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'The Worst Day of My Existence': Fox News Analyst Announces His Brother Has Been Murdered in Chicago



u/Pardieck1 Jun 26 '22

That’s so sad. There’s no excuse for that continuing to happen.


u/liananew Conservative Jun 26 '22

That's awful. I hope he finds justice for his brother and I'm praying for him and his family. So sad.


u/voice-overs Jun 26 '22

Oh man. Our hearts are breaking for him. So sad and so wrong.


u/nekomancey Conservative Capitalist Jun 26 '22

Life pro tip, get out of the big blue cities while you can. I'm from NYC and I loved it there. Now everyone walks around watching their backs. The atmosphere is freaky. I don't go visit anymore.

Sorry got this guy and prayers for his family.


u/GOANJUDADDY76 Jun 26 '22

Damn that text got me a lump in the Throat, God keep his little brother and bring peace to his big Brother.


u/Hefty_Strategy_9389 Jun 26 '22

God help us all in the hard times to come.


u/Painpriest3 Jun 26 '22

When Mayor Lightfoot says to her people ‘Fight in the streets’, why does anyone stay?


u/therinlahhan N. C. Conservative Jun 26 '22

It happened in a poor area so she probably doesn't care.


u/RictusDicktus Jun 26 '22

Everybody knows Beetlejuice is always talking nonsense. Nobody listens to her.


u/Marine_vet_patriot Jun 26 '22

If chicago keeps voting for leftist, the killings will continue.


u/hughmungouschungus Jun 26 '22

Wow dude not the place


u/somethots Jun 26 '22

its totally the place, live in a violent area and this is what happens


u/throwaway3569387340 Reagan Republican Jun 26 '22

Yes it is. We have to stop sweeping urban violence under the rug.


u/JaxTheGuitarNoob Shapiro Conservative Jun 26 '22

In Chicago there was at least one instance where gang members were not prosecuted for firing on each other in broad daylight due to being mutual combatants, so you know, like two guys that's get in an argument and tussle but neither want to press charges, but with guns and shooting in a busy city where there are innocent bystanders...


u/afitz_7 Conservative Jun 26 '22

I believe his brother just missed getting killed before too. Sad.


u/compugasm Conservative Jun 26 '22

51 peeps were killed Memorial Day weekend, just in Chicago. You didn't hear a peep about it, because some white boy shot up a supermarket in Buffalo.


u/nobodyhelp69 2A Jun 26 '22

Even if some white boy didn’t shot up a supermarket in buffalo, you still wouldn’t have heard about it.


u/[deleted] Jun 26 '22



u/throwaway3569387340 Reagan Republican Jun 26 '22

They just have to vote Democrat harder...


u/F-Type_dreamer Jun 26 '22



u/compugasm Conservative Jun 26 '22

Mail in ballots go brrrrrr


u/Charming_Business_33 Jun 26 '22

Where’s beetle juice?


u/JDMsupremacy Jun 26 '22

Probably still playing with stacks of taxpayer’s money to write out “GeT VaX’d” for social media.

Or just, you know, existing somewhere with her sickening case of fetal alcohol syndrome.


u/RedScorpion08 Reagan Conservative Jun 26 '22

I know it's cliche, but I am praying for him and his family. That is absolutely horrible news.


u/[deleted] Jun 26 '22

Please get out of there.


u/Jazzlike-Equipment45 Jun 26 '22

I morn for him so many see a life as so cheap


u/[deleted] Jun 26 '22

That’s honestly terrible. And making matters worse is that the recently signed gun control legislation will do little to stop the crime in Chicago


u/Hack_cusation Jun 26 '22

I'm not living in America so i don't know alot about situations in USA especially this guy, but at least i knew that it was extremely sucks.

Condolences for this man 🙏


u/JurassicParkFood Pro-Life Conservative Jun 26 '22

My condolences. Losing family to senseless violence sounds just awful.


u/powpowbang Conservative Jun 26 '22

I have spent a lot of time on the south side and I have a business that works in the most economically depressed areas there. I feel for him, and it's very sad these kids grow up under the influence of some very bad people.


u/freeneedle Jun 26 '22

So young - man that’s sad


u/Moist_Trump Jun 26 '22

His brother was 18 and was also threatened by a man with a gun in 2017. What’s going on in Chicago


u/MrFuddy_Duddy Jun 26 '22

The same thing that's been going on with Chicago for the last like 40 years, democrats in control, lenient on crime, zero acknowledgement of gang problems, strict gun laws that disarmed law abiding citizens. The list goes on and on, take your pick.


u/dont_shit_the_bed Jun 26 '22

Almost a daily occurrence in Chicago I'm afraid truly sad


u/Fig85420 Jun 26 '22

But the murder rate is lower than some other parts of the country with low populations, so it's safer, right?!?


u/[deleted] Jun 26 '22



u/Fig85420 Jun 26 '22

You probably need to take into account frequency and distribution of crime to judge safety. And also type of crime - random vs targeted


u/StarMan0713 Jun 26 '22

God be with him


u/lolcatzuru Jun 26 '22

Chicago, that's a Democrat controlled city where crime is allowed to run rampant so they vote in democrats who won't fight it right? Weird, probably totally unrelated


u/Jay_Derkin 2A Conservative Jun 26 '22

I fully understand this man’s pain. What a fucked up world we live in.


u/aballofsunshine Far-Right Latina Jun 26 '22

Heartbreaking. I lost my brother a few years ago and it too was the worst day of my life. My only solace was that he passed peacefully in his sleep; it’s all we can hope for in this life for our loved ones. I’m sorry this man cannot say the same.


u/skarface6 Catholic and Conservative Jun 26 '22



u/SardaukarChant Jun 26 '22

Horrible. God bless him.


u/XxToxicMasculinityxX MAGA4LIFE Jun 26 '22

Nobody deservse this in America. And the fact the media will ignore this is the otherside of this tragedy.


u/Flowers1966 Independent Conservative Jun 27 '22

Come on, man. This is just a peaceful demonstration, nothing like that horrible, terrible January 6th insurrection. /s


u/destroybidensadmin Jun 26 '22

We need the Giuliani formula for Chicago. Crack downs not crack pipes. Institute a police friendly policy that enables law enforcement to work safe and bring in profiling. It works and that's how they cleaned up new York before race baiting libs ruined it


u/mannnerlygamer Jun 26 '22

Can’t even put properly into words the sorrow I feel for him and his family. I hope they finds guidance they need through this dark time.


u/ITGuyBri Conservative Jun 26 '22

At this point Lori Lightfoot is COMPLICIT in these weekly murders. She lies and does NOTHING.