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Turkish drone producer Baykar will send three Bayraktar TB2s armed drones to Ukraine free of charge after Ukrainian collected enough money to buy them Image

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u/temp7412369 Jun 28 '22

Good guy weapons manufacturer..I guess


u/No_Comfortable8706 Jun 28 '22

The Power of the People helping the Ukrainian People an amazing logistical achievement. Salute to all involved.😎


u/Kisame-hoshigakii Jun 27 '22

3 UAV's, they'll know every position of the Russian army, even which way they're facing!


u/StatusWillingness215 Jun 28 '22

Why are these drones so good?


u/HashSmokinSlashar Interested Jun 27 '22

Let's not talk about where these weapon systems were tested and first applied ahaha.....


u/No-Lie4678 Jun 27 '22

Tested successfully in a battlefield against terrorist organisations who are located at eastern TĂŒrkiye and northern Syria.


u/siegetip Jun 27 '22

The definition of “terrorist” in that conflict is incredibly fuzzy.


u/No-Lie4678 Jun 27 '22

Unfortunatelly, the defination of ''terrorist'' is always fuzzy.


u/JeffCloss Jun 28 '22

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.


u/No-Lie4678 Jun 28 '22

Exactly,so we can easily say that it was tested against one man's freedom fighters,successfully. Still successful.


u/SnooCompliments6751 Jun 27 '22

Let’s talk


u/HashSmokinSlashar Interested Jun 27 '22

But but but they gave the drones to Ukraine so they must be the good guys!


u/SnooCompliments6751 Jun 27 '22

Dude f off


u/HashSmokinSlashar Interested Jun 27 '22

Your telling me it's not okay to test your weapon systems on minorities? Woah as an American this is definitely an unheard of concept!


u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22

Arming nazis against nazis


u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22

Your downvotes won’t change facts lmao.


u/netherlandsftw Jun 29 '22

Indeed. Downvotes, upvotes, comments, posts - none of them will change facts. The fact, that is that nobody in this conflict is a nazi. Nazi, as in national socialist. Please, take a history lesson before talking about the history, that you apparently know nothing about.


u/[deleted] Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

You took 5 minutes of your life to type literally nothing of value. Slapping the definition of what nazism is won’t change facts either. Keep your eyes closed, deny every swastika you see to feel better about the war. So dense smh đŸ€Š

Stick to downvoting pls


u/Overall-Tune-2153 Jun 28 '22

They got such publicity from their drones performance to date, they'll be swimming in money from orders, especially from Latin America. These three drones are nothing in comparison.


u/Jhonny_781 Jun 28 '22

I don't think even on Latinoamérica have the money to buy those things they look expensive asf


u/Dakozen Jun 28 '22

They are like $5m a pop


u/Jhonny_781 Jun 28 '22

Hm now that you say the price yeah maybe in the entire Latinoamérica could have like 8? Spread al around idk