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Holiday megathread!! Discuss quick frugal ideas, frugal challenges you're starting, and share your hauls with others here!


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Welcome to our monthly megathread! Please use this as a space to generate discussion and post your frugal updates, tips/tricks, or anything else!


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  • What are some unique thrift store finds you came across this week?
  • Did you use couponing tricks to get an amazing haul? How'd you accomplish that?
  • Was there something you had that you put to use in a new way?
  • What's your philosophy on frugality?


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Select list of some top posts of the previous month(s):

  1. Frugal living: Moving into a school converted into apartments! 600/month, all utilities included
  2. Follow up- my daughter’s costume. We took $1 pumpkins and an old sweater and made them into a Venus Flytrap costume.
  3. Gas bill going up 17%… I’m going on strike
  4. I love the library most because it saves money
  5. We live in Northern Canada, land of runaway food prices. Some of our harvest saved for winter. What started as a hobby has become a necessity.
  6. 70 lbs of potatoes I grew from seed potatoes from a garden store and an old bag of russets from my grandma’s pantry. Total cost: $10
  7. Gatorade, Fritos and Kleenex among US companies blasted for 'scamming customers with shrinkflation' as prices rise
  8. Forty years ago we started a store cupboard of household essentials to save money before our children were born. This is last of our soap stash.
  9. How to get free scientific papers!
  10. Noticed this about my life before I committed to a tighter budget.
  11. Seeds from Dollar Store vs Ace Hardware.
  12. I was looking online for a product that would safely hold my house key while jogging. Then I remembered I had such a product already.
  13. Using patterned socks to mend holes in clothes
  14. My dogs eat raw as I believe it’s best for them but I don’t want to pay the high cost. So after ads requesting leftover, extra, freezer burnt meat. I just made enough grind to feed my dogs for 9 months. Free.
  15. What are your ‘fuck-it this makes me happy’ non-frugal purchases?
  16. Where is this so-called 7% inflation everyone's talking about? Where I live (~150k pop. county), half my groceries' prices are up ~30% on average. Anyone else? How are you coping with the increased expenses?
  17. You are allowed to refill squeeze tubes of jam with regular jam. The government can't stop you.

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Cooking I think I’m being paranoid, but this is still good to use right? Got 3 other boxes.


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DIY 🚧 I posted here four months ago with my thrifted frame and Nat Geo art. I've since been featured in an art showing, and turned it into a whole hobby! Still thrifting frames, still thrifting materials. Now I'm looking to make it a little art business, thank you r/frugal!

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Discussion 💬 Eating Out Inflation Edition


Just curious - how are you folks handling eating out these days? For us, what once was a $25 lunch for two is now closer to $50. At that price we start really considering value for the cost.

I grew up in the Midwest and my family ate out a few times per year. As an adult I got used to eating out a few times every week. Now we're considering adjusting our behavior and expectations for what appears to be a new reality. Maybe we'll do more takeout.

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Electronics 💻 Using pen springs to reduce wear on your especially fragile power cables! (darn you Apple)

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Advice Needed ✋ How to Spend Less on Kid Gifts (for nieces and nephews)


I don’t have kids, but I have three nieces and three nephew-adjacent kids in my life. I started by giving $25 for bdays and Christmas to each, but now that there are 6 kids total (and potentially more to come on the other side of the family), I feel stressed about it. I don’t want to offend the parents by not giving that amount anymore, but it adds up. What do you all do about this dilemma?

Edit: I can sew, draw, and I have done a few woodworking projects with my husband. I’ve thought about leveraging these skills, but I don’t want to put in a ton of time & effort when old world toys don’t really compare to new world toys.

Edit 2: Additional info, if they have an actual party, I give a physical toy type gift and the money. For my nieces, I’ve been giving the $25 for their college accounts and a book each for the last few holidays/birthdays. I don’t live nearby my nephews so it’s just money unless they have a party we travel to. You all have some awesome ideas. This was very helpful!

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Frugal Win 🎉 [OC] {from our} Garden Art: Lions tail - Pansy - Mexican Daisy // book pressed w/Dollar store frames

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Food shopping Comparison between Spam Lite [$3.58] Great Value Lite luncheon meat from Walmart.


Great Value is $1.98 compared to Spam $3.58

I was at Walmart and intended to grab a couple of cans of Great Value Lite luncheon meat, but had a brain fart and got two cans of Spam Lite instead. Thought it would be a good time to compare the two.

Ingredients: Virtually identical.

Nutrition: [fat, sodium, protein, calories] virtually identical.

Appearance: Great value has some clear gelatin around the edges. Spam doesn't.

Texture: No noticeable difference.

Flavor: To my surprise, I thought that the Great Value had better flavor.

EDIT: I goofed up the title a little bit. Fixed in the text.

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Restore & refurbish 🚧 Repaired a beach bag from my youth


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Frugal Win 🎉 I feel like this a more of a brag considering its local to Kansas City but I had to share. Food saver for the win!


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Frugal Win 🎉 The only Black Friday deal I've found to be worth it with a couple hours left - kidsbooks.com with many gems for under $2

Thumbnail kidsbooks.com

Hope this is allowed, just wanted to share my find.

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Advice Needed ✋ Cheap way of heating a house with tons of hardwood floor and marble


I'm living in a 2-story house with TONS of hardwood floor. The previous owner has had it installed everywhere, not much carpet in sight. Cool during the summer, cold during winter.

If I start putting rugs and carpet everywhere over every surface, could I lower the cost of heating much of the house? What material carpet encourages the most heat?

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Advice Needed ✋ Vacuum sealer/Foodsaver?


Has anyone found a vacuum sealer worth the money? We have a deep freezer and I will buy meat on sale (chicken breasts for $1.49/lb the other day) and freeze them in smaller portions. I try to get the air out of the freezer bags, but still find ice crystals later on. Decent vacuum sealers seem to be in the $100-150 range so not sure it will be worth it.

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Frugal Win 🎉 The day after Thanksgiving turkey deal has always been elusive but today I finally scored.


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Advice Needed ✋ This is a solid block of coconut oil. Any advice on how to consume this?

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r/Frugal 16h ago

Advice Needed ✋ Rag maintenance


I read that some of you don't use paper towels. You use rags instead. I am trying to break my paper towels habit but it so difficult. I love paper towels for greasy hands and floor spills. Also where do you keep your rags to dry after use? I do have a few rags but would love to use them for the two instances that I cite above. I would like to keep them hidden but convenient.

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Cooking Saw someone had $25 thanksgiving dinner and here’s my family’s $21 thanksgiving dinner; served 2 meals for 4. All ingredients from aldi


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Tip/advice 💁‍♀️ What are some good brands for ergonomic gaming or office chairs that aren’t too pricey?



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Frugal Win 🎉 Whey protein savings

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Hello fellow frugalers. For those of you who use whey protein i just wanted to share that muscletech has a buy 2 get 1 free offer at the moment which brings the per serving cost to $0.65 For me this is a win since whey protein prices have gone through the roof just like everything else.

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Advice Needed ✋ Frugal moving tips?


I'm moving out of my parents house soon and I really want to take my bed and desk with me since they're nice. My mom says it's going to cost more to move it then what she originally paid for it and it would be cheaper to buy a new bed and desk. It would be hard to find another bed and desk like I have since it's a loft bed with the desk under and I value having extra floor space in my room especially since my bedroom will be smaller where I'm moving to.

Is there anyway to save money on moving furniture particularly? The big problem is my mom doesn't know who she can hire that can take the bed apart to move it and then put it back together. (when she bought it the furniture people who delivered it put it together)

r/Frugal 2d ago Helpful Wholesome LOVE! Timeless Beauty Silver

Frugal Win 🎉 How my under $25 Thanksgiving meal turned out! Surprisingly not bad at all….

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Frugal Win 🎉 Goodbye Prime


My Prime membership renews in January and the cost is going up from $119 to $139. It does not seem like much but money is money.
I just made a quick spreadsheet and put in all of my Subscribe and save items and their cost. Did a little comparison on Walmart and found equivalent items for the same or cheaper. The stuff I can’t pick up in store can be bundled to take advantage of the free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

$140 a year does not seem like much but I just diverted the $12/month into our automatic savings account. Saving that money (with interest). instead of spending it feels like a win to me.

r/Frugal 1d ago

Food shopping These are some prices where I live in Canada. How do they compare to where you live?


r/Frugal 12h ago

Food shopping Loose tea and coffee


I mainly drink tea now and coffee maybe once per week. I don't buy this stuff out, I make it at home.

I'm looking to switch from tea bags to loose tea, if this is a money saving option. Any suggestions for good quality frugal tea and coffee options.

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Tip/advice 💁‍♀️ For anyone who was not aware about Kohls cash..


Kohls cash is good for TEN DAYS after the expiration date! For in store only. This is coming from a former Kohls associate.😊

EDIT: Also, if you are planning to make a return (not Amazon, just a normal Kohls return) use your Kohls Cash BEFORE you make a return because any Kohls Cash that is associated with your account will be subtracted from your return.

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Advice Needed ✋ Black Friday 2022 Gym Deals And Thoughts


Hi all! Since the pandemic started, I stopped my gym membership and I've been going back and forth on whether or not on returning, mostly because I live with elderly and immuno-compromised relatives. But I also want to step up my work outs, especially since it's getting colder outside.

It looks like LA Fitness has some monthly subscription deals where they've halved the price of new member fee and took $10 off the monthly charge. Not the greatest when compared to 24 Hour Fitness who has deals of $243/year for a National level and $420 for the Platinum level, but whereas normally this is around $480 a year, this deal is for 2 years.

Obviously by the 2 year mark, the Platinum level is a deal. But come 3 years in, the National level is cheaper by around $40.

So while I'm mulling this over, does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm sorta happy I got out of my membership during covid because I remember how hard it was prior to to cancel memberships. But also on the flipside, having a physical gym instead of walking around the neighborhood is inviting.

What do you all think?