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What ruined your Thanksgiving this year?



u/Ohiocitybandit42 10d ago

Woke up to $700 in fraudulent charges to my account and couldn't call the bank. On top of being stuck at home I had something to stress me out even though I know it's easily taken care of.


u/tallgirlmom 10d ago

Truly fraudulent charges are thankfully quick to remedy, the bank will give you a temporary credit while they investigate. We just falsely got charged $2,010.- for a $10.- burger. It took them over two weeks to finally fix that one, because “Well, it’s not fraudulent, you said you did eat at this burger place.” Although the bank teller acknowledged that would have to be one heck of a burger!

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u/JoyIsADaisy 10d ago

My kidneys are in stage 4 failure, starting dialysis and I’m terrified


u/CatastrophicCraxy 9d ago

Huge hugs. My husband is a dialysis tech and patient educator and I am also pretty well versed in CKD and nephrology. Feel free to reach out via PM if you have any questions your patient educator doesn't answer in a way that works for you. Patient education is his passion and I know he would be more than happy to help

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u/Moutonnoir77 10d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Hugz Giggle Table Slap

My grandma passing on Tuesday. Thanksgiving was always a wonderful memory with her.

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u/Mis_Red 10d ago edited 9d ago Silver Gold Narwhal Salute Facepalm

My husband and I were in a pretty bad car accident, Monday afternoon. He ended up with a bad concussion and staples in the side of his head. I have a total of 13 stitches in my right hand/wrist. Not to mention all the bruising, whiplash, and everything else that comes with being rear ended while at a dead stop by someone most likely doing 45+. We're lucky to be alive. We were the first car hit and somehow got pushed in to the median, while the car that hit us kept going and ended up hitting the car that was in front of us. There ended up being 5 cars involved in the whole ordeal. We were supposed to go to my in-laws today, but his concussion has made it difficult for him to eat or even sit in a lit room, so we ended up staying home. It sucks, but I'm thankful to be alive and there's always next year.

Edit: Just wanted to say thank you for all the well wishes, advice, and awards. Didn't expect my little story to get so much attention. We are definitely on top of this situation.


u/Jolly_Environment_23 9d ago

stay on top of this and dont give the insurance companies an out. also wear those damn collars if you have to.. this happened to me 30 years ago and i'm still paying the price. couldnt sue the bast ard because it was a no fault state.

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u/teeksquad 10d ago Silver Wholesome

Tooth infection that spread. Went to dentist yesterday to get antibiotics and it ballooned across my face overnight. So here I am, sitting in ER triage with a 101.3 fever and a face that hurts like hell


u/witchvvitchsandwich 10d ago

I had a tooth infection that took my front tooth this year. The loss of the tooth and subsequent surgeries ruined my thanksgiving. It stemmed from an accident as a kid. I’m so sorry you’re going through this and I can level. I’m sending you love sweet person. I’m sorry you have to endure this too.

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u/kimjongk80 10d ago Silver

I asked for the address and never got a response. Responds 4 hours later: “Ok… well we already ate and everyone left… so just stay home and eat there.” Go on Ig and see the family pics. Thanks dad. That’s. That’s nice.


u/Icy-Lettuce1419 10d ago

I’m sorry :(


u/effjayyelle 9d ago

Wow that's fucking heartless. I'm so sorry ♥


u/LadyStrange23 9d ago

Wtf? How rude. I’m so sorry, that’s extremely hurtful

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u/Wilma_Tonguefit 9d ago

I might consider going NC over this to be honest.

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u/Bird_Brain4101112 10d ago

My mother in law died about 10 minutes before I put the turkey in the oven.

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u/Jr712 10d ago Wholesome Hugz

My 12 year old lab who I’ve had since he was a puppy died this morning from cancer. He was my favorite dog I’ve ever had and my 5 year old son’s best friend. We are going to be hurting for a while.

Here’s a picture of my dog and son from a few years ago.

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u/[deleted] 10d ago

Finding out my grandma died from an instagram post, nobody in my family bothered to call me to let me know she was even sick.


u/grandmas_funtime 10d ago

had the same thing happen to me. when my dad died i lucked out and one of his friends got everyone to delete their RIP posts until she got in touch with the family.

the internet can really fucking suck



Aunts did that to us. We did not find out my dad was dead until after the funeral. They wont tell me where he is


u/hypnos_surf 10d ago

Your aunts are evil as fuck to disrespect you and the dead like that.

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u/cahalenta 10d ago Wholesome

Use findagrave.com to see if you’re able to locate him. I’m sorry your aunts did that to you and I hope you find him.



We did a lot of searching in 2008. Mom finally said give it up. She felt I was better served moving on. We weren't friends

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u/PoopieButt317 10d ago

This. Findagrave helped with my family's genealogy to find headstones with real dates, etc.

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u/ladymaenad 10d ago

I'm so sorry. Nobody in my husband's family bothered to tell him when his grandma died either. I found out by chance from Facebook AFTER the funeral.

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u/shadownyxy 10d ago

When my grandfather passed on labor day a couple years ago NOBODY told me I found out on fb and when I asked my aunt and my cousin when the funeral was they opened my messages, left me on read, then posted on fb a day later pics from the funeral on fb. I have NC with them and most of that side of my family now

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u/Traditional_Wrap4217 10d ago edited 10d ago Wholesome

We thought thanksgiving was ruined but it turns out, it will just be different than we wanted. My grandpa was diagnosed with terminal cancer last summer. We knew this would likely be his last thanksgiving with us. A few days ago he had a stroke and we didn’t think he’d be able to join us for thanksgiving dinner since he’s still in the hospital. Luckily enough, he’s being discharged in an hour and will be able to have dinner with us.

ETA: thank you for all of the encouraging words and empathy. My grandpa is an amazing man who set a really good example for who I want to be and who I want to surround myself with.

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u/Zestyclose-Ant-2496 10d ago Narwhal Salute

Girlfriend broke with me last night so I've been spending the entire Thanksgiving trying to act like it doesn't bother me


u/princess-smartypants 10d ago

Listened to a radio show yesterday, and, apparently, the Turkey Drop is a thing. Lots of people get broken up with around this time. That is my awkward way of days it I'm sorry your holiday sucks, hope things get better soon.


u/EatSleepJeep 10d ago

Particularly among college freshmen.


u/HCBuldge 10d ago

Exact thing happened to me years ago

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u/acshunter 10d ago

So, so sorry. 6 years ago was my worst Thanksgiving - my boyfriend at the time invited me to go to Thanksgiving in a different state with his family, and then the entire time I was there, he wouldn't even talk to or look at me. It was so awkward and stupid. We drove back home together and he broke up with me as soon as we got home.

So sorry for your pain today. Ugh.


u/gummo_for_prez 9d ago

That sounds awful for everyone involved, was there a reason to not just break up first at least? I’m so sorry that sounds like a horror movie intro or something.


u/acshunter 9d ago

It was genuinely awful - I called my dad to wish him a happy birthday on Thanksgiving, he asked how it was going and I just burst into tears.

I honestly have NO idea. No idea why he invited me to go if he was feeling iffy about me, especially since I was really reluctant about it and he really sweet talked me into it. I was so upset that he was just waiting until we got back to break it off. I told him he should have just told me that and I would have found a way to get home immediately.

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u/glowfa 10d ago Silver Wholesome Take My Energy Table Slap Sidevote

went to go pick up grandma from her dementia care home today, as soon as i pulled in she called and said she wasn’t feeling well. I ended up sitting with her for an hour catching up. When it got dark and I had to go she begged me to stay and gave me some food. I wanted to cry, she was asking me all these things about my life i couldn’t give her the answers to, I miss when she was a part of my life and not away spending her last days isolated. Dementia sucks bad, it’s horrible to have to go through.


u/Independent_wishbone 10d ago

Dementia is the worst. It's like you lose your loved one, but they're right there.


u/offballDgang 10d ago

I have heard it's losing them twice


u/marbloch 10d ago

my experience was that by the time they actually go they've been gone for so long already you've had time to get used to the idea and it's not as hard as if it had been sudden


u/mmmmike1590 10d ago

After a certain point, my grandma was basically a vegetable. The news she passed away was a relief because it meant she was free.

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u/Altril2010 10d ago edited 9d ago Silver Helpful

I feel you. We brought my grandmother over from her care home today to let her enjoy my kids (great-grandkids). My dad said when they were pulling out of the driveway she started crying and said she wished she could have just gotten to spend some time with them and had some hugs. She didn’t remember in that 3 minute span that my three year old didn’t leave her side the entire time and that my nine year old sat on the couch and snuggled her and translated conversations from across the room for her for an hour. Dementia is awful.

Edit: Thanks for the awards!


u/hey_jojo 10d ago

My heart hurts so much for you and your family.

If it's any consolation, I'm sure she would be happy to know that the great grand kids will remember her fondly at this Thanksgiving, even if she herself won't remember. And their memories will outlast all of us.

And Grandma was happy in the moment, right? Which is precious and real, even if she didn't keep the memory of it.


u/Altril2010 10d ago

Oh yes, she was full of joy for the two hours she was with us. I have tons of pictures of my kids hanging out with her, the dog “hugging” her, and even some of myself with her. I know not to take it personally, and I’m glad my kids are young enough not to thoroughly notice, although the nine year old is picking up on it.

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u/flemily13 10d ago edited 8d ago Silver Gold Helpful Hugz Take My Energy Take My Power Ternion All-Powerful

Two weeks ago, my dad and grandma died two days apart from their respective cancers. Also, today I have a 103° fever, so I can’t even be around my family.

Edit - Thank you all so much.


u/fluffybeetle 10d ago

Sorry for your loss. ❤️

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u/BM_gamer36 10d ago edited 9d ago

Big dinner. Turkey. Stuffing. Mash potatoes. Corn bread. The whole 9 yards.

A colleagues daughter says she has a stomach ache and doesn't feel well. Gut feeling is making me suspicious. We sit down. She gets up and proceeds to vomit all over the floor. Thankfully she missed the table. Just all on the floor. Poor kid had a stomach virus she didn't know about. She didn't eat much after that.

We spent 10 minutes cleaning it up. Sadly nobody wanted to have the stuffed after that. I was sad cause it was amazing.


u/SgtVinBOI 10d ago

I threw up at my uncle's for Easter a couple years ago, my dad still acts like I ate too much candy (Which definitely didn't help) even though my brother threw up a few days before and my mom threw up a few days later, he didn't throw up cause he got GERD surgery.

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u/SnooPeripherals8766 10d ago Take My Energy

Not having my mom around to celebrate.


u/bexter82 10d ago

I’m so sorry for your loss. This is my second year without my dad and it still hurts. Sending you strength.

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u/hmmm-idontknow 10d ago

Same. Both of my parents died in just under 2 years. The holidays really drive that home. Mom died in Dec and Dad in Nov less than 2 years later. I totally understand.

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u/Renegadesdeath 10d ago

Mom died 10-14-2022. I’ve been trying to salvage ever since.

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u/pro_nosepicker 10d ago

Me too. Died two days ago…….. on my birthday.

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u/TheMatzohBro 10d ago

Both my wife’s parents passed away within a month of each other in October. Thanksgiving is difficult this year. Also, my daughter having Mono as of yesterday is just the whipped cream on the sweet potato pie, as it were.

Hugs to all.

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u/elbyl 10d ago

Me too. First one without her.


u/MexicanScrubLord 10d ago

One of my warmest hugs for you

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u/Hot_Salad9000 10d ago

My stepfather is fighting pancreatic cancer and my mother is beyond exhausted and stressed. Ordered premade dinners but this is not a day to celebrate.

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u/gungirl83 10d ago Wholesome Take My Energy

Being alone, boyfriend is working. This is the first year I wont get a phone call from my Big Brother as he took his own life in june. Holidays and birthdays have been tough this year. At least I have the dogs to help snug away the sad.


u/mychelle5546 10d ago

I also lost my brother in June to suicide. I feel you


u/gungirl83 10d ago

Its rough man. Holidays just feel empty. Hard to explain to people for me.


u/Queef3rickson 9d ago

I lost my friend to suicide last year, I know it's not the same as losing a sibling. It feels like he got off the bus early and I'm traveling on ahead without him. Like I'm doing all these things and I look to the side because he should be here next to me, but he isn't.

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u/AlgoRhythMatic 10d ago

Stepped off the damn high curb at my uncles house, and twisted my ankle real bad. Stupid clumsy old people shit IRL.

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u/tiny_butt_toucher 10d ago edited 10d ago Hugz Tearing Up

A severe ulcerative colitis flare that landed me in the hospital two days ago. I’m still here, and tonight’s thanksgiving feast: 1 gallon of colonoscopy prep 🤢

Edit- thanks for all the good wishes! You’re all keeping me company while I sit on the toilet for the next several hours

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u/welltriedsoul 10d ago

Dog got out leading to a two hour search and a cold dinner.


u/Onibachi 10d ago edited 9d ago

My cat got out last night and we still haven’t found her :(. I’m still living this one.

EDIT 1: Thank you everyone so much for your advice and your concern. It’s now past 24h and still not kitty. I’ve put out a blanket lined box, a couple of our worn shirts, the blanket was unwashed, and some food and her litter box. Fliers are up at the neighborhood convenience store and along the road at telephone poles. I’ll update again with any news!


u/RockabillyRabbit 10d ago

Have you put their litter box outside? And blankets/clothing that smells like you and them?

It ways always our first advice as animal control if someone's cat got out. They have an amazing sense of smell.

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u/welltriedsoul 10d ago

And it just gets better just found out my aunt has stage 4 kidney failure.

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u/Business_Loquat5658 10d ago

Influenza A

We are better now and fever free and decided to postpone Thanksgiving to Saturday, everyone agreed which is nice.

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u/Shutupdillhole 10d ago Silver Helpful Hugz Take My Energy Tearing Up

My dog suddenly had a stroke last night, after spending 1 hour finding an emergency vet that was open and another hour speeding there, my dog passed away at 1:50am right as we were about to carry her to the exam room. She was perfectly fine just 6 hours before.


u/That_Purple_Energy 10d ago

I’m so sorry 😞

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u/Shutupdillhole 10d ago

Thank you everyone for the kind words as well as the awards, it means a lot to me. To everyone who’s also lost their pets, it’s seriously not easy. It’s hard losing a member of the family who does nothing but love unconditionally, I hope you all heal alright. My family and I are in complete shock and It hasn’t completely hit us yet mainly because just last week we had to put our family cat down, so we were still grieving one loss as this second one snuck up on us. Have a happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate the holiday. Otherwise I hope everyone has a great rest of the week. <3

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u/beckynolife 10d ago Silver Hugz

Mom decided to have a heart attack last week and passed away leaving me to cook by myself. 🙄

Humor helps a bit 💔


u/Sunnydays2808 9d ago

As a member of the dead-moms-club, I completely understand the dark humor and how helpful it is. I’m sorry this is still fresh for you.

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u/Meluckycharms75 10d ago

My wife needed emergency surgery today or she would have died. Thankful she is still alive, for great nurses and skilled surgeons.


u/Known_Bug3607 10d ago

I’m glad she’s still with us. Hug her tight.

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u/Iamzelda3000 10d ago Hugz Take My Energy

My 4 yo being hospitalized with rsv, the flu and pneumonia. Been here since Tuesday with no sign of leaving. Whole pediatric ward is full. These poor babies.


u/289partnerofq 10d ago

As a pediatric healthcare worker, it’s insane how many kids are coming in with RSV. There’s 500+ beds in my hospital with a LOT being RSV positive. On my floor at least 80% are kids who are positive for RSV. It’s been like that for weeks. Wishing a speedy recovery!!


u/cobbl3 10d ago

Lab tech here. We've seen SO many RSV lately, and not just in kids. Had an outbreak in a nursing home near me as well. My kid had it a couple of weeks ago, picked it up at daycare.

I don't know what's going on, but it's spreading so badly this year.


u/medstudenthowaway 9d ago

At my hospital when I was on shift in October there were lab techs popping their heads into various rooms showing us this chart of resporatory virus hospitalizations for the past 5 years or so. At that point flu, RSV and COVID were all higher than the previous years’ January peaks. And RSV is hitting more adults too.

I really hope it burns itself out early and doesn’t keep going up.

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u/Iamzelda3000 10d ago

You all are miracle workers. I know that every nurse, doctor and respiratory therapist are working their tails off for these kiddos. I appreciate it so much!

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u/KanonTheMemelord 10d ago

My relative’s dog ate the surface of our pumpkin pie and an entire package of bread rolls


u/Jukka_Sarasti 10d ago

Dear Diary. This was the best Thanksgiving, ever!

~Your relative's dog

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u/Confident_Beautiful9 10d ago

My sister (who’s house it was at) had an edible before the food was even ready and then retreated to her room due to being too high and started hinting for people to leave.


u/PinayGator 10d ago

She’s going to be sad when she emerges and she doesn’t have any leftovers to munchie.


u/Confident_Beautiful9 10d ago Silver Wholesome

Haha naw we made sure we saved her a plate of all her favorite things and let her sleep for a bit haha.


u/ktappe 10d ago

You are a good sibling. I hope she appreciates you.

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u/Viiibrations 10d ago

Luckily I waited until after dinner to get uncomfortably high


u/FuckTwelvee 10d ago Wholesome Seal of Approval

I was more fried than my turkey.

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u/phoebe_jeebies 10d ago

Give her a minute, she's fighting demons in there


u/Painting_Agency 10d ago

Fuckin baked demons.

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u/Somnium_Mentis 10d ago

My dad went into cardiac arrest Saturday night. He's awake now but there is very likely a ton of damage to vital organs and brain function as he was without a pulse for a long time. Thankful he is still here with a hope that he recovers enough to still somewhat enjoy the rest of his life.

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u/Mizzlu78 10d ago edited 9d ago Hugz

My husband lost his job on Tuesday morning. Needless to say, we're not in the mood to celebrate.

Edit: I genuinely appreciate all the well wishes from everyone, it actually helped me feel better. The kindness of strangers is nice to see and helps keep my hope in humanity alive. We are not completely ungrateful or hopeless, but stunned and feeling turned inside out for sure. I know it'll pass and we'll be ok eventually. Alot of folks have it way worse, I never forget that and my heart goes out to them.


u/eddyathome 10d ago

I love how companies fire people at the holidays.

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u/Dylan619xf 10d ago

My dad died almost 3 weeks ago. First holiday without him.

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u/DiscipleOfMurphy 10d ago I'll Drink to That

A bunch of people who wouldn't get out of my damn kitchen. Because I'm a guy all the old women think I can't do anything. Well, meemaw, we still got three pounds of your dry ass potatoes but nothing I made has leftovers.


u/Cloaked42m 10d ago

Did she make the ass potatoes herself or store bought?


u/DiscipleOfMurphy 10d ago Hugz

Made them at my house by hand. I was busy with the bird and my famous sweet potato casserole to help, but I fucking KNEW them bitches were gonna be dry and tasteless just by watching. Kept trying to hint we had more milk/sour cream and where the spice cabinet was but nooooooope, we gonna eat bland starch blobs.


u/newt_girl 10d ago

I made mashed potatoes at a family function hosted at my mom's one time. As I start loading them up with all the good stuff, my mom starts screaming a raging fit at me about how my dad won't eat them and he only likes plain potatoes.

He had seconds.


u/BeckyAnn6879 10d ago

my mom starts screaming a raging fit at me about how my dad won't eat them and he only likes plain potatoes.

Sounds like my adoptive grandma...
'(Her husband) will only eat veggies smothered in melted velveeta cheese.'

Their daughter made cut green beans with butter and garlic. Not sure who ate more... me or him!


u/newt_girl 9d ago

It's all in preparation. Any time somebody says 'I don't like [food]', I'm like, do you not like it, or have you only been served that food in the blandest Midwest preparation possible?

What's better, boiled potato cubes or seasoned tots? Case closed.

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u/BlackEyedSceva 10d ago

I need a break from people asking me for favors. Just a break, I still want to help people. I just need some time off so my mind can heal. If it keeps up I might just move away from family.

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u/thetriplem21 10d ago

Slicing my hand open whilst trying to open the damn cranberry sauce

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u/anotherrroom 10d ago

TMJ. Hurts to chew too much.

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u/Clcooper423 10d ago

Halfway through eating my first plate it started to feel like someone punched me in the gut. Damn you apple cider, damn you.


u/NarcoticSqurl 10d ago

Apple cider is fucking amazing. But even a single glass will clean you out like you’re getting ready for a colonoscopy.


u/Ritaredditonce 10d ago edited 10d ago Wholesome

Tell that to u/tiny_butt_toucher. They have to down a gallon of bowel prep tonight.


u/tiny_butt_toucher 10d ago Helpful

I wish I was drinking a single glass of apple cider as my colonoscopy prep!

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u/FourSambuca 10d ago

What apple cider are you people having? I just sip a small cup over the course of 30mins and it doesn't bother me. it's not supposed to taste "too" fermented

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u/lunatics_and_poets 10d ago

I sincerely had no idea this was even a problem 😟

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u/sagelface 10d ago

I announced I'm pregnant and the first thing my aunt said was "no wonder you look so fat"


u/SmokeyB3AR 10d ago

Thats when you reply "so then what's your excuse?"


u/The_Sanch1128 9d ago All-Seeing Upvote

I've found that a very slooooooooooooww look up and down at the offender's fat physique does the job. It's all in the acting. They can't say that you SAID anything rude,,,

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u/traumaticvestibule 10d ago

My drunk husband picked a fight with his sister. Then refused to eat the dinner I spent 3 hours making. Then had the audacity to want me to feel sorry for him when he refused a reheated plate because it wasn't the same.

He has also stated we are not celebrating anymore holidays and if I try to he is moving out. ( He won't )

All I want for Christmas is a divorce and not to be emotionally abused anymore.


u/SaucySaladUndressing 9d ago edited 9d ago

Damn. I hear Christmas is the time to make dreams come true. Make your wish come true.

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u/cbftw 9d ago

Sounds like your Christmas gift this year will be serving papers

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u/coratrash 10d ago

Pedo family member showing up when they weren’t invited.


u/PoopieButt317 10d ago

My sisters family has a BIL who is convicted pedo, got put of prison. I won't go. Sister always had Thanksgiving. She has grandchildren BIL RAPED his 2yo step daughter. Never will step foot in anyplace they gather ever again.


u/ksharpalpha 10d ago

Holy shit. I’m so very sorry.


u/tresfreaker 10d ago

That is messed up, how does anyone invite that type of monster to dinner? He should be buried in a box 100km below the earths surface.


u/Assblaster420_6969 9d ago

I Work with victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse, family siding with perps is sadly more common than a lot of people realize

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u/TreesGoBark 10d ago

How do we get to the point where they aren't invited anymore? My family lets the molesters cut the turkey.

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u/Wanployer 10d ago edited 9d ago Take My Energy

Did not see my parents this year. My brother is going through a manic episode and is suicidal (he lives out of state with his wife). My dad reacted poorly, so when I tried to calm him down he started screaming that my brother should just off himself already so we could all have some peace of mind. This happened three days ago and I said, “I’m good not seeing you guys this year, let’s think about what family means to us in our own homes.”

(For any questions, my dad and two older brothers have all been diagnosed with bipolar 1, but my dad has severe narcissistic tendencies as well.)

I’m spending it with my SO’s family this year. It’s very different, but united. Odd for me.

Edit: I want to genuinely thank everyone for their input and support. I know it’s a difficult time of year for a lot of people, but something as small as this really helped my mental.


u/PrincessGump 10d ago

So, quick story, I had an assistant manager when I worked at McDonald’s that was fun to work for but she suffered from depression. She had a habit of getting drunk and calling her sister to say she was going to kill herself. Said she had a gun and everything.

One night she calls and her sister answers. She says she has the gun pointed at her head and she was going to pull the trigger. Her bil tells his wife, the sister, to just tell her to do it already, that he was tired of all the drama etc.

My friend pulls the trigger. Kills herself right on the phone and the sister hears it.



u/Squigglepig52 9d ago

Honestly -it's understandable for people to snap when those sorts of "threats" are repeated constantly.

It's tragic, but dealing with that, over and over, breaks down even the best people.

and I say that as somebody who has been on both sides of suicidal episodes.

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u/SweetieSinceBirth 10d ago Wholesome Seal of Approval

My husband and I got into an argument and he’s been ignoring me since then. Says he wishes he wasn’t spending it with me.

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u/Cyanora 10d ago

Being sick. Not all that bad since I get to chill and watch football, but it sucks to miss out on being around family and gorging on food.

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u/edatx 10d ago

Kid brought home hand foot mouth from daycare. Infected everyone. We were going to host this year but we had to call it off.

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u/shellexyz 10d ago Wholesome Tearing Up

My neighbor is unable to come to dinner with us because he’s recovering from covid. I hate he’s spending it alone; he’s been spending holidays with us for years. We packed up a few plates for him and brought them over, so we got to visit on the porch for a minute but it’s not the same.

Even my mom says it’s not the same without him.


u/Austinpowerstwo 10d ago

That's adorable. I wish I had neighbours like you guys.

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u/lissam3 10d ago

Lower intestinal issues. Food poisoning or virus I don't know. Started Saturday night and still dealing with it today. Also, started a chest cold yesterday. This sucks.

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u/dorqzilla 10d ago edited 9d ago

Chinese restaurants are not open like many (including myself) assume


u/40percentdailysodium 10d ago

Unfortunately that's mostly a Christmas thing.

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u/maddsaboutit 10d ago Hugz

My first Thanksgiving without my family because I’m working at my vet clinic (I’m a tech) this weekend. Watched a dog pass away in a brutal fashion this morning. She was suffering and continued to until her last breath.


u/lexi_the_leo 10d ago

Fellow tech. Thank you for everything you have done today. The dog was not alone and had a very compassionate person caring for them until the end

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u/conker1264 10d ago Take My Power

Not having anyone to spend it with

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u/Katate18 10d ago

Went to my boyfriend’s family thanksgiving for the first time this year. On the way out I slipped off the first stair into some mud. Definitely one of the more embarrassing things I’ve done.


u/myrtlebarracuda 10d ago

My first Thanksgiving with my ex husband’s family ended with me falling down the stairs while wearing a skirt. I broke my tailbone.

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u/maruffin 10d ago

I had to put my cat to sleep. We knew it was coming with her diagnosis of kidney failure, but she took a big turn for the worse and we put her down yesterday. Our hearts are broken. And we just hosted Thanksgiving dinner. I am so glad the day is over.

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u/wean169 10d ago

My wife’s shithead cousins joined us. One of them was unexpected. Didn’t ruin it but it would have been much more enjoyable without them.

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u/goingTofu 10d ago Silver Gold Wholesome LOVE! Tearing Up Wholesome (Pro)

First child is in the NICU. We heard the cafe would be serving turkey but it was closed so we had a bagel instead.

Honestly though it didn’t ruin it at all. He’s likely coming home tomorrow, and bagels aren’t bad. We got to hold him and this might actually be my favorite thanksgiving.


u/hpotter29 10d ago edited 10d ago

Congratulations! I’m sending the most positive thoughts! The “bagel on Thanksgiving” thing has the makings of a great piece of family lore in years ahead.


u/pan-au-levain 10d ago Wholesome

If it was me, a bagel would be the first thing I ate every thanksgiving, just as a reminder of how far the baby and the family have come.


u/hpotter29 10d ago

Totally! The standard Thanksgiving breakfast or a perplexing side dish every Thanksgiving dinner. It’s now the symbol and flavor of thanks.

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u/tokengingerkidd 10d ago

From one NICU parent to another...I know how tough the days spent there can be. Hoping your little gets to come home soon. ❤️

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u/blackcoffee92 10d ago

Broke up with my long term partner of 9 years and I’ll be homeless in a few days


u/zcdbrip 10d ago

On the same boat. Except 5 years with 2 kids. Stay strong. Don't let it tear you down.

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u/Conscious-Instance44 10d ago Wholesome

I hope everyone one of you has a better day .

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u/matrose9 10d ago

On my way to my sister's, my son who is 4 complained about a headache. We get to my sister's, he plops on the couch, he cries about his head some more. I pick him up and he pukes all over me, the floor and on the dinner table. Luckily the food wasn't out so no-one else's Thanksgiving took a big hit. He's up running around now at home... toddlers are wild

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u/nwsgrl1987 10d ago Hugz

My dad died two weeks ago. Went to my father in law’s. No mention of anything regarding my dad, as if it never happened. Im struggling.

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u/Garysuhnise 10d ago

Food poisoning. I made an elaborate stew last night. We were going to go to the first family Thanksgiving in a long time (today) and my husband and I had his and her explosions in our bathrooms. We're just now feeling a little better.

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u/alberta997 10d ago

We're hosting and my wife has been cooking since yesterday. This morning my sister in law called and said our niece (her daughter) is sick and they won't be coming. Then later that day she decided that her daughter is "only a little bit sick" so maybe they were going to come after all. We told her that being a little bit sick is not a thing, you're either contagious or you're not, and she then accused us of not wanting to spend time with her and her and my wife got into a shouting match over the phone. Now about a half hour ago we found out that my father in law isn't coming, partly because hes getting over some long COVID issues and partly because his girlfriend didn't come over to his place last night and he's pissed at her. So now the only people eating with us are my wife's other sister and her boyfriend, who had a Thanksgiving earlier today that apparently didn't go well and they just want to get home. So they'll probably leave shortly after we eat. We have a whole turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, 2 pies, a banana cream dessert and plenty of drinks for 4 people.


u/JigglypuffedUp 10d ago

Turkey pot pie and turkey soup are both great uses for leftovers and from the sound of it you can probably work through the drinks alright on your own.

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u/what_a_bird 10d ago

That sounds so disappointing! I wish you could mail us some, I have pneumonia after getting flu A right after RSV (thanks to my Petri-dish kiddos who got us sick lol) and my husband threw out his back while sneezing so he’s bed-bound. I normally go all out like your wife but this year I was too sick to cook, and it was so depressing. Our poor kids are finally healthy and they’re bored as fuck, running circles around us while we’re half dead. I gave them McDonalds for Thanksgiving dinner 😭

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u/Syora 10d ago

So what I'm hearing is we should come over

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u/Hyentics 10d ago Wholesome

I found out the guy who sexually assaulted me gave me herpes too.


u/AutumnAK 10d ago Silver Wholesome

I am so sorry to hear that. You should know it isn’t as bad as you fear, the drugs to control it are cheap and available and it is so manageable. And you’ll be surprised by how many people you know have it (or will get it).

This happened to me in my 20’s (now in my 40’s) and I know how you are feeling right now. It does get better. You will find people to trust in the future (sexually, emotionally, etc). Talking with a therapist is helpful and does wonders.

Sending hugs and positive thoughts.

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u/Hrekires 10d ago

A cold. Spending the day home alone so I don't infect my family.

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u/StonedAndAlone_ 10d ago

My dad telling my brother and i that he should’ve beat us more as kids


u/Jeremy_irons_cereal 10d ago

The only answer to this is "we get to pick the home you go into, so fuck you."


u/Charlie24601 10d ago

If you don't start making sense we're going to put you in a home.

You already put me in a home!

Then we'll put you in the crooked one we saw on 60 minutes!

I'll be good.

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u/carelessOpinions 10d ago edited 10d ago Silver Gold Helpful Bravo!

It wasn't ruined, but it was very boring. It was a dinner at my wife's cousin's along with a couple of other distant relatives; all people over 65. I ended up eating too much and had fun playing with the dog. Also, I was the only one who got stoned before going. I'm 75.


u/Killer-Jukebox-Hero 10d ago

Last sentence threw me. I was picturing someone in their 30s or 40s being bored hanging out with the people over 65 and instead playing with the dog!


u/[deleted] 10d ago



u/frasureclan 10d ago

OG hippies never give up on the ganj

Edited cause I'm dumb


u/RavenNymph90 10d ago Heartwarming

My mother is in her early 60s. We were talking last night on the phone about Thanksgiving meals and she suddenly lets out an, “Oh, sh—“. I ask what’s wrong. She responds that I probably don’t want to know. Okay, whatever. None of my business. We continue on and she tells me that her vape battery died. We were talking Thanksgiving meal prep, but she was already baking.

I love my mom.

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u/CaptainStupido666 10d ago

Working a 12 hour shift.


u/Danthelmi 10d ago

12 hours here too, sitting in an empty plant staring

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u/8UrBrainz 10d ago

14hr over here. Woooooooo

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u/Difficult-Cow-9669 10d ago

My mom hasn’t stopped talking in 3 hours 🤣

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u/PoutyPhoenix 10d ago

I have the flu- I can hear my family enjoying themselves (I'm the mom) and I'm sequestered in my bedroom. My beloved daughter brought me a plate at least lol


u/Merganser228 10d ago

A judgmental dietitian who bulldozed the menu. There are 364 other days in the year for health consciousness. Let me have my carbs and sodium.

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u/Viperbunny 10d ago

Covid. My mil texted my husband on Monday while we were getting stuff ready to travel to see his aunt and uncle. She is the only person who were know who has tested positive. We went home and tested and I was positive. I said to my husband, "thank God she tested positive first or she would blame this on me." He was like, how? It's no one's fault. I told him I know that, but his mom is not like that. Guess what? She keeps insisting I must have given her Covid. Really? I am a stay at home mom. I am immunocompromised. She is the only person I have had recent contact with who has it. She works. She goes to the senior center, which is germ city. Then, she says that I should be isolating because I am going to get my husband and kids and cats sick. Lady, those kids cuddle with me all the time, as does my husband and cats. They either already have it, or are safe. I am taking precautions, but we are all quarantining to be sure. We tested Monday and today. Everyone else in my house is negative. Not me. I was in the ICU in July and avoided it. But not this time. And it is somehow my fault.

So, I am in bed with a heating pad on my chest, cuddling with one of kitties, who is the best nurse, and trying not to cry. It is so weird. My nose and eyes run, my stomach hurts, and I ache so bad everywhere, especially my chest. But, my mil says she just feels like when she has a cold, so clearly, I am wrong to feel different from her. At least my husband thinks it is as ridiculous as I do. He is taking good care of me. I just feel awful.

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u/gringopaisa18 10d ago

Stomach bug out of nowhere last night. All I’ve had is Gatorade today

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u/LivingKaleidoscope32 10d ago

Didn't remove the bag of organs inside the Turkey. My mother in law took one bite, threw up, and had to stop eating. Now we are all awkwardly sitting around trying to find something entertaining to watch on Netflix. HELP!


u/vtxlulu 10d ago

How to build a sex room was interesting on Netflix

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u/JigglypuffedUp 10d ago

I also missed the bag and I looked really hard for it in there, I needed them for the stuffing.

No one threw up and we found them while putting away the leftovers. Really not sure what happened with your carving for someone to end up with the organ bag, should have stayed in the body cavity

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u/lhommes 10d ago

We went without my husband. He threw a snit and I didn't beg him to come with us. I need to pull the trigger on a divorce, but I'm so, so sad.

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u/MyTinyPenguinBalls 10d ago

My brother who is staying with his girlfriend and her family sent me a text saying he was going to get laid for the first time. I wasn’t sure if I should be proud of him or if I should send him facts about US Presidents.

So about 5 minutes after he told me, I started sending him facts about US Presidents and now I can’t stop laughing at the thought of him being like “Hey babe hold up, I gotta check this thing out about Zachary Taylor”.

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u/hyenanana 10d ago

Boyfriend of 3 years (who i was pretty sure I would eventually marry) broke up with me a few weeks ago and said he didn’t actually love me. Haven’t been eating or sleeping properly since then. Started therapy bc I didn’t know what else to do, got told I might have BPD a few days ago. Woke up Tuesday with a sinus infection.


u/mrmeowmeowington 10d ago Silver Gold Helpful

There’s so much to learn from a bpd diagnosis. Know it’s possible to improve. Dbt is a wonderful life changing modality for many who aren’t emotionally regulated. It’s hard work, but it’s possible to improve. Focus on you, becoming your own ally and best friend.

You can’t control others but you can eventually control how you respond. I’m so so sorry about having a partner and being told that. I too was told that years ago. 10 years later and a thousand hours in therapy and research in my diagnosis and I’m finally improving. Finally becoming my best friend and setting boundaries. Also, I have an amazing supportive bf who helps me through my c-ptsd symptoms. No feeling is final. Sending love to you. Self care is where it’s at:)


u/hyenanana 10d ago

Thank you, this means a lot. :)

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u/[deleted] 10d ago



u/je76nn94 10d ago

This internet mom wants you to know that I’m proud of all the hard work you have done. Please continue on the path you have created for yourself. Sending much love and encouragement!

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u/Ihavethebestdogs 10d ago

I worked hard for 2 days. Cooking and baking getting ready for my three kids and spouses to come over. 6 grandchildren I adore. My in laws (2nd marriage so not my kids grandparents) weren't going to come. She, my MIL is just drama and rude. Anyway, my partner calls and convinces them to come in the afternoon for a bit. They come down and proceed to drink 2 bottles of wine the brought! OMG! I was cooking and getting things together when my middle kid come in the back door almost in tears. He's going through a divorce and my MIL from hell critizised his parenting. Then my daughters in law come in just in shock with everything she's saying. I tell my partner that it, you make them plates and after they eat they are out of here. She comes in and is loud and rude to the grandchildren. I eat at the kids table because I just couldn't listen to her. My partner keeps telling her "Mom, let the kids speak". So after dinner I look outside and she's passed out in the car and my FIL is leaving. I haven't spoken to her since. She calls and I tell my partner, you take it. I never want her near me again. I don't care if you are old, you don't have to be mean. We have a wedding next year and I think I'll allow them to come but she can't drink. At all. Not a drop.


u/skippingstone 10d ago

Your MIL will pregame before your wedding, and ruin it.


u/mabirm 10d ago

Wedding planner here! If you don't want her to drink then don't mention this your FIL beforehand, whatsoever. Instead, print a picture of her face and provide it to the bar staff, tell them exactly why you don't want her to drink. Trust me, the last thing the catering/bar teams want to deal with is an angry drunk family elder; every single member of those teams has at least one personal anecdote related to a drunk family member. They will do one of 2 things: 1. Serve her a single drink and then refuse service because they "suspect she has been overpoured" or 2. Serve her near alcohol-less drinks, aside from the smallest rim of liquor on the top to disguise the nature of the drink.

I've done this several times for brides and mothers of the bride were worried a family alcoholic might ruin the big day.

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u/RomneyDesu 10d ago

Same as every year. I don't connect with much of my extended family so I sort of just of just mill about, sometimes holding weak conversations, eventually finding a quiet place and waiting for food to be served. I don't really like family gatherings in general I guess.


u/ebb_and_flow95 10d ago

Funny enough, this is the first thanksgiving in 26 years where it wasn’t ruined by family. I’m surrounded by people love and care about me. It’s foreign.

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u/Sighbreahm 10d ago

Finding out the hard way that the in-law family I thought accepted me doesn’t acknowledge my and my husband’s marriage. Also one of my brother-in-laws got smashed and hit on me relentlessly.

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u/AnnieB25 10d ago

This is minor to some of y’all’s woes this holiday. What ruined it for me was a family pic taken at the end before everyone left. I’ve gotten fat as fuck. It’s been gradual, I knew I went up a couple jeans sizes over the past couple years and obviously I have mirrors and didn’t think I looked THAT bad…but holy shit. Now it’s time to reign in some rather fun habits, but it needs to be done.

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u/polaritystill 10d ago Wholesome

Not a gotdamn thang. Told dad's side of the family that I was having dinner at mom's. Told mom's side of the family that I was having dinner at dad's. Stayed home, ate pizza, and watched shitty movies with the hubby. It was bliss. 10/10 would recommend.

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u/[deleted] 10d ago



u/threecolorless 10d ago

Would you say everything at the moment is good with you guys? There is an undercurrent here I don't want to immediately judge and call "toxicity" but it's something.

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u/frostymargaritafan 10d ago

I hate this for you. I’ve lived similar. Every single special occasion or holiday has been ruined at one point or another. I hate it for your kids especially. Emotional manipulation just drains the life out of you. I hope you somehow find some joy.

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u/Stickyrolls 10d ago

Sent my son ahead to his Aunt's for the week since he's out of school and I'm a single father. Was gonna meet up with them today. Ended up with an abscess tooth and having to pay the last of my money to get antibiotic prescription and to get it filled. Calling him to tell him and hearing the disappointment broke my heart.


u/cblack1011 10d ago

This entire year sucks! I lost my sister, 2 uncles, 2 aunts, 1 month old nephew and 1yr old nephew this year and all their birthday's and 1yr death anniversary are coming up. Our family tried to think positive today. It's just hard this year.

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u/thumbstickz 10d ago

My uncle invited my wife and I to his place to have dinner with his longtime girlfriend's family.

I had a really great time. Multigenerational classic Thanksgiving. I brought pies I made from scratch and everything.

I had a complete implosion and had to disappear to the deck to cry my ass off.

This will be the 3rd year since my mom suddenly died on Xmas Eve. This amazing and warm family welcoming us in with open arms made me remember holidays past before mom died and it just broke me.

I've been in a horrible mood ever since. I cheered up when I was able to go back in and my pies were VERY well received, but I've just been sulking since we left.

I miss enjoying the Holidays.

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u/Vollion 10d ago

A tradition like no other: The Detroit Lions. Imagine a family tradition where rightttttt as you sit down for dinner you invite some guy over to kick you in the balls. That’s about sums up lions fandom on thanksgiving


u/las3000 10d ago

Lions have been breaking my heart for a loooong time

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u/ajwiz12 10d ago

I expected the loss today. It doesn't make it suck any less, but it's nice they at least kept it close against a team like the Bills.

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u/the_boogiemane 10d ago

Seeing my grandad’s further deterioration, mentally and physically. Glad to have spent the time with him, just wish getting old wasn’t so brutal for some.

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