as posting a topic for debate. Those threads are sometimes popular—in the sense that they get a lot of responses and active up- and down-voting—but it is almost always a matter of more heat than light when it comes to clarifying anarchist ideas and practices.

We also expect, since this is a general anarchist forum, that we will not always be able to avoid sectarian differences among proponents of different anarchist tendencies. This is another place where the 101 nature of the forum comes into play. Rejection of capitalism, statism, etc. is fundamental, but perhaps internal struggles for the soul of the anarchist movement are at least a 200-level matter. If nothing else, embracing a bit of “anarchism without adjectives” while in this particular subreddit helps keep things focused on answering people's questions. If you want to offer a differing perspective, based on more specific ideological commitments, simply identifying the tendency and the grounds for disagreement should help introduce the diversity of anarchist thought without moving us into the realm of debate.

We grind away at some questions—constantly and seemingly endlessly in the most extreme cases—and that can be frustrating. More than that, it can be disturbing, disheartening to find that anarchist ideas remain in flux on some very fundamental topics. Chances are good, however, that whatever seemingly interminable debate you find yourself involved in will not suddenly be resolved by some intellectual or rhetorical masterstroke. Say what you can say, as clearly as you can manage, and then feel free to take a sanity break—until the next, more or less inevitable go-round. We do make progress in clarifying these difficult, important issues—even relatively rapid progress on occasion, but it often seems to happen in spite of our passion for the subjects.

In addition, we’re starting into the third of our global plague years and it continues to take its toll. Participation in most forums remains high and a bit distracted, while our collective capacity to self-manage is still not a great deal better online than it is anywhere else. We're all a little plague-stricken and the effects are generally more contagious than we expect or acknowledge. Be just a bit more thoughtful about your participation here, just as you would in other aspects of your daily life. And if others are obviously not doing their part, consider using the report button, rather than pouring fuel on the fire. Increased participation makes the potential utility and reach of a forum like this even greater—provided we all do the little things necessary to make sure it remains an educational resource that folks with questions can actually navigate.

A final note:

— The question of violence is often not far removed from our discussions, whether it is a question of present-day threats, protest tactics, revolutionary strategy, anarchistic alternatives to police and military, or various similar topics. We need to be able to talk, at times, about the role that violence might play in anti-authoritarian social relations and we certainly need, at other times, to be clear with one another about the role of violence in our daily lives, whether as activists or simply as members of violent societies. We need to be able to do so with a mix of common sense and respect for basic security culture—but also sensitivity to the fact that violence is indeed endemic to our cultures, so keeping our educational spaces free of unnecessary triggers and discussions that are only likely to compound existing traumas ought to be among the tasks we all share as participants. Posts and comments seeming to advocate violence for its own sake or to dwell on it unnecessarily may be removed.

r/Anarchy101 Feb 26 '22

Russia-Ukraine threads


Most of us are concerned about the conflict currently going on in Ukraine — as we undoubtedly should be — but not every forum is a useful place to express or explore that concern. So far, here in the 101 sub, most of the related threads have fairly rapidly assumed a character inappropriate to the forum — or they have been inappropriate from the outset — and have had to be removed.

The obvious difficulty is that there is no way to provide clearly anarchist answers to questions of war between nation-states. We can observe that "all wars are the bosses' wars," as anti-authoritarians have since at least the 1860s. (See, for example, Hector Morel's Nationalities Considered from the Point of View of Liberty.) But that clearly does not exhaust our responses as human beings. Whether it exhausts what we can usefully say in the Anarchy101 forum is perhaps an open question.

For now, Ukraine-related threads may be filtered on submission, just to catch the wild rants from outside, and those who wish to discuss the specifically anarchistic aspects of the questions involved should do their share to make certain that discussions stay within the usual bounds here — including using the report button when things start to go off the rails.

r/Anarchy101 1h ago

How does one constructively introduce people to mutual aid?


Hello! I'm a bit new to mutual aid – most of what I do is contribute to local mutual aid organizations. I have a friend who recently started a mutual aid Discord server to boost requests from individuals in the community.

The server has had some trouble gaining momentum. The same handful of people (perhaps 5-8 out of 30) are active in contributing funds, responding to requests, and boosting in their personal circles. The rest are completely inactive or express uncertainty about helping people they don't know personally.

My friend is understandably very frustrated with this response, and she makes it known in the server. For example, she recently posted:

"I can always see who's online, so its kinda icky to me that sometimes it's 8+ ppl and yet the same like 2 people ever interact/send things. 'sorry im in a lot of servers/my notifications get messed up' won't cut it. make it a priority of yours to intentionally check in on this server every day. Remember if you're not Black you owe Black people for everything."

For context, we're both East Asian. Her frustration is valid, and I don't want to police her tone. Regardless, I suspect that people (especially newbies/liberals) respond negatively to these kinds of messages, and, at the very least, we both recognize that the amount of work she puts in trying to get people to contribute does not pay off.

I don't want my friend to face burnout, and I want this server to succeed. What can we do to promote constructive learning? I think that meeting people where they are in their understanding of mutual aid would be more fruitful, though more laborious. Would appreciate any advice.

r/Anarchy101 19h ago

Favourite anarchist essay?


r/Anarchy101 13h ago

Examples of historical (and present) anarchism?


I already know about Mahknovia, Catalonia And that sit

r/Anarchy101 1m ago

I have a very unusual question about abuse from parents and family in general


Is there any anarchist or anarchist related literature that helps to cope with being a victim of abusive parents? And to deal with self-hate/lack of self-love?

r/Anarchy101 7h ago

Just to be clear, what do you exactly mean when you say that there should be anarchy? People usually imagine a mad max kind of situation upon hearing this word, but i would assume that isnt what you envision?


r/Anarchy101 7h ago

indian historiator say anarchism and socialism want kill india, who could be the answer?


Indian nationalist Historiator oak,sayy anarchist and socialism want destroy india, because they are atheist people that opposes to Hinduism and other indian religions that oak say form the soul of indian culture in same form greek paganism differences ancient greeks of bizantine greeks,

he say "liberals (anarchist and socialist) want destroy the sanatha dharma, the soul of indian culture, because they dont respect us and like british colonizers they think they are superior, indian civilization have more of 5 millenniums if we never think about atheist anarchism is because we never need it, if we lose religion and culture india gonna be only a pathetical copy of western countries with not soul inside"

What you answer this declarations? I heard they a common citations in his death anniversaries

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

how to transport goods around the world?


Yes, most things could be made locally, but not everything, at least not without introducing non-native plants that could become invasive. Who would want to sail for days to deliver food and materials to someone they don't even know? An agreement like "I give you goods, you give me goods" could work, but what if an area doesn't have many things to give due to being for example a desert?

r/Anarchy101 18h ago

"but what about the murderers, rapists, and child molesters?"


I'm sure this is a common question, but in practical terms, what would a society which has abolished prisons do about these people?

Just to clarify, I'm not interested in hearing about why the current system we have is bad. I agree, it sucks. However, in practical, real-world terms, step by step, I'm wondering what would be done with these people.

The answer I usually get is that anarchism or communism it socialism or what have you will mean that these things don't happen because everybody gets what they need and everybody is treated equally. Personally I tend to doubt this, but there you have it. So, in practical terms, what would happen to a murderer, rapist, or child molester in an anarchist society.

Follow up: someone murders a member of my family and there are no prisons for murderers. What's to stop me from grabbing a steak knife and stabbing the murderer to death myself?

r/Anarchy101 2h ago

Is the end result of any anarchic society tyranny? Expanded consciousness the only way?


Short of eugenics, is ascension to a higher level of "consciousness" the only way true anarchy can be achieved?

I'm sympathetic to the anarchist ideals, but isn't the end result of an anarchist society (with human nature as it currently is), gauranteed to be tyranny.

There will likely always be a group of Ghenghis Khan, "dark triad," type individuals forming their own military and dominating everyone else through brutal conquest.

Yes, there will naturally be mob justice that will likely escalate, but in reality the most ruthless, most vicious groups will eventually come out on top.

I see only a couple of ways that optimal conditions for an anarchist society could be achieved;

a) Mass culling of people with sociopathic traits and/or other traits deemed undesirable by society - Basically Eugenics.

This may achieve the desired result under strictly classical utilitarian (I.e. Consequentialist) ethical framework.

However, I think we can all agree that this would be morally reprehensible and is not the best course of action.

The Nazis tried something similar and it didn't work out too well.

b) Ascension of the human race to a "higher level of consciousness". An "inner revolution" so to speak. By that I mean an "evolution," which represents a fundamental shift in our human nature at the deepest possible level.

I know that sounds airy-fairy, but I can't think of a better description.

I guess if you wanted a physicalist example, given through the lense of cultural anthropology, the closest analogue would be the theorised "great leap," which led humans to "behavioural modernity" around 40,000 to 50,000 years ago. This "great leap" purportedly led to a radical change in social norms and human cooperation beyond close relatives/tribe members.

How we could achieve this ascension is anyone's guess. Artificial intelligence may hold the keys. But equally it may be used to enslave us.

I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts.

Please no stupid comments like "dangerous sociopaths are created by our non-anarchic societies". Lets stay in reality here.

I've met plenty of evil people who had good upbringings. In reality there will always be a subset of people who are highly acquisitive, extremely intelligent and ruthlessly solipsistic in their goals.

If we wish to achieve the end goal of an anarchist society, which I believe should be the end goal, we need to remain rooted in logic and empirical facts. Taking all objections seriously.

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

Halo my fellow anarchists


Thanks to a very very very very huge effort in our work, my girlfriend (f25) and I (m26) are traveling through Europe for all the month of June, we are going through Barcelona, Paris, Roma, Florencia, Amsterdam and London, we kind of have all the the tourist sights cover, so we wanted to know if there's anything punk/anarchist that's really worth the visit, anything at all, please really give us a hand, it’s kind of hard to look for this places online :(

Please help us, sorry for the bad English, it's not our first lenguaje

Also thank you very much.

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

Anarchists who worked in government, parliament, congress, etc: What was your experience and how did it shape your understandings and practice of anarchism today?


(I hope this sub is okay to use, but yeah, it's all in the title)

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

Is it even possible for the average person to exist and survive on their own terms*, without breaking ANY**" laws***, without participating in capitalism**** or being capitalized upon, anywhere in America?


I don't know if this is specific to Anarchism, but I feel like you guys have probably pondered about it more than the average person.

no asking permission from anyone, and you no participating in a commune or anything that has already been established. *I mean ANY (no vagrancy, park past sunset,loitering, trespassing, fishing w/o a license, poaching, etc...) Under the jurisdiction of any governing body applicable to where you are at the moment in question. *Anything sold by you must be a legitimately fair/ even trade and, again, legal. *****Or the country you live in.

r/Anarchy101 1d ago

acab but call the police?


I accidentally got involved with some dodgy people. acab but if they are threatening me, would i still contact the police if i had to?

r/Anarchy101 2d ago

What's the anarchist view on religion?


I just recently got into anarchism and wanted to know what other anarchists think about religion

r/Anarchy101 2d ago

What are some arguments against a Needs based economy from a Leftist and Market Anrchist perspective?


While I am and anarcho-communist I believe to completely understand and believe my own ideas they must hold up to criticism. And so what are some Market(not capitalist) Anrchist arguments against a Needs based economy or the construction of society based on the principle of "to each according to their need, from each according to their ability". Please feel free to discuss the arguments as well

r/Anarchy101 2d ago

How would an anarchist society work?


I'm a beginner anarchist, and I'm still a little stuck on a a few basic issues:

  1. What would happen with the police, do we reform them, if so how? Should we break them up into smaller groups? Do we use community policing and how would that work if we were to do that. Basically how would the society enforce rules.
  2. How would the political system work? Like do we vote on every single policy or would there still be politicians? What could be some ways of preventing tyranny of the majority. How would our beurocratic systems work? I'm completely blank here, I have no idea how any of this would really work.
  3. A third and unrelated question, should I read Marx? Are there other, better, options for anarchists?

r/Anarchy101 3d ago

Why is Kropotkin's, "Ethics: Origin and Development" tagged anti-egoist in the anarchist library?


From what i understand Striner was against fixed ideas, absolutes, the sacred. He also thought whatever we may come up with, never fully accounts for the individual: “no concept expresses me, nothing that is designated my essence exhausts me...”, it will always be imperfect and alienating to an extent.

But that is not against what Kropotkin is doing here, maybe Nietzsche would dislike Kropotkin but not Striner. To claim otherwise is to say that someone is against science for saying no theory is perfect and that we should constantly stretch our theories until the break to arrive at better ones. That's a tenet of science, not an anti-science statement!

So why is it that when it isn't science and it's ethics, arguably a science itself too, according to Kropotkin, that people get confused? Did i misunderstood someone?

r/Anarchy101 2d ago

different types of anarchy


Can someone dumb down the different types of anarchy for me? Sorry if you get asked this a lot/ this is not the sub for it

r/Anarchy101 2d ago

Are Anarcho-Communists Collectivists? And What Does Collectivism Generally Entail?


r/Anarchy101 3d ago

What is the relation between direct democracy and anarchy?


Does direct democracy = anarchy? Since there isn't a state making decisions regarding law making etc

r/Anarchy101 2d ago

Detailed anarchist critiques of famous political philosophy writings?


r/Anarchy101 2d ago

How Would Wealthy Possessions be Handled in Transitional Anarchist Societies?


So let's say, hypothetically, without much emphasis on how this would occur, societies around the world are becoming more open to anarchist organization and there's active and significant efforts being made to establish such. As all of us know, whether it be a Rolls Royce or prodigious mansions, the wealthy have... well, wealthy possessions. How would supporters of such an arrangement (anarchism), A.) Handle these possessions in a manner that is efficient (in terms of making sure we're utilizing materials in a conservative and rational manner), and B.) How can we assure that individuals of such an arrangement would not become self-involved in their ways and use it inequitably?

r/Anarchy101 2d ago

In your opinion, what urban area currently in existence( or in the near past) best embodies anarchist principles in its "urban planning"? What do you think of informal settlements like the Kwoloon walled city, favelas, slums, etc in realtion to anarchism?


By "urban planning" I am really reffering to everything relating to the decisions regarding the creation and transformation of the built environment, wether or not these decisions are taken by an official organization or a mere individual.

What do you believe is the best example of anarchist philosophy manifested in urban design?

I also understand that the afformentioned informal settlements can never be considered "fully anarchic" due to the fact that they exist(ed) in a statist and capitalist context. However I am wondering if you would contend that they are atleast in part anarchic and if yes to what degree?

r/Anarchy101 3d ago

I feel like we're living in a dystopia


It seems like element of our society; our culture, our institutions, our systems, all exist purely for the benefit of the elite at the expense of everyone else.

They crush our creative spirits in the schooling system.

They numb us with uncreative, mass produced culture such as television and music.

They ensnare and enslave us with hedonism and consumerism. Any transcendental pursuits and purposes are abandoned in exchange for accumulation of as much wealth and material possessions as possible.

They divide us with the news media, manipulated to inflame tensions between "liberals" and "conservatives" (barely different from each other) and between different racial and ethnic groups. This division prevents us from seeing the true enemy and uniting against it.

They create bullshit jobs (e.g. "consultant") to artificially uphold the senselessly exploitative pyramid scheme that is the global financial system, at the expense of the worker's dignity.

They shatter our ability to think critically through increasingly vapid and pointless media; shallow content begets shallow thought.

All of this to increase their profits and power. Nothing is inviolable to them. If killing thousands of babies meant increased profits, they would do so (nestle actually has).

It all seems so horribly bleak. Occasionally I get little embers of hope (Bernie's candidacy, the BLM protests) but they never last. The BLM protests were simply co-opted by the conglomerates, and as for Bernie, his campaign was sabotaged by the establishment (twice) and he seems too scared to run as an independent (but to be fair there's a pretty decent chance that if he did, he would have a conveniently-timed heart attack). A lot of the populist energy has been stolen by the right-wing, and therefore rendered inert. I don't think we can wait for revolution, either. Technologies like neuralink, the metaverse, etc. could make rebellion against the capitalist system literally unthinkable.

So my question is this: What can we do before the majority of the population turns into pod-dwelling, bug-eating, hyperconformist husks of human beings that all live for profit and die for profit, and what can I do personally to stay sane in the face of all of this bullshit?

r/Anarchy101 4d ago

Am I naive for thinking mass murderers and nazis can be rehabilitated? And if so, how?


I'm just really tired and annoyed in general of being treated like I'm stupid and naive for not wanting anyone, even the worst of people, to die. Especially when these comments are coming from other anarchists of all people.