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Discussion 💬 What common frugal tip is NOT worth it, in your opinion?


I’m sure we are all familiar with the frugal tips listed on any “frugal tips” list…such as don’t buy Starbucks, wash on cold/air dry your laundry, bar soap vs. body wash etc. What tip is NOT worth the time or savings, in your opinion? Any tips that you’re just unwilling to follow? Like turning off the water in the shower when you’re soaping up? I just can’t bring myself to do that one…

Edit: Wow! Thank you everyone for your responses! I’m really looking forward to reading through them. We made it to the front page! 🙂

Edit #2: It seems that the most common “not worth it” tips are: Shopping at a warehouse club if there isn’t one near your location, driving farther for cheaper gas, buying cheap tires/shoes/mattresses/coffee/toilet paper, washing laundry with cold water, not owning a pet or having hobbies to save money, and reusing certain disposable products such as zip lock baggies. The most controversial responses seem to be not flushing (“if it’s yellow let it mellow”) the showering tips such as turning off the water, and saving money vs. earning more money. Thank you to everyone for your responses!

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Discussion 💬 How do people in the US survive with healthcare costs?


Visiting from Japan (I’m a US citizen living in Japan)

My 15 month old has a fever of 101. Brought him to a clinic expecting to pay maybe 100-150 since I don’t have insurance.

They told me 2 hour wait & $365 upfront. Would have been $75 if I had insurance.

How do people survive here?

In Japan, my boys have free healthcare til they’re 18 from the government

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Discussion 💬 What every day items should you *not* get the cheaper versions of?


Sometimes companies have a higher price for their products even when there is no increase in quality. Sometimes there is a noticeable increase in quality.

What are some every day purchases that you shouldn’t cheap out on?

One that I learned recently: bin bags.

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Discussion 💬 What expensive item saved you money, time, and/or vastly improved your life?


For me it’s my rain coat. Spending a little extra to stay warm and dry was so worth it.

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Discussion 💬 What is the craziest thing you've seen a non-frugal person use once and throw away?


This post is brought to you by the 55 gallon drum of Christmas decorations next to my neighbor's trash can.

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Discussion 💬 What have you stopped buying because of the price increases?


Whether its because there are cheaper alternatives, its a luxury with plenty of higher priorities for your spending, or merely the principle of not rewarding corporate greed.

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Discussion 💬 I think I regret being frugal...


I've been frugal most of my life. I resolved at 20 to become financially independent. I owned my first house outright by age 30 and was paying down a second mortgage on a rental property. I've made a life-long game of seeing how cheaply I could live and how much I could do without. I saved my vacation time at work so I could be paid for it instead. But now that I'm retired and getting older (63), not only am I finding that my money isn't making me happy -- pandemic shutdowns, runaway inflation, and the outrageous housing market in the last couple of years isn't helping -- but I regret not enjoying it more when I was younger. Additionally, now that I'm old enough to look around at various retirement benefits, I'm realizing how much is offered for free to those with lower incomes and assets. Of course, if you're VERY rich, you're good, but I'm somewhere in the middle: not rich enough to never worry about money again, but too "rich" to take advantage of the great programs and perks.

Anyone else?

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Discussion 💬 what is your frugal limit


while trying to be frugal, one endeavors to save as much money as possible, my question is what are some of the things that you just cannot be frugal about? it was a discussion we had at work, My personal one is TP, i can't stand 1-ply, must have a certain kind of quilted 2-ply. i've tried but i just can't do it. i'll pay the $4 difference for a 18 pack, what are some of the things other people must have? i can't be the only one

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Discussion 💬 I've never really seen alcohol discussed here. Just overheard a few coworkers discussing how much they hope to save due to 'resolutions' regarding giving up alcohol for a month or two, and to me it's mind-boggling how spending hundreds of dollars a month is normalized.


It's not that I "don't" drink as a rule, but I basically don't drink at all at home, and rarely when socializing. I might buy a bottle of baileys, a bottle of vodka, and 3-4 bottles of wine over the course of a year, so my total alcohol budget is less than $100 annually. No one really seems to bat an eye if people spend that much monthly, or a lot more if you include the inflated prices of buying drinks at restaurants or bars.

It's such an easy thing to cut out of your budget, and adds up so quickly (especially in Ontario where alcohol is really pricy). At my age, compared to what the average Canadian spends a year on alcohol, I figure I've saved about $20,000.

I'm curious about people here. Are most of you in the "little to no alcohol" category? Do you have a specific budget? Is it so normal that you include it with grocery money?

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Discussion 💬 Where are you getting all this money?!


Hi. I seem can't understand where people getting money from!

Let me explain. I'm 40, and all my life I got a very good (I think so) salary and live a modest/frugal life. I do not buy expensive things, I do not blow my money in bars or restaurants. I buy used electronics and furniture, my car is 20 years old, and I do not have any loans or mortgages. I rent a tiny apartment. And I think I have a pretty good relationship with my money. And at the same time, where the hell do they all go?

I have a YNAB and I see where my money goes, but I cannot stop them go where they are going, cus they pay for my life.

And what is more mind-boggling is how people around me with less salary and with a bunch of children, managed to have expensive cars and new TV (I found mine in the trash, pretty happy about it), big houses (I guess it's a mortgage topic, we can skip?) and other stuff?

Do they actually have huge debts and struggle every day? Do they just have expensive cars and barely can afford the rent for next month? Or can't they just afford anything else and seat home every day until the next paycheck? Or do they actually have a bunch of money they know how to get? Side hustle? Do they cheat somewhere? STEALING?

What is up? Did I miss some simple secret in life everyone is aware of? Help!

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Discussion 💬 Today eggs cost me $5.49 I feel like I'm going to cry


Eggs have jumped 2 dollars a dozen since last week. These were my cheap protein. Now what?

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Discussion 💬 Dangerous frugality


I'm all from being savvy on my shopping cart and not spend money where I dont need too, but i'm seeing so many shopping pics that lack basics like vegetables and fruit and are loaded on processed foods. Its great you can save some pennies on that, but it will come back at you through a bigger health bill. Be wealthy but not at the expense of being unhealthy. It's a balance.

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Discussion 💬 Would you move from a studio to a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate if it means saving an extra $200/month?


I’ve been working in my first job out of college since last summer in a new city. I subletted a room in a 4 bed / 1 bath apartment on my first month for $750; and it was HELL. All four of us were subletting that month; the kitchen and bathroom were a mess the entire time. I was initially planning to settle in a 2 bedroom apartment afterwards, but I opted for a studio after this ordeal.

That was seven months ago, and I’ve been living in a studio for $1200/month for the past six months. My lease ends in July, and I am considering moving to a 2 bedroom apartment to save a little bit more money each month.

I am currently saving between 45% and 50% of my monthly take-home pay. In that regard, I will save an extra $200/month (at minimum, perhaps up to $250 at best depending on wifi and gas) in rent & utilities by living with a roommate. Would you make this move for an exta $200 a month in savings?

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Discussion 💬 Does anyone else squeeze toothpaste tubes flat and slosh water in “empty” detergent bottles?


Yes, the savings is only pennies but why not use it all? Plus it delays the hassle of shopping for more.

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Discussion 💬 This chart shows the average retirement age in every state and the savings needed for a comfortable retirement.

Post image

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Discussion 💬 Enough with the Egg posts


Cool, prices went up.

What can we do about it? Nothing.

Carry on, there are far more better things to obsess over

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Discussion 💬 Saving water by not flushing the toilet each time? Anyone else do this, especially if you live on your own.


If its yellow: let it mellow, if it's brown : flush it down. Does anybody else subscribe to this advice?

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Discussion 💬 Two large cheese pizzas and half meatball half mushroom and onion pizza which was also a large cost $54.61. Local pizza shop


Just kinda shocked me but maybe I'm dating myself.

Update: just wanted to say the pizza was great and we had a great night. I wasn't upset or looking for alternative but I appreciate feedback as prices haven't shocked me that hard yet. Thanks for feedback. Also, FYI my 5 year old son overheard and informed me that ninja turtles don't pay for their pizza. They get it for free cause they beat up bad guys. I can relax finally (jk) . Have a great day everyone and thanks for feedback.

Update: just skimming through more comments. 16" is a large and New England. Im not upset either as I am happy to support the local community. I also like the idea of DIY pizza as I use to do but as a single dad I'm hurting on time but still got a couple dollars left over for now at least 🤣. This sub is great going forward for ideas Going to get kids involved in the process and I will ask BEFORE I buy as yeah that makes sense

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Discussion 💬 Is it too much/tacky to take complimentary items when on vacation? (Tea bags, jams, honey, etc)


EDIT: I’ve gotten a lot of perspectives and feedback from this sub. I appreciate the thoughtful responses. It’s important to be a good human. Be frugal but don’t take more than you need, at the detriment to others. Happy Holidays & Cheers, everyone.

I’m currently traveling for the holidays with my partner. Occasionally, we get to go for food where there’s a self serve coffee bar or we have a complimentary assortment in our hotel room. I was raised to always take (not too much mind you) and save for later. I love taking just a few high quality tea bags if they’re self serve at a hotel or airport coffee station. My boyfriend finds it “tacky”, but I don’t think it’s an issue when it’s abundant and you handle it tactfully (taking a couple underneath your plate/napkins), not taking a giant handful etc.

Wonder who else deals with this or has any thoughts

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Discussion 💬 I consider myself frugal. Friends of ours are minimalistic and I feel a slight judgement from them sometimes for purchases I make.


Frugality isn't equal to minimalism, right? Can I not buy things I want anymore and still think I'm frugal?

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Discussion 💬 Why are you living a frugal life?


Is it more a necessity or a lifestyle? Or both?

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Discussion 💬 Sodas are getting way too expensive in America.


Every restaurant you should expect to spend 3-4$ for a soda. I don’t understand how people do it, and I have a half decent job making good money. Why does McDonald’s have 1$ sodas but a pizzareia is 3.25$? I even went to a subway once that charged 2.50$ for water.

Edit because it’s very annoying : I typically drink water. That’s why I said I don’t understand how people spend the money on sodas.

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Discussion 💬 What are your “Fancy” frugal dishes? This is ours- $11 Sushi Bake

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Discussion 💬 2 breasts vs 4 tighs and 5 drumsticks, 39c difference in price

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