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Weekly /r/China Discussion Thread - November 26, 2022


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新闻 | News News Aggregator | A Week In China


Date Range: 18th Nov – 24th Nov

Politics & Domestic

China Central Bank Adviser Sees GDP Growth Above 5% in 2023 | Bloomberg | 23rd Nov 2022

China must brace for ‘big blow’ after lifting of zero-Covid policy, economist warns | SCMP | 23rd Nov 2022

China's problem of youth game addiction has been solved -top industry body | Yahoo! | 22nd Nov 2022

Taiwan charges army officer with corruption, harming state security | Reuters | 22nd Nov 2022

Taiwan is at the core of China's core interests - Chinese defence minister | Reuters | 22nd Nov 2022

Dozens dead in factory fire in Chinese city of Anyang | The Guardian | 22nd Nov 2022

Xi Jinping and the Paradox of Power: What Mao’s Failures Reveal About Centralizing Control | Foreign Affairs (Opinion Piece) | 21st Nov 2022

China’s Vaunted Belt And Road Initiative Seems To Have Come A-Cropper | Forbes | 21st Nov 2022

International Relations

China Is Investing Billions in Pakistan. Its Workers There Are under Attack | WSJ | 23rd Nov 2022

US receives stinging criticism at Cop27 despite China’s growing emissions | The Guardian | 22nd Nov 2022

U.S.-Europe Trade Booms as Old Allies Draw Closer | WSJ | 20th Nov 2022

Trudeau says he was not briefed on federal candidates allegedly receiving funds from China | Global News | 20th Nov 2022

Mike Bloomberg forced to apologise after Boris Johnson speech criticising China | The Guardian | 18th Nov 2022

FBI director ‘very concerned’ by reports of secret Chinese police stations in US | The Guardian | 18th Nov 2022

PM says Australia unlikely to back Taiwan to join Pacific trade pact | Australian Broadcast Corp. | 18th Nov 2022


Major funds exposed to companies allegedly engaged in Uyghur repression in China | The Guardian | 23rd Nov 2022

Foxconn offers US$1,400 to new hires to quit and leave Zhengzhou iPhone factory | SCMP | 24th Nov 2022

Debt-laden China Evergrande gives back land sites to Wuhan city | Reuters | 22nd Nov 2022

Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com to cut pay for 2,000 senior managers amid efforts to boost housing, education benefits for workers | SCMP | 22nd Nov 2022

China set to fine Ant Group over $1 billion, signalling revamp nears end | Reuters | 22nd Nov 2022

Wall Street is falling back in love with China | Sydney Morning Herald | 22nd Nov 2022

Younger Chinese are spurning factory jobs that power the economy | 21st Nov 2022

Moody's closing consulting business in China, cutting staff | Nikkei | 18th Nov 2022


Huge Foxconn iPhone plant in China rocked by fresh worker unrest | Reuters | 23rd Nov 2022

China urged to hand out consumption vouchers to help local governments, boost spending | SCMP | 22nd Nov 2022

Beijing facing 'most severe Covid test' as China reports first deaths in six months | BBC | 22nd Nov 2022

China's Guangzhou locks down millions in 'zero-COVID' fight | Yahoo! | 21st Nov 2022

Hong Kong leader tests positive for COVID after APEC summit | Reuters | 21st Nov 2022

Beijing reports two COVID deaths for Nov 20 | Reuters | 21st Nov 2022

No calm for Guangzhou residents in the eye of China’s Covid-19 storm | SCMP | 18th Nov 2022

Anger at reports baby died due to delayed treatment | BBC | 18th Nov 2022


Maskless World Cup scenes spark anger as Weibo users ask if China is ‘on the same planet’ as Qatar | SCMP | 23rd Nov 2022

China is developing new nuclear system to power moon base expected to be up and running by 2028 | SCMP | 22nd Nov 2022

China Might Have Built a Mach 9 Kerosene-Powered Hypersonic Engine | Yahoo! | 21st Nov 2022

Mystery of sheep walking in circle for 12 days may be solved | NY Post | 21st Nov 2022

Giant panda gifted to Taiwan by China dies | BBC | 20th Nov 2022

2 more incidents emerge of Hong Kong protest song mixed up with Chinese national anthem at rugby matches | SCMP | 19th Nov 2022

Chinese man arrested for illegally catching and killing 1,000 birds by snapping necks with bare hands | SCMP | 19th Nov 2022

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政治 | Politics Shanghai protestors calling for the end of Xi Jinping's rule.

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政治 | Politics Shanghai protestors call for end to CCP rule

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冠状病毒 | Coronavirus They're sanitizing the mountains. LMAO

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中国生活 | Life in China Skateboarders doing kick flips in front of the popo at the Shanghai protests haha 🛹

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政治 | Politics In Shanghai, cops drove people away and arrested some protesters. One person live streamed the whole incident on Instagram

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冠状病毒 | Coronavirus China’s zero covid policy starting to push society over the limit

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Beijing - Residents are overturning lockdown policies by protesting - many communities in the capital previously in lockdown are now open again as protests are taking place, leading to more protesting and dissatisfaction from other communities still in lockdown. Keep up or contribute to info sharing on China’s Covid situation!

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政治 | Politics Protestors being arrested in Shanghai, China

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冠状病毒 | Coronavirus Protests Erupt in Shanghai and Other Chinese Cities Over Covid Controls

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中国生活 | Life in China Communication University of China, Nanjing holds an unsanctioned gathering to mourn victims of the Urumqi Fire despite opposition from school officials

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中国生活 | Life in China 90% of my wechat moments for the last 48 hours

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政治 | Politics Why China is completely crazy about corona?


It looks like another world catching people and put them in cells or police breaking in there Appartement? Starting lockdowns for millions and losing hundreds of billions ?

Are those protests something serious in China or are they more common but not seen in the west?

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冠状病毒 | Coronavirus People in Lanzhou China turn over a Covid testing spot in defiance to lockdown

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冠状病毒 | Coronavirus Protests erupting in many places!


I'm sure you've seen protests and clashes in Zhengzhou and Guangzhou. My wife has shown me even more, in places like Nanjing,, Lanzhou and Beijing as well


This feels like a 'moment' for sure..

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问题 | General Question (Serious) How protesting videos been leaked out of China ?


I don’t understand how these protest videos are coming out of China. I thought CCP controls data and everything get scanned. Any ideas ? I am just curious that’s all.

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冠状病毒 | Coronavirus Clip of local district going against zero-covid restrictions using CCP's own 20 clauses and 9 restrictions

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Video in mandarin Chinese, but general gist is this local district is enacting its own covid policies based on the central government's own legal clauses. Hopefully someone more fluent in Chinese and knowledgable on China's new 二十条 九不准 "20-clauses and 9-restrictions" can also chime in on whats going on?

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新闻 | News Reuters | Protests erupt in Xinjiang and Beijing after deadly fire

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新闻 | News In China, Youth Frustrations With Xi Jinping’s CCP Policies Are at an All-time High. Deprived of all freedom, those who can do so are now considering a move abroad.

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政治 | Politics Urumqi protestors getting arrested for disrupting social (unit) order crime

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新闻 | News Longer video of Shanghai protests, starting with footage of standoff against cops

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冠状病毒 | Coronavirus China reports fourth straight daily record of new COVID cases

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观点文章 | Opinion Piece Historical trends regarding uprisings and the fate of the ccp


Historically, the average dynasty would last around 250 years. When the people are dissatisfied, there would be uprisings. The government would succeed in brutally suppressing the uprisings. There would then be a period of peace. But the uprisings would never stop. More future uprisings would emerge.

The uprisings are like the heads of a hydra. Every time you cut off one head, two would emerge until eventually there are hundreds of uprisings happening simultaneously all over china. This eventually always leads to two outcomes. Either members of the military/government start breaking off, consolidates their own regional hold on power, and become warlords or members of the military start joining the rebels. This has happened in every chinese dynasty.

Some famous examples are when the rebels besieged the capital during the end of the ming dynasty and the imperial troops abandoned their post because they haven't been paid in months and the last emperor committed suicide or during the end of the qing dynasty when a list of soldiers who were planning to mutiny were discovered and instead of executing them, the general simply dismissed them because of his own affections for his soldiers. Those soldiers ended up joining the rebels.

Time is not on the ccp's side. I wonder what color turban will be fashionable in the recent uprisings? I'm am also wondering if there are powerful anti-xi factions within the ccp who are supporting the uprisings and trying to use it for their own political gain?

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台湾 | Taiwan Taiwan president quits as party head after local election losses

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科技 | Tech FCC bans U.S. sales of Huawei and ZTE equipment over national security concerns

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新闻 | News Nov 2022, aftermath of the major fire that caused at least 10 people dead in Xinjiang China

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台湾 | Taiwan Taiwan, ROC 2022 local election results

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