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Injustice and bias against Fathers


So this is my first time posting (please excuse my use or lack of punctuation)but I need another outlet maybe find more people that going through similar issues So I have an amazing 5 year old daughter. I have been fighting for since she was 4 months old after her mother left me for one of the guys she was cheating on me with. I was told by many that this battle would be draining to say the least and in the end most likely will have very little of anything that is fair for me. Still I fight how can I give up its my daughter! People wonder why so many fathers don't even bother to fight. I can tell you I was one of them but I now understand. That is not saying I will give up.I will always fight for my little Butterfly. However it is very one-sided. Instantly my daughter's mother gave away a child I raised from birth(I was first to hold her in hospital) until we slpit when she was 1 and a half and was calling this other guy my daughters dad. She even said this in court. I did everything asked of me plus more yet courts continued to give only what she asked for even though she didn't follow orders was caught and called out many times for lying to the court even attacked me outside courtroom and had statement from guard about it. I have been told by a judge "so you're just a father" when I tried to voice my concerns. CPS and police constantly coming to check on reports made by mother all dismissed yet when I had to make reports they didn't take anything seriously. That crushes ones soul to know they can't even protect their child. Now I am in NO WAY saying all mothers are bad or all fathers are good but there are so many instances even documentaries made on how abuse has been reported against mother and they do nothing and the worse happens. Broken fathers have little to no chance. My daughters mother came to me at beginning of 2020 begging me for place to stay because she was being beaten by her boyfriend I tried to help because I wouldn't dated her again she left at 5am back to him. Probation caught them together and arrested him she told courts she was done with him he got out she got pregnant by him told courts she wasn't with him now they are engaged. After covid I was caught in eviction like many others. I had some money set aside found a hard money lender that was going to work with me since my credit wasn't great I was going to buy house the courts told me if I am to move I have to move closer to their county and took my 50% shared time moved to every other weekend even though mother is in domestic violence relationship and caught breaking orders breaking law lying to courts making false allegations against me. Which crushed my daughter for the past year every time she was with me she cried telling me "Daddy you said they told you if you get house closer I can be with you". I got my credit up bought a house closer now going back to court since they told me if I did so I would have my shared time back if not more! We had court the other day waiting now for mediation and already police and CPS coming out and even though I now have custody attorney. I am slowly seeing nothing is changing. I have spoke with many attorneys all say they have horror stories when it comes to fathers fighting. It isn't ever easy and no matter what mothers still have upper hand. Even though studies have shown most children do better in life when raised by father( google it).In this country that was supposed to be land of the free home of the brave. In all of history that has never been the case. We Instantly went to slavery. There is so much racism still! Women's rights was fought for. Yet still women on average get paid less. Fathers supposed to be looked at equal in custody. Yet get railroaded by every agency! Where is the equality?

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Say Goodbye to Transhumanism and Hello to Equality with #NWOSTATE - The Future of Data Privacy


Transhumanism promises to enhance human capabilities and extend life through technology, but it also threatens to create a two-tiered society where the rich and privileged have access to these advancements while the rest are left behind. This lack of equality is just one of the many negative effects of transhumanism, and the lack of data privacy is another major concern.

But with the rise of decentralized platforms, we now have a solution to these issues. #NWOSTATE is a cutting-edge platform that promotes awareness and freedom of speech through their token $STATE. Unlike other apps, your data is secure with #NWOSTATE, and their focus on equality ensures that everyone has access to the benefits of technology.

So, say goodbye to transhumanism and join the movement towards a better future with #NWOSTATE. Get in on the action now and secure your data while promoting equality and freedom of speech.



Get their beta app now:

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I think that "god" encourages violence against men as it tries to normalize the idea of a person being "tasked" with working for everybody else without ever having any rights of their own.


In any case it encourages violence against a singled out person, though most often a man.

Portraying a person as "should be grateful/feel special for getting to unconsentually work for everybody but themself without having any say in it nor any rights" is grooming them for abuse.

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I think to say "toxic masculinity" is no different than saying "toxic femininity", toxicity has nothing to do with gender.


Attributing toxicity to a specific gender is sexism.
Sexism != "manly".
Sexism != "womanly".
Toxicity is a choice and nothing to do with which body a person has.

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I think a family member trafficking a person (stereotypically a young boy) into religion is no different than a family member trafficking a person (stereotypically a young girl) into prostitution.


I think both encourage the child to learn that "giving themself away and another then collecting money for that is normal and fair". In both cases often the child is encouraged to hurt themself physically and emotionally to become "the ideal fantasy".

As far as I understand trafficking, whether into prostitution or religion, is most often carried out by a family member, not a stranger.

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I think it's absurd that there are lots of measures to assure a human child doesn't get separated from their parent(s) if something can still be done but no measures to prevent an animal child from being separated from their parent(s).


I think child protective services should not be only for humans.

I think assuming "that an animal doesn't mind being separated from their parent" and "that their parent(s) doesn't/don't mind having their child separated from them" is absurd. Assuming is not science.

I think "how many weeks before you can abduct an animal from their parent(s)" shouldn't be the first question. The first question should be "what are the effects of ever a human separating an animal from their parent(s) instead of waiting for the child and/or the parent to make their own decision".

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Blonde’s Oscar nomination sends a grim message about exploitation

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(January 9, 2019) - Neonatal Circumcision and Prematurity Are Associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

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Questions about equality!!!!!!

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My bf is very racist and lately he’s been very upset about all of the Asian students at our college. How do I encourage him to act normal in public?


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Why are black asians neglected?


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Two parents working is mostly a shit idea.

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Someone belongs in the kitchen. More so if you have kids.


Sex dont matter. But some one should keep house. Keep trake of bill, and cook.

That is a job in of itself. More so if kids are involved.

You cant be a good parent if both are busy doing shit. You can try, and the kid will love you, but there will always be a level of neglect.

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Is it true pre-agrarian human groups were more or less gender egalitarian?


I understand there was still generally a division of labor, with women gathering, and men sent out to hunt or protect the women gathering, but otherwise women and men were socially equal?

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Who pays at the diner table?


Easy, who ever planned the date, your idea, your bill,

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to be logical

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Gender equality still going hard “men do the right thing”

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Hello! I'm doing a poll on Neurodiversity and Equality/Equity in the work environment for my college dissertation. Any and all opinions are appreciated and helpful, if you have time to fill out a little 5 minute survey. Thank you!!!

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Equal pay.


Why has the US passed bill for equal pay across all sports? How does that make any sense? Lets take NBA and WNBA for an example, how are the womens teams suppose to match the mens pay? Or am i missing something?

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opinions on military physical fitness tests.


The army has recently switched from the old apft (army physical fitness test) to the new acft (army combat fitness test); a key difference between the two being that the score chart is now gender neutral.

The apft required lower passing scores for females than males whereas the acft now requires the same passing scores for everyone.

This will possibly lead to more females failing the test due to higher demands for them compared to the apft scores that females used to have with more males passing the test due to lower required scores.

However the fact is that the conditions of combat are the same for everyone regardless of gender so is it worth increasing the number of females in service at the cost of possibly getting them or others killed as a result of insufficient physical capabilities?

Of course many females Excell physically just as well as men and sometimes even better as I've seen many times during my time service However many do not which is what may cause more females to be discharged for failing to meet the requirements.

This is at its core a debate of equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome, I personally believe that equality of opportunity is incredibly important while equality of outcome is a fool's errand especially when the stakes are as high as this.

What are your thoughts on this scenario?

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It’s okay to be a nepo baby, just be honest about it

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Women and ICT4D

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