r/Conservative Jun 25 '22

EXCLUSIVE: Meta Failed To Protect Instagram’s Child Models From Pedophiles



u/bobloblaw634 Jun 25 '22

It’s not Meta’s problem.

Stop letting your children use social media.


u/[deleted] Jun 25 '22

This. Social media has already been proven to be as addictive as any drug, leading to suicide, mental health issues, depression, and more.

Honestly should be age restricted to 18 and older.


u/Wheres_Jay Jun 25 '22

I agree. Social Media is one of, if not THE biggest problem in our society today. I say this on a social media platform, no need to remind me. The problems with Social Media run so deep, I would be typing for days to list just some of them here.


u/DoesntMatterBrian Jun 25 '22

It’s the plague of our generation and I hope my children reject it.


u/PJRama1864 Jun 26 '22

Then there’s the whole other layer of pornography being readily accessible, and that is more addictive than cocaine, more likely to deviate from healthy (sexual) behaviors and socializations, and are more likely to be emotionally stunted as adults.


u/Jay_Derkin 2A Conservative Jun 26 '22

The issue isn’t meta, it’s the fact that “child models” are somehow so widely accepted by society that they need special protections online. Control your kids, like holy shit people. There should be no “child models”.


u/badatusernames91 Millenial Conservative Jun 25 '22

The fact "instagram child models" as a phrase doesn't disturb everyone is concerning in itself.


u/The_Mighty_Rex Millennial Conservative Jun 26 '22



u/badatusernames91 Millenial Conservative Jun 26 '22

I don't know which side of the aisle trends toward the opposition of child modeling/beauty pageants, but I really don't care. That shit should not exist.


u/Outrageousirish Jun 25 '22

What pedophiles like to see pictures of children.? Wow you learn something everyday.


u/neozxtc Jun 25 '22

lol media don't sexualize children. Social media services ok....turns blind eye to Tik Tok where kids continue to dance like adults. It is parents that have allowed their kids to do this that also need to take their share of the blame. Tik Tok should also be held accountable.


u/the_purple_goat Jun 25 '22

Tiktok from China, so forget about them being held accountable.


u/Eats_Ass Conservative 2A Absolutist Jun 25 '22

We could always make them stay in China.


u/necaust Jun 25 '22

Not failed. That’s the plan


u/EatMyAssOut Family Conservative Jun 26 '22 edited Jun 26 '22

It just seems weird that kids are allowed to set up a business Instagram account that's public. But it's the parents doing it so it's like they're okay with pimping their kids out. The whole thing makes you sick because everyone involved needs to be smacked around, the parents, Meta, and especially the pedos.


u/ReturningDukky Jun 25 '22

Facebook: Does nothing about child sex trafficking on it's platform

Meta: Does nothing about pedophiles on it's platform

Owner of both: Mark Zuckerberg


u/Unholy_Scallop Limbaugh Conservative Jun 25 '22

I think Zucc allows it because on his planet it’s acceptable


u/PB_Mack Jun 26 '22

Meta's run by pedos.


u/woopdedoodah Conservative Jun 26 '22

Child models? Wtf?


u/AmosLaRue I've got Sowell Jun 26 '22

Thats not a failure, it was intentional


u/ENFJPLinguaphile Christian Conservative Jun 26 '22

They do nothing about spambots and women being sexually exploited, either. I have lost count of how many times per day I block and report such accounts.