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[MEGATHREAD] Cost of Living - Energy, Interest Rates, Inflation, Fuel, etc


Given the number of posts, we're removing a lot of these items under 'Common Topic', and receiving lightening-speed reports when they do come up.

However, we know a lot of you are struggling, and not getting the answers you need via subreddit search, or internet search engines.

So to give you guys a space, and to stop the flooding of similar queries, you are more than welcome to use this submission here.

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What happened when you were at school that wouldn’t be allowed nowadays?


I’ll share one…

When I was 9, the boys used to chase us girls around the playground and lift up our skirts. Our female teacher, decided in order to combat this issue, to have all the girls stand up in a line at the front of class and lift our skirts up to show the boys there was nothing much to see under there!

EDIT: this was in the late 80s

EDIT: The skirt lifting parade spurred the boys on further (ofc!)

EDIT: Reading through this thread it explains why so many people’s mental health is shot in this country :(

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Is it normal for 8 year olds girls to have social media accounts, and carry around iPads to access them?


My daughter (who is 9) was invited to her friends birthday last night - a sleepover party, her first one - very exiting and all that.

We were called at about 11:30pm, as she wanted to come home.

Long story short: one of the girls had brought an iPad with her, and had social media accounts on that iPad. All the girls were looking (there was about 12 of them) and there was a post by another nine year old on there. The gathered girls were not nice about her, and the dance she had posted - were saying things like “she’s not cool” “she’s not nice, she used to bully me” “she’s stupid” and laughing at her dancing.

My little girl said she didn’t quite like the way the other girls were being mean, and it was then she decided she’d had enough. (I’m pretty proud of this fact, but this post isn’t about my daughter).

So here’s the situation:

I’m pretty unhappy to find out that other nine year olds have their own social media accounts, that they have thier own iPads they tote about to access them, that this would be deemed appropriate to take to a sleepover like that - and that it was fine with the adults running the party too.

Am I too old and out of touch? I mean (forgetting the fact that having an account at age 8 means the world at large will see that 13 years old girl as 18 in a few years) is this normal for 9 year olds?

Bonus points:

If I said I was unhappy to hear that my daughter had spent time going through social media, and feeling down about the way the other girls were being mean - am I out of order?

Thanks for reading this wall of text - I just really want some opinions from different people ❤️

Edit: Thank you all so much for the thoughtful input and kind words. I’m off to bed now!

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Why do middle class people always exaggerate their 'working class' credentials?


I've lost count of the number of middle class students I've heard banging on about how they 'came from nothing' or that they're 'real working class' because they went to a state school or because they grew up in 'working class area'. Then in the next breath they'll start talking about how they went interailing in their gap year after taking out a small loan from their parents. Why are British middle class people so obsessed with being seen as working class?

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Ex/Current Retail Workers, what's the stupidest thing a customer has ever asked you?


Have there been any customers that just floored you with their stupidity? I once had a customer ask me how to open a fridge. There was a very visible handle on the fridge.

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What are some 'can't go wrong' gifts for women?


My partner is extremely fussy and super difficult to buy for. She has no qualms about telling you if she didn't like the gift either which just saps any enthusiasm I have for looking. And this isn't me being lazy, she even sometimes doesn't like the things she picked out HERSELF!

Anyhoo, all I'm looking for is some ideas for frankly 'boring but can't go wrong' ideas. I'm hoping to avoid my usual trip into town with 2 days to go and picking up any old crap I see. Thanks!

Edit: For those men who might be too lazy busy to read all the comments see list below

Candles, bath salts, flower subscription, massive dildo, travel/city weekend away, she sounds like an ungrateful spoilt brat, universal voucher, replace existing skincare/makeup/perfume, a book (50 things I love about you), voucher at the beauticians/spa/pampering, pj's, butt plug, chocolate gift set, jewellery, national trust membership, listen to her more throughout the year, photo calendar with things you did each month, just stop buying presents for each other, tampons, get her to pick her own stuff, give to charity on her behalf, subscription to snacks/apps/craft boxes, a toilet brush, fluffy socks, tea towel, flavoured lube, electric throw, cash and bling, iron/kettle/rubber gloves, leggings, Etsy/hand crafted gift, tattoo, pair of Vans, lawnmower, cheese, Date night to something she likes. Theatre, movie, art gallery, pottery making, art class, cookery class, opera, ballet, immersive theatre, tourist spots, aquarium, sports, lingerie, new washing machine, airfryer, weighted blanket

Edit2: just to add in her defense she is super thoughtful and generous towards everyone else when giving gifts, which makes up for my failures (no, she hasn't found this post and is holding a gun to my head)

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Is it worth watching Gavin & Stacey for the first time?


It was a sitcom I never got round to but have no idea if it aged well or poorly

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How would you change the process of buying a house?


Buying a house is an obvious privilege, but it’s also signing yourself up for the most mentally painful experience, that lasts for an indeterminate amount of time, with the risk it could fall through and leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket. It’s the waiting for lawyers, estate agent lies, the unknowns, the certainties that get changed 10 times. It’s a crock of crap.

What would you change about the process of house buying in the UK? (More specifically England, because it seems marginally better in Scotland.

I would make sellers get all necessary house surveys/searches before they come to market, so that potential buyers are fully informed before they make a formal offer. When they make an offer and it is accepted, deposit is taken, and legally binding. Makes the selling process longer, but once hands are shaken, moving the goalposts becomes harder and therefore the process less stressful.

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What was it like to be a teenager in the UK in the 90s/2000s?


i’ve always been fascinated by teenager ‘culture’ during those times (mostly 2000s since that’s when i grew up) and saw a post about what it was like to be a teenager before the internet - what was it like for you guys? i wanna see how different my experience (and my friends) is compared to yours - or if there’s none at all!

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What UK mystery fascinates you?


Mine is Sweating Sickness and what it actually was. It appeared around the Battle of Bosworth, lasted about a century (it took as one of its victims Henry VIII’s older brother Arthur) and vanished.

It has not been established what it was but it had a high mortality rate particularly amongst children and it affected the wealthy especially.

Some have even said it could be a relative of Ebola. Personally I reckon Scarlet Fever (which affects all backgrounds and used to take shocking casualties amongst the young) is most likely. I mean even today Strep A (which causes Scarlet Fever) is in the news.

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What British TV belief do you hold to your very core?


Mine is that Only Fools and Horses should have ended with Time On Our Hands, where they finally make it.

The whole motive (although at times more important and at times less) was that Del Boy wanted to become a millionaire (not for materialistic reasons but for the ultimate desire for permanent security after a dysfunctional family background).

The episode afterward Sleepless In Peckham where they lose their fortune is an utter abomination. I think John Sullivan the show’s creator realised this as well.

I personally did not care for the later seasons (I preferred the mid seasons with Uncle Albert but before The Jolly Boys Outing and Raquel becoming a permanent fixture), where Rodney becomes a drunk but I can at least see why Sullivan brought it in (a desire to fit in with the gritty 90’s).

Time On Our Hands though made it all up, and to see that trashed is more of a disappointment than any England loss on penalties.

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When did you finally feel you made it?


I think today is that day for me, I just got Bupa and it was the thing that has just tipped life over the edge.

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Royal Mail ‘delivered’ my parcel, possibly to a neighbour, but there’s no sign of it, no red card, nobody claims to have it. What now?


There are so many potential neighbours due to where the premises is also it’s really tricky to know even where it could have gone, and no one has come forward with it…

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How do you let minor irritations go?


I find myself becoming disproportionately annoyed at small things and it really isn't healthy.

At the Tube, if someone stops in front of me, randomly, or changes their ticket barrier to the one I'm aiming for at the last second, or cuts in front of me without a head check, I find it irritating.

In the car, if someone pulls out, or doesn't merge in turn, or is idling in any of the overtaking lanes in the motorway, I find it irritating.

On the street, if there's a couple of a group walking towards me on a narrow path but don't single file causing us to squeeze past each other, I find it irritating.

I think the reason why the above irritates me is that they seem (in my mind) selfish acts. But the irritation only lasts for 10 seconds and it feels silly to get worked up over petty and trivial things. It's something I need to work on.

So, how do you let minor irritations go?

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Jobs I can work remotely in the evenings?


Does anyone know of any jobs I can work from home in the evenings (6pm-9/10pm)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Which British comedian do you find painfully FUNNY?


Off the back of the Redditor who posted about the painfully unfunny ones, and off the backs of the other Redditor who flipped the unfriendliest place in the UK question, who’s the Brit comedian that tickles you?

For me it’s Sean Lock, RIP.

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If you were to teach a class for newcomers to the UK, what need-to-know things would you cover?


Can be anything from history to laws to slang to culture, etc.

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Where is your 'go to' place for coffee when you're out?


I usually just head into Gregg's. I'm too ashamed to head into Costa or Starbucks just to ask for a black coffee.

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Answered Which TV chef makes you turn the tv over to another channel immediately?


It may be due to their type of recipe, personality or just because you think they’re a twat… Interested to hear who is despised so much you go to the effort of turning over or even off…

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What appears on good quality but unimaginative dining pub menu?


Let's put together a menu with almost no imagination. My contributions:


  • Pate or terrine (comes with a tiny amount of green garnish)

  • Soup (£8.50 for some reason)


  • Fish and chips (£15-20 these days)

  • Pie (or stew with a lid)


  • Cheesecake

  • Sticky toffee pudding (I'm not complaining)

  • Some sort of chocolate slice/mousse/pot

  • anything preprepared they can drizzle sauce over/around and charge £8 for.

I'm not talking Sundays. That's when this all goes out of the window and the roast appears at £20.

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Could you help me find a specific type of charity please?


Hi there! Im searching for a charity that accepts parcels with Christmas gifts for families/individuals in need (rather than money) - even better if you can get their ’letter to Santa’ detailing exactly what they need. Is there anything like this in the uk? I tried searching online but had no luck. Thanks!

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Do you ever get disgruntled by tax dodging friends?


Edit: I’m editing this at the top because most of you cannot focus. ‘Whataboutism’ gets nobody anywhere. On this specific topic, I don’t care about multinationals avoiding tax legally, I don’t care about rich billionaires. This topic is about a people who earn an average salary for the area that they live in the UK not paying any to little income tax while being self employed Vs people who earn the same and pay tax normally and contribute the system.

I’ve had this conversation a few times with friends and I’m yet to come across a self-employed/small business owner person who doesn’t dodge tax completely illegally when they get paid in cash.

Besides the fact this is completely illegal, I get rubbed the wrong way because everyone in the country who is not self-employed pays fully into the system fairly.

My friends Mum who is a driving instructor pays herself under the first tax bracket while taking well over £30k a year in cash and not declaring it.

I was at a BBQ in the summer where a group of self-employed friends were discussing how to do it more efficiently and how to be careful about it; keeping people of the books and taking cash in hand without invoices etc…

Would everyone just simply do it if they could?

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How do I get a credit score? (20)



So I tried to get a smartphone contract recently and I wasn't able get one. Because I have no credit score.

I still live with my parents and don't have a credit card. I've never paid anything for myself on a regular basis.

The guy in the EE shop said I should get a cheap Sim card for a phone (even though I won't be using it) as a way to build up a credit score. Is this good advice? Are there any other tips I should know?

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Where can I give second-hand toys for christmas?


I have a bunch of second-hand toys and books I would like to give to families in need for christmas. The toys are soft toys but have beeb washed and the books have been wiped down. Every charity drive seems to only want brand new things and doesn’t accept second-hand things. Is there somewhere I can take them so they go to actual people for free? I know I could take them to a charity shop but if possible I would like them to be free for people, not sold on

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What’s your favourite Christmas song that no one has heard of?


The song that whenever you tell someone it’s your favourite, they say “oh I don’t know that one!”

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What’s a good Christmas present to give to my local sandwich shop?


I go to the same sandwich shop once a week. The shop owners are super lovely and we even share jokes on Instagram or occasionally they’ll ask me for my opinion new sandwich ideas. They’re incredibly kind and even write nice notes on my sandwich box when I get it as a takeaway. With the energy crisis causing a lot of strain on small businesses, I want them to feel appreciated and loved. What’s a nice gift to get them? They are a couple and have a nice wee dog.