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This math professor attempts to fix his projector screen in this entertaining April Fool's prank on his students. Video

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u/Current-Knowledge336 Jun 27 '22

This is a great teacher! Keeping things interesting


u/soulhot Jun 27 '22

Did one person get up to leave just before the end? Shame if she did because the guy made a great effort for his students there.


u/BoredGombeen Jun 27 '22

I thought that too. A bit rude.


u/Pcooney13 Jun 28 '22

Maybe she’s like Ross in that episode of friends where she has back-to-back classes all the way across campus and has to run to make it


u/Nazeaj Jun 27 '22

She just went to get a better seat


u/soldieroscar Jun 27 '22

She went to complain that she is paying too much for these classes for this type of behavior.


u/Evilmaze Jun 28 '22

There's always those students who are like "I paid money for this waste of time?". Then skips a bunch of classes and doesn't study for exams. Time is only valuable to those people when when it's not them wasting it.


u/lugenfabrik Jun 27 '22

Damn that took a lot of preparation.


u/Tommyblockhead20 Jun 27 '22 Silver

This is Matthew Weathers's most famous video, it's from 2017 and it's at 127 million views now. But he's been doing these for 13 years, it's worth checking out all the other ones on his YouTube channel.


u/Markivovicht Jun 27 '22

A true classic


u/ddurham911 Jun 27 '22

He’s Amazing…


u/[deleted] Jun 27 '22

I feel for that girl holding her poop in until she just couldn't towards the end


u/rrkrabernathy Jun 28 '22

I think the prof likes marijuana cigarettes.


u/UtahGhosties Jun 28 '22

It's BIOLA. Bible Institute of Los Angeles. It's a very, very conservative Christian, private, University.


u/HardskiBopavous Jun 28 '22

Private conservative Christians can’t enjoy marijuana cigarettes?!


u/UtahGhosties Jun 28 '22

This group doesn't partake.


u/Coolioissomething Jun 28 '22

How ingenious. Wasn’t easy to put together


u/TheFlyingCocksmiths Jun 27 '22

yall really went into debt for this bit. lol


u/bornsliqqy Jun 27 '22

The 20 year old prank still circulating the internet for likes. Nice.


u/StillGalaxy99 Jun 27 '22

Well this is my first time seeing it so I enjoyed it


u/Toxic-and-Chill Jun 27 '22

Same lol. And honestly I’m much more impressed if that’s from 20 years ago. Homie did that with like PowerPoint or some shit


u/Tommyblockhead20 Jun 27 '22 edited Jun 27 '22

This one is from 5 years ago, but he's been doing these for at least 13 years, here's his channel if you want to see the other ones.


u/Tommyblockhead20 Jun 27 '22

You should check out his other ones on his YouTube channel, he's done a new one each year for over a decade now.



u/SREAL1 Jun 28 '22

I’ll forever be fascinated by this professor and this video 😂


u/Specialist-Pin5326 Jun 28 '22

Damn, It's so amazing!!! I love teaching style like that!


u/Ch3vr0n Jun 27 '22

That's old news and goes back at least as far as 2019


u/stars_mcdazzler Jun 28 '22

On average it costs a student in the United States $100 USD for an hour of collage education.

Therefore it cost every student in that classroom approximately $4.63 to watch that prank.


u/uhohspgto Jun 28 '22

I wouldn't think it would cost that much to learn how to glue small pieces of paper together into a larger tapestry.


u/KennyXdxd Jun 27 '22

Old af video


u/rilano1204 Jun 28 '22

kinda lame


u/hannah10029 Jun 28 '22

His skit wasn't inclusive. Two male cis lecturers annoying her.