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Dashcam Recommendations by redditors



There are a a lot of dashcam options out there, and a lot of them aren't very good. I compiled this list from reddit feedback. Let me know if you have any other recommendations or favorites, and why you like it or what you found useful so we have some real world feedback.


B1W Mini - Budget, but a good one. Rotatable lens good for uber/lyft drivers.  

Garmin Mini 2 - This thing is MINI. Most discrete cam on the market, and great app functionality  

A119 v3 - GPS, great video quality, great value Probably one of the most popular on reddit  

A129 Duo - Dual cam, 1080p, GPS, and a great budget dual cam. Been around for a while and has great feedback.  

Nexar Beam - 1080p, super compact, and has free cloud back ups  


Mid Range and Up:  

A129 PRO Duo - Dual Cam, 4K, GPS, newest version of the duo  

B4K - Newer 4k brother to the B1W, so far good reviews.

Blackvue DR900X - Dual Cam/4k and has cloud capability & LTE. Considered best of the best

Q800PRO - Higher end thinkware. 1440p. Pretty good value.


Front & Interior Dual Cams aka Uber/Lyft Cams  

Garmin Tandem - Infrared capability, 1440p, premium quality, and has great app functionality  

Blueskysea B2W – Infrared Capability, budget friendly  

Vantrue N2 Pro – Infrared capability, higher end, battery powered


  Motorcycle Cams  

AKASO Action Cam – An action cam, but cost effective  

INNOVV K5 Dual MotoCam – Top notch, but expensive  

Blueskysea A12 – Mid Range, Fairly priced



SanDisk 128GB High Endurance - Dashcam optimized  

Samsung PRO Endurance MicroSD - Dashcam optimized  

Viofo Hardwire Kit – Enables parking mode, battery discharge prevention  

Nunet Hardwire Kit – Hardwire kit with pretty much everything you need  

Trim Removal Kit - Has all the tools needed to remove trim without damaging it

  These are the bulk of them. Dashcams are very useful. In case of an accident, the opposing party can lie about what happened to reduce the likelihood that they are found to be at fault. Happens all the time. Having video of what happened can save you $1000's in insurance and potential legal fees. Dashcams can also get you out of falsely written tickets. If you don't have a dashcam and are given a ticket for an infraction you didn't commit, it's your word vs the police officer's word. With a dashcam, there is irrefutable evidence to prove your innocence. There is absolutely no reason not to get one. I try to update this list regularly and I hope it's helpful. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases

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Cobra SC200D ‐ rear cam doesnt work


I bought a refurbed Cobra SC200D directly from Cobra's store on ebay.

The rear dash cam just doesnt appear work at all. The manual online and the setup guide provided arent exactly detailed, but I do believe I have everything plugged in correctly. I've emailed support but thought Id check here to see if anyone has experienced the same issue or has advice. Since its a refurbed unit though there's of course the chance that they sent me a total dud. In which case I may pursue using the warranty ebay provides but I'm tempted to send the camera back altogether.

I made the mistake of not researching the app for my dashcam of choice, and have learned just how pathetic the app to go with this dashcam is. I mainly downloaded it to see if my dashcam needed a firmware update (in case maybe that was preventing the rear cam from working) but the app is so terrible you cant even do that.

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crazy parking lot rampage


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Rear Window Mount Cam on 2nd Gen Prius?


I ran wire to the rear of the interior to mount the rear camera of a BlueSkySea B4K dash cam. The camera has pre-applied sticky tape on it. The rear window on the hatch is slanted at such an angle that I'm not sure it will work, like if there will be too much window for the lens, if that makes sense. The lens itself turns to adjust the angle, so that part won't be a problem. On this car there's a section of vertical window that would otherwise be ideal, but it's tinted pretty dark so I don't want to use that.

Has anyone done this on the rear of the same car or have suggestions for best placement? It's a 2007 and it's a second vehicle that I don't use every day, so I'm not in a rush, but I would like to get it on there eventually.

r/dashcams 2d ago

Rear camera for van with no rear windows


Hi, I've been struggling to find a rear cam for my van. I'm looking for one that is reasonably secure and can be mounted on the outside. Van is a Renault Kangoo (UK) with no back windows. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Janwold 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear, Car Camera Built-in WiFi GPS, Front ...

Thumbnail youtube.com

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Front Passenger Side Car Window Broken Last Night


Are there dash cams that are on 24/7 and can alert you of movement in the car? i need a security cam that will notify me of something like this so i can meet the people outside next time. im extremely frustrated and mad i had to take a day out of work and pay for this especially when i have been doing everything right it jsut fucken sucks man

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Does anyone recognize this rear dash cam?


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Any Advice for best Dashcam front/rear for about 200Euro (Shipping to Europe)


Good Day,

I have to buy a dashcam front+rear and my budget is 200/250Euro with park wiring included.

Unfortunately I need it to be shipped in italy and therefore most of dashcam that are suggested in USA are too expensive in EU market.

at moment i found the below:

redtiger ‎F7N-PLUS (2 Channel)

Vantrue N4 (3 Channel)

Vantrue S1 (2 channel)

if anyone have some suggestion it would be great, even better if i could buy from amazon (it/es/fr/de)

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Recommendations for a Front/Rear for my Mom's SUV. VIOFO?


I have a VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K and I like it. The base did stop working 2 years after having it, but I was able to contact BlackBoxMyCar for a replacement for like $25 shipped.

I like the screen's UI and has always seemed to work. I'm open to other brands and suggestions.

Here's some basic info for what I am looking for:

  1. Has a Screen - I like the VIOFO UI.  I had a BlackSys CH200 before and didn't like it because it didn't have a screen and their software was very bugged.
  2. I am aiming for a dash cam that is super reliable, great visibility, and high quality
  3. I am not looking for a quirky, buggy device I have to learn to master.  Looking for straight forward functionality with pretty robust features. 
  4. If someone side-swipes her and bolts off, I'd ideally like the video quality to be good enough to get their tag number. So good day/night visibility and a good sensor.
  5. The car is for personal, non-fleet use  
  6. Looking to hardwire it
  7. Needs to be Auto-Shutoff Capable. VIOFO's has worked great.
  8. GPS
  9. I'm not looking for Cloud Services - Local SD Card Only
  10. Owner is an iPhone if that matters


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Viofo Duo A129 failed to record crash footage for the third time


I should state that the prior two fails were near misses which resulted in hard braking but I managed to finally involve myself in a collision earlier today after a truck driver sped up to deny me from a merge despite me having right of way in a non marked merging lane, he was behind me and had been driving aggressively tail gating me and decided to speed up and cut me off and we side swiped each other before I could react and swerve out of the way, he proceeded to try and flee the scene and I pursued him and got the license plate then broke off the chase after the 911 operator confirmed the make/model of the truck and told me to not pursue.

Amazingly after trying to view the collision on the Viofo app the file was not readily visible, it had the prior days files but only had the files of when I had pulled over into a parking lot to wait for an officer to meet up with me. No idea what the issue is, I checked the locked files and see nothing for todays date, thinking it potentially could be the cigarette port charger coming loose but the fact it was recording just yesterday makes me doubt that. Searching for a micro sd reader to try and look for the file on my computer as the app is super slow with mobile data but feel like I'm just shit out of luck and will be left empty once again.

Is this camera prone to this issue or am I missing something?

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What would happen if I hadn't seen him and slowed down?

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Looking for a quick release mount for Xiaomi 70 Mai 1S dash cam


I have this dash cam, Xiaomi 70 mai 1s.

The mount is terrible for someone that frequently needs to remove and put back the camera in place. I would really like to meet and sit down for a chat with the person that picked a smooth round metal nut for the screw that secures the camera to the windshield camera mount.

I am trying to find a quick release mount that can accommodate this camera. Any recommendations?

r/dashcams 4d ago

Recommendation for long distance dash cam?


Hi all! My wife and I will be taking a few 16-20hr trips on the road over the next few years. Does anyone have a recommendation/experience with a front dashcam for long trips?

Some nice to haves would be:

  • Clear picture to read license plates
  • Long recording times without issue
  • Decent app for downloading videos
  • 1440p/4K
  • Easy install (just got a new car and don’t want to mess it up too much lol)

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!

r/dashcams 5d ago

Birthday present, old Silverado


I'm looking to buy my husband a dashcam for his birthday. He drives an older (10+ years??) Silverado - a very basic truck with crank windows, etc. I thought I was interested in a forward looking dashcam only but the Helpful Guide said you should get a 2 channel one (front and back).

I started looking at the pinned thread's choices, but wanted some clarification.

If we don't want to use it parking mode, do we need a hardwire kit? He parks in the garage a lot so I'm not concerned about it watching at night. If there's an incident, we have a bigger problem than just the truck.

It looks like we need to buy an SD card. How long do cameras record before re-recording? I saw 3 minutes referred to on one post.

I don't need Cloud.

Thanks for any suggestions or comments!

ETA: The reason I mention that's it's a old, basic truck is that while he likes tech, he's ok with not having high end 'best of breed'. Did I mention I hate hand crank windows?

r/dashcams 5d ago

VAVA Dashcam Help


My camera (VAVA Model: VA-CD001) turns on solid blue light, flashes blue three times, then no light. It will not show up on my Wi-Fi settings and I cannot connect. I have tried to press and hold the reset button but cannot get it to reset. If I take the MicroSD card out and connect to computer, I see it is recording. I just cannot get it to connect to my phone so I can view recorded video or live feed. VAVA support says it is out of warranty and they cannot assist. Any help is appreciated

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Recommendation for a front/ rear dashcam- suitable for extreme weather, no apps


Looking to buy a dash cam that is reliable, doesn't cut out recording during driving etc.
-Prefer a pretty bare bones version with high quality optics- Hoping for at least 2K but 4K would be even better. Audio recording is a bonus, but again not necessary.

-no need for WIFI or Bluetooth- Would prefer not, as these features are unreliable and who knows how long the back end support will exist for the apps etc.
-Would prefer one that just requires a memory card, High capacity memory card preferred.
-Not fussy about wired vs just plug in to the cigarette adapter.

- bonus if it has a rear cam and an interior cam, but both of those are just nice to have and not necessary.
I am probably going to order off Amazon, but if not, has to be available to ship to Canada.
I am pretty handy and can install myself, would love to find one that has a few youtube tutorials, but thats again a nice to have.

Am really hoping to stay under $250 USD but will spend for something reliable and good quality.
Thanks so much.

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does this count as a dashcam?

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Real life hit with a blue shell

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Hello, I am going to purchase the VIOFO A119 V3 dashcam. I need to plug this camera into an external monitor in the interior of the car, to see the live footage there. Can I use the AV out port for this purpose? Will it work? Thank you for any potentional help or answers.

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Sometimes I wonder how people get their driver's license

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WCGW transporting loose construction waste

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Hi, I've been experiencing an issue with ddpai mola n3, it has a redlight at the front beside the camera, no light on the back, and it doesn't broadcast the ssid. When I turn it on it prompt its welcome message and when i plugged it out it just turns off without sound. Pls help ty.

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Successfully evading car jackers

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r/dashcams 9d ago

to escape a road rager