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Announcement 2022 /r/CFB Rule Updates



We're gearing up for another great season of college football, and we've updated our rules and policies to reflect the evolving nature of the community and hopefully guide it well into its next chapter. Please take a minute to review the rules when you can. As an all-volunteer team (with some new members!), we do our best to make rules and policies that are both good for the community and clear for the users.

The overall goal of the rules updated below is to more closely align our moderation policy with our mission statement: /r/CFB is a welcoming community celebrating fun, camaraderie, and creativity in all of college football.

As the community has grown, new challenges to the sport have resulted in a set of rules that wasn't always as clear as it could have been. During the offseason, we conducted a systematic review that has hopefully resulted in simplified rules which are easier to understand, implement, and follow.

Post Rules

As noted above, our approach on post approval has evolved to focus on posts which embrace fun and creative ways to experience and discuss college football. As you may have noticed, during the offseason, that means adopting more flexibility for allowing more light-hearted and discussion based posts. Inevitably, this means that fewer posts will be automatically removed, so long as the posts continue to comply with our revised rules. Instead, we generally want to encourage you, the users, to decide what is and is not quality content via upvotes and downvotes.

For clarity, "posts" refer to threads or topics; "self-posts" are posts which only contain the information the submitter has placed in the body of the post; "link posts" are posts which only consist of a link to an external site.

Some specific changes to past policies include:

  • Post Limits: While some of the posting rules have been relaxed, there is also now a limit of three posts per user per 24-hour period. This change should help allow more users to participate in submitting news, announcements, and discussions while also encouraging each user to consider whether the topic merits a post.

  • Reposts: Before creating a post, we recommend using the search function to search for similar or exact matches to what you want to post. For original self-posts, try not to duplicate a recent post with only minor changes - truly make it your own. Typically, reposts will continue to be removed.

  • Weekly Threads: For commonly discussed topics and extremely specfic content like highlights, please check the Weekly Thread schedule. While you are no longer strictly limited to utilizing the Weekly Threads, we recommend you continue to use them as appropriate.

  • Baseball Stats: Referred to as "baseball stats", we previously prohibited posts which relied solely upon niche and ultra-specific statistics. The ban on "baseball stat" posts has been lifted, but we continue to recommend considering whether or not the post is truly interesting to the general user population. Again, please consider the three post per 24-hour limit.

  • Posts About the NFL and Former Players: Updates on college players following the announcement of their draft or signing (for UDFAs) are not relevant to this sub and will be removed, unless: a) the news focuses on their time in college; b) the news is relevant to the current college sport; c) the news is about a serious illness, death, etc. of a former player or coach.

  • Twitter Links: Direct links to twitter are now allowed. Please remember that all posts still need to comply with our other rules.

  • Team/Fanbase Attack Threads: While the "flamebait" rule has been removed (see below), it is still not ok to create a post for the sole purpose of targeting a specific team or fanbase. This includes posts such as "Which fanbase is the most delusional?" or "Which team do you irrationaly hate?" Please note, this change does not protect a team from being called out for specific actions, such as a facepalm worthy Twitter fail or abysmal game performance.

  • Mobile Links: We suggest avoiding AMP and mobile-specific links, but they are no longer explicity forbidden.

  • Fundraiser Links: This is now more accurately defined as a part of the spam policy, discussed in detail below.

  • Recruiting: Please see the more detailed section on Recruiting Guidelines below.

  • Posting Mass Links: As noted above, all users are now limited to three posts per 24-hour period.

  • Low Effort or Title-Only Self-Posts: This rule has been removed as part of the focus on user-input via upvotes and downvotes and the daily posting limit.

  • "LOLRANDOM" posts: This rule has also been removed as part of the focus on user-input via upvotes and downvotes and the daily posting limit.

  • "Please/Don't Upvote/Downvote" Posts: This rule has also been removed as part of the focus on user-input via upvotes and downvotes and the daily posting limit.

  • TIL/ELI5/DAE Posts: This rule has also been removed as part of the focus on user-input via upvotes and downvotes and the daily posting limit.

As always, if you wish to make a post discussing the subreddit itself, but not the sport, please direct those to /r/CFBMeta.

Sub Rules

Here are some of the major changes from our updated Sub Rules:

  • Rule 2, No Personal Attacks or Harassment: "Flamebait," which was something that often was in the eye of the beholder, will no longer be grounds for comment removal or bans. As long as it's friendly ribbing and trash talk, feel free to comment. However, personal attacks and harassment are still out of bounds. Examples of personal attacks or harassment include, but are not limited to: name-calling, questioning intelligence, post-stalking, writing threats, wishing harm on other users, and sending unwanted private messages.

  • Rule 3, No Victim Blaming, or Jokes About Rape, Domestic Violence, Loss of Life: In line with the past versions of this rule, it has been expanded to include jokes about violent crime or loss of life. Please treat serious matters with respect.

  • Rule 6, Do Not Spam: Following a change in Reddit's policies, "spam" has been revised from any form of self-promotion to instead focus on repeatedly posting similar links, posts, and comments. Posting fundraiser links without mod permission is also considered spam. If you would like permission to post a fundraiser, we suggest you send us a modmail before doing so.

  • Rule 7, No Annoying or Superfluous Bots: This rule is primarily just a numbering change. As always, bots should be useful to subreddit members. Again, please send us a modmail and we would be happy to review if your bot makes sense for this community.

  • Rule 9, No Linking to Removed and/or Deleted Content: This rule is also primarily just a numbering change. Do not link to removed or deleted posts or comments, or sites that are designed to go around said removals and deletions.

Consistent with our general philosophy, this is a community of its users. As such, you are highly encouraged to report posts that you feel break the sub rules. Reporting helps us to make sure this sub is a positive place to discuss the college football we love. To report a comment or post, click "Report," then select "Breaks r/CFB rules." All reports are reviewed, although not all actions taken may be visible to you, the user.

Recruiting Post Rules

There are a few minor updates here:

  • Both major composites, 247 and On3, are now allowed as a source of stars in a recruiting post. The landscape is changing, and both are valid without privileging one over the other. If the star values differ, you're welcome to point that out in the comments.

  • Recruiting posts no longer have a lower limit of 3-Star Recruit; 2-Star Recruit or unrated recruits (which should be specified as 0*) are just fine. Again, please remember that you may make a maximum of three posts per day, so try to focus on posts that you think will generate interesting college football-related discussion.


Our ban policy and appeals process remains the same, as does our game thread system. As always, we encourage you to file an appeal if you would like us to review your ban. We're still talking through our approach to Game Threads for the upcoming season and will post an update as we get closer to it.

The community continues to grow and evolve as we enter the 13th season of /r/CFB. It's hard to believe a small community in which /u/BlueBoyBob once discussed an entire Louisiana Tech game by himself is now a thriving metropolis of nearly 1.5 million people. We're hoping that these small tweaks will help keep the best parts of /r/CFB while continuing to evolve into 2022. Thanks for being part of such a wonderful community!

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AMA /r/CFB Talk: HOMEFIELD APPAREL founder/CEO Connor Hitchcock — Tuesday (6/28) @ 9PM ET — on Twitter Spaces🚀


RECORDING: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1zqJVBeXVpAJB

We have a guest joining /r/CFB Talk this week on Tuesday Night (6/28) at 9pm ET (link):

  • /r/CFB Talk 39: Talking Homefield Apparel with founder/CEO Connor Hitchcock on Twitter Spaces!


  • /r/CFB Talk 40: Cincinnati's Director of Athletics, John Cunningham on Twitter Spaces, Thursday, June 30th at 10:30am ET.

Twitter Spaces are available on Twitter (we try to schedule them ahead for a stationary link), you can listen from desktop or mobile, but to participate they corral you into using the mobile app (but at least it's better than Reddit Talk). ¯_(ツ)_/¯

CONNOR HITCHCOCK, Founder/CEO of Homefield Apparel

If you know college sports clothing, you know Homefield Apparel. The company has grown into a respected brand with quality products using interesting, often retro approaches that they call "thoughtful design." Tuesday night we'll be speaking with its CEO, Connor Hitchcock, who founded company in 2018 and successfully pushed it into an extremely crowded and difficult marketplace. It'll be an interesting discussion, join us!

So join us Tuesday (6/28) @ 9pm ET as we talk with Connor Hitchcock!

Twitter lets us schedule Talks ahead of time, so go to:

A recording will be available at the link for 30 days after it's wrapped.

r/CFB 11h ago Silver

Discussion Arch Manning - Could someone explain his (lackluster) High School Stats?


I know it sounds like I'm trying to troll here and while I'm a huge UGA fan, that's not the reason I'm asking this (I'm actually glad as we don't need anymore QB drama).

I being serious in that I want to know the answer.

My question is this. According to what I see, Manning's High School stats were FAR from I expected. I expected to see record-breaking, jaw dropping numbers and what I see doesn't process with my brain.


Only played in 7 games in 2021? QB Rating that went from 120 to 110 to 105? 65% completion rate? 1,300 yards 17 TDs and 4 INTs?

To put this in comparison, our recent QB enrollee Gunner Stockton had a 152 Rating, 71% completion rate, 4,100 yards, 55 TDs and 1 INT in 13 games. He also ran for nearly 1,000 yards while Manning has only run a total of 671 yards in his 3 years.

What is the explanation? Is he just playing at a lower level high school? If he is going to be serious about his football career (and obviously money is no factor) then why isn't he playing with the elite teams?

It all doesn't make sense to me. What am I missing?

r/CFB 2h ago

Recruiting 2023 4* LB Raylen Wilson decommits from Michigan


r/CFB 13h ago

These are the Primary 3 Opponents for each school in the ACC’s 3-5-5 schedule

Thumbnail twitter.com

r/CFB 9h ago

Recruiting 2023 4* DL Johnny Bowens decommits from Texas A&M


r/CFB 3h ago

Discussion What are some teams that have the most bandwagoners?



r/CFB 9h ago

Recruiting 2023 3* Edge Billy Walton commits to Texas


r/CFB 6h ago

Recruiting 2023 4* WR Nathaniel “Ray Ray” Joseph commits to Miami


r/CFB 11h ago

Recruiting 2023 5* LS Tate Haver commits to Texas


r/CFB 9h ago

Discussion Top 15 schools who have never won a national championship ranked by all-time NFL draft selections

School Draft Picks Pos
Purdue 287 #1
Arizona State 254 #2
Baylor 248 #3
North Carolina 247 #4
Oregon 230 #5
Missouri 225 #6
South Carolina 212 #7
Mississippi State 207 #8
Washington State 197 #9
West Virginia 197 #9
Arizona 184 #10
Northwestern 184 #10
Houston 183 #11
North Carolina State 176 #12
Tulsa 174 #13
Indiana 172 #14
Oklahoma State* 170 #15

If you do not recognize UCLA's 1954 national championship, Wisconsin's 1942 national championship, Colorado's 1990 national championship, and Kentucky's 1950 national championship; those schools would be 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 8th on this list respectively.

*I have preemptively not recognized Oklahoma State's 1945 national championship claim due to how disrespectful it is to the troops.

r/CFB 8h ago

Since 2008, Alabama has a 91-5 record while playing at home in Bryant-Denny Stadium.


The losses:

2010 Auburn, 2011 LSU, 2012 Texas A&M, 2015 Ole Miss, 2019 LSU.

Of those 5 teams, 3 ended up having the eventual Heisman trophy winner and 3 ended up making the National Championship Game (with 2 winning it).

r/CFB 13h ago

News ACC Announces Football Schedule Model for 2023-26

Thumbnail theacc.com

r/CFB 2h ago

Recruiting 2023 Juco LB Justin Jefferson commits to Alabama


r/CFB 1h ago

News Bengals RB Trayveon Williams has a new side gig: An adjunct NIL professor at Texas A&M School of Law. He'll co-teach a course with Alex Sinatra, a sports attorney and sports business consultant, starting Spring of 2023.


r/CFB 5h ago

Jim Harbaugh: airport layover edition


I randomly came across this Tiktok on my “for you page” of Harbaugh stuck in an airport for an 11 hour layover that appears to have been posted by his daughter. More fuel to add to the quirky Harbaugh fire. Enjoy this prime offseason content

r/CFB 2h ago

Discussion ESPN’s Bill Connelly updates his returning production List. BYU, USF, and TCU lead the nation in returning production



Here is the link for any who are interested in seeing where everyone else ranks.

r/CFB 14h ago

News UCF Athletics receives gift of over $5 million for transformation of UCF football campus



Donation contributed by Sharon and Marc Hagle of Winter Park, Florida. It is the largest cash pledge commitment ever by an individual or couple for UCF Athletics. Sharon and Marc Hagle went to space recently with Blue Origin.

In recognition of this commitment, the Knights will honor the Hagles by naming the enhanced football campus "The Gateway," pending approval by the UCF Board of Trustees. Design of "The Gateway" project, which will include McNamara Cove, Nicholson Plaza, VIP Parking Lot and renovated practice fields, will begin soon.

r/CFB 2h ago

Casual What does your team chant after the kickoff?


When I watch highlights, I hear phrases being yelled by the crowd immediately after the punter kicks the ball but I could never figure out what they say.

What do you guys chant as soon as the kicker's foot hits the ball?

Edit: thanks for the responses, my viewing experience is now enhanced twofold

r/CFB 6h ago

Recruiting Sam Houston State RB Ramon Jefferson transfers to Kentucky


r/CFB 9h ago

Recruiting Who is turning Official Visits into Commits?

Thumbnail twitter.com

r/CFB 3h ago

Recruiting Tennessee RB Dee Beckwith transfers to Kentucky


r/CFB 6h ago

Discussion What is one uniform that you like that everyone else hates?


For me, it's these Oklahoma alternates. https://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/tulsaworld.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/7/77/7770aaf1-3f1c-5a9e-ba4b-973d3fe30f4e/5d34e8501d4ed.image.jpg

Everyone hates them and while I agree that the regular uniforms are much better, I still kinda like these for some reason. I might be the only one.

r/CFB 1d ago

Opinion Does THE Ohio State University have THE most inflated ego in college sports?

Thumbnail gainesville.com

r/CFB 13h ago

Recruiting 2023 3* RB LJ Martin flips commitment from Texas Tech to Stanford


r/CFB 11h ago

Analysis Opportunities for 3+ Undefeated ACC Teams from 2023-26


The ACC just announced its scheduling model for 2023-26, a 3-5-5 model in which each team has 3 protected rivalries, and plays 5 of the remaining 10 teams each year, once at home and once away during a 4 year cycle. The top 2 teams meet in the conference championship.

This is generally a cool, innovative way to get more schedule variety and play the full conference more consistently, and is enabled by the new regulations relaxing division scheduling requirements. What's interesting is that this allows for more than 2 teams to go undefeated in conference. Based on the publish schedules, here are the sets of 3 who all mutually don't play each other, and all theoretically could go undefeated in conference in the same year. 2024 gets particularly hairy, as in addition to more sets of 3 than any other year, it actually has 2 sets of 4, all of whom mutually don't play each other.

Knowing how chaotic the ACC is, these are mostly probably unlikely, but it's fun to see what's possible.

2023 - 9 Possibilities

2024 - 11 Possibilities + 2 Sets of 4!

2025 - 7 Possibilites

2026 - 14 Possibilites

r/CFB 12h ago

Hey CFB fans, since the ACC is developing a 3-3-5 conference schedule, write in the comments your team, conference, and the three opponents you would want to face annually.


As a Florida fan, my 3 annual opponents would be Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU