User Flair Policy

You may have received a message from our Automoderator saying that a post you made requires User Flair.

User flair is the text in a small gray box to the right of user names on submissions and comments.

To display your User Flair, you must also have the “☑️ Show my flair on this subreddit” box checked on the sidebar.

The only thing having User Flair does is grant you the ability to comment in posts marked with the submission flair "Flaired Users Only". All the other posts not flaired as such are open for you to comment in.

This is designed so that a couple posts per day are almost guaranteed to have conversation which is not hijacked by leftists and other non-conservatives.

Who Gets Flair?

Only mods can assign User Flair, and User Flair is only for conservatives. Once you have a solid history of comments in /r/Conservative, and have been commenting in the subreddit for at least two weeks, that is the right time to request flair via the link at the bottom of this page.

Please understand that this is for conservatives. We do our best to vet you based on your post history on reddit. You will need some post history to qualify - ideally within the subreddit itself. If you do not have a conservative leaning post history you will likely be asked to re-apply when you do.

You may choose your own flair but mods reserve the ability to reject the text. The flair must be conservative or at least generally right wing in nature. As our mission statement is to provide a place for conservatives to speak to other conservatives - we do not grant flair to those who are not at least reasonably close to that world view.

We do give variants on some of the above: "Libertarian Conservative" and "Moderate Conservative" are acceptable, for example.

We're looking for people who have been commenting for at least two weeks with verified history here in our subreddit. Ideally, we want you to average a couple comments per week, as well. If this is your first comment in /r/conservative, you have not met the minimum requirements to get flair.

How To Select Your Flair

We prefer that you choose a flair that represents your philosophy as a conservative. Most which we approve will be about 25 characters or fewer, including spaces, and must abide by subreddit rules. As for content:

  1. It can be something as simple as "Conservative."

  2. It can reflect a particular cause you focus on (2A, Right to Life, Small Government)

  3. It can reflect someone whose conservatism you admire (Reagan, Trump, Goldwater, Ron Paul, Shapiro, etc.), it can be a general theme (Paleoconservative, Moderate Conservative, etc.).

  4. It can reflect an age or racial group (black conservative, millennial conservative, Hispanic conservative, etc.).

  5. You can use slogans or sayings (MAGA, from my cold dead hands, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, etc.)

  6. If you want something special as your flair, it must be approved by the mods, and if they believe that said flair does not work, they will make alternate recommendations to accommodate your preferences. Mods have final say.

Qualified Flairs

Mug Club and Daily Wire - If you send us a picture of your Mug Club or "Leftist Tears" Tumbler (along with something with your username written on it, we will be happy to give you "Mug Club" or "Drinks Leftist Tears" flair, respectively.

Military Flair: If you serve or have served in the military, and would like to a flair to reflect that, please send a proof of service (We accept veteran's plates, a DD 214, medal display, or other official forms of military service [all of which can have identifying information redacted]), with something with your username written on it, and we'll give you the service that corresponds. Police and Fire will fall under this, too.

Revocation of Flair

You don't have to be conservative in everything. Very few of us are enlightened enough to have come to the conservative view on every topic. If we grant you a conservative flair, you are required to post only conservative discussion in topics marked "Conservatives Only." You are not required to comment in any given "Conservatives Only" post. But if you make a liberal or leftist comment in a marked post, you will be subject to having your flair revoked, and if it is particularly egregious, you may be banned entirely. This is to keep the flair only threads on topic and in line with our mission statement. Please keep your less in-line view points to non flaired threads, out of respect for the topic of the subreddit.

Message The Moderators To Request Flair

Please be patient while we address your request. We will be reviewing your comment history.