r/Conservative Jun 25 '22

Pro-Abortion Democrats Riot in Democrat-Run Cities LOL



u/coinbasesucks_51 Jun 25 '22

No one thinks they are logical creatures. Half of them probably don't understand that things in their state will not change.


u/Painpriest3 Jun 26 '22

Hey that TV at target needs liberation, just like a womens womb needs freedom.


u/Dracula_Unchained Jun 26 '22

One of the examples in the article is Dallas, a blue city in a red state. Things absolutely changed in Texas.


u/ChemicalElevator1380 Jun 25 '22

I want to know why people in Maryland are demonstrating and going crazy when it's still legal to get a abortion. WHY Nothing has changed


u/dhaunatello Jun 25 '22

Leftists just aren't that smart. That's why they are Democrats.


u/AmosLaRue I've got Sowell Jun 26 '22

These people want chaos. They live for it and thrive on it. Otherwise they have nothing in their miserable little lives.


u/puddboy Conservative Jun 26 '22

That’s what’s so great about the current thing. It always provides a fresh excuse for chaos.


u/AmosLaRue I've got Sowell Jun 26 '22 edited Jun 26 '22

Absolutely. And with wealthy, maniacal billionaires like Soros funding the current thing outrage, these people will never have to think for themselves.


u/yankeesfan9978 Jun 26 '22

Acting as if republicans and conservatives are smart


u/throwaway3569387340 Reagan Republican Jun 26 '22

Well, we maneuvered to get rid of Roe after 50 years. So there's that.


u/Final_Exit92 Jun 25 '22

They are all brainwashed lemmings and think abortion is federally illegal now.


u/imtiredletmegotobed Jun 26 '22

I live in a pretty liberal area, and no one I know thinks that.


u/compugasm Conservative Jun 26 '22

Same in CA. The /SanDiego reddit is full of people organizing protests.


u/AmosLaRue I've got Sowell Jun 26 '22

Its hard to believe that anyone in California doesn't know that California wants to be the free abortion capital of the world.


u/kaioto Constitutionalist Jun 26 '22

They wanted to spread their cancer outwards, and now there's a very good chance they lose their beach heads of stupidity in places like Phoenix and Austin. It's a huge setback for the people who pay their bills.


u/kaioto Constitutionalist Jun 26 '22

They need to act out for attention. Their puppet-masters need images of violence and rage to try and intimidate people in nearby areas. They lost their contrived means to dictate to you and monetize the wholesale slaughter of human beings anywhere they pleased.


u/AlpacaWarMachine Evangelical Conservative Jun 25 '22

That’ll show them… Democrats?


u/bigwreck94 Jun 26 '22

Actually, the democrats are to blame for this. They’ve had decades of opportunity to make abortion rights part of the constitution, but they found it more effective to use the fear of losing abortion rights to get elected. Now it bit them in the ass and they’re crying fowl.


u/Codixie 2A Jun 26 '22

The reason why it never became a Article of the Constitution was that there was never enough state votes to pass the ratification process. Like it or not, adding an amendment to the Constitution, is a long and lengthy process. There is a 10 year time limit on ratification. If enough states do not ratify an Amendment at the end of the 10 year limitation the article will be struck and never allowed back. That is exactly what happened to the ERA- Equal Rights Amendment.


u/TheDownvoter85 Jun 26 '22

ERA- Equal Rights Amendment.

They removed the limit last year... https://www.equalrightsamendment.org/



I only see the website say it passed the house and it now moves to senate for a vote (nothing else so I presume the time limit is still in place)


u/SlickAwesome Red State Conservative Jun 26 '22

The dems had the senate, congress, and the presidency from 2009-11. They could have passed anything they wanted but they missed that window of opportunity


u/bigwreck94 Jun 26 '22

They would have lost their ability to say “the republicans are gonna take away your abortions if you don’t vote for us.” They needed that fear to get votes


u/throwaway3569387340 Reagan Republican Jun 26 '22

They didn't even need to adopt an amendment.

All they had to do was pass a damn law.


u/blackandwhitetalon Jun 26 '22

Crazy leftists burning down their own cities smh


u/mvw3 Jun 25 '22

Mostly peaceful I'm sure.


u/HinesAlways Jun 25 '22



u/analtcauseflefties From My Cold Dead Hands Jun 25 '22

Firey but mostly peaceful?


u/psychic_flatulence Gen Z Conservative Jun 26 '22

Welcome to the wonderful world of "you get what you vote for".


u/CoolFirefighter930 Jun 26 '22

They're doing in blue states because they know they can't get away with it red states. lol


u/Dracula_Unchained Jun 26 '22

It is happening in major cities. Major cities tend to be blue, even in red states. One of the examples in the article is Dallas. It is absolutely happening in red states.


u/KidZoki Jun 25 '22

Are they "mostly peaceful" riots?


u/OnceUponATrain Conservative Parent Jun 25 '22

Dunno. I read one of them threw themselves in front of a car or something.


u/jasommer14 Conservative Jun 25 '22

Of course they are mostly peaceful….


u/Black_XistenZ Cultural Conservative Jun 26 '22

I wouldn't shrug this off that easily. The BLM riots of 2020 also took place almost exclusively in Democrat-run cities and still helped them politically in November 2020.

I doubt the current outrage will persist and morph into a sustained protest movement, but I would keep an eye on it.


u/khmergodpc Jun 25 '22

I slept real good last night since I live in a red state.


u/Nateleb1234 Jun 26 '22

I envoy you.


u/NotJustVirginia Jun 25 '22

Democrats support riots when it's politically advantageous and want to take guns away from those who would oppose their totalitarianism.


u/GrandpaHardcore Ronald Reagan Jun 26 '22

This is textbook how you start a revolution by utilizing any opportunity to attack and assault your enemy verbally in an effort to make us, their enemy, attack them so they can be disingenuous. It's all an effort to make us look horrible in society so they can minimize our numbers and ultimately take over the country.

"The idea that a proletarian revolution is needed is a cornerstone of Marxism; Marxists believe that the workers of the world must unite and free themselves from capitalist oppression to create a world run by and for the working class."

Marxist motto for revolution. I'd wager most of the Antifa types do not even care about abortion and are just using it to attack Republicans and undermine our standing in society. They will use fear and fearmongering to make people hate us and the members of our side who attack them will just prove their points.


u/Cryluxis America 1st Conservative” Jun 26 '22

BLM Movement Part 2.. Riot and Destroy the cities who have the same opinion as you.. That’ll get you very far.. clearly no lesson was learned from 2020..!! That’s why the saying Actions have Consequences needs more truth in it!!


u/waba82 Jun 26 '22

Gotta love the moral compass of lefties. Is baby murder the hill you're going to die on? Ok then good luck...


u/142Ironmanagain NYconservative Jun 26 '22

This is what happens when you don’t read the recent rulings, or the Constitution, or American history, or the news.