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Coach Z??

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An interesting/depressing discovery about Fan Costumes '06


So an interesting titbit about one of the Fan Costumes videos; there was someone who was responsible for a costume seen only on the website's "thumbnail" image for that video who has actually not been credited on the Homestar Runner Wiki's page for it.

This was a guy called Nik, going by u/omelettecounty on Twitter. He'd mention a few times on there that he was actually the person in I believe Fan Costumes '06's "secret" costume of Homestar, intending to make a list of all the weird places around the internet that he popped up in. He even posted his own video of doing a Homestar impression whilst in the costume, talking through a large, flappy costume mouth; shot way more recent than 2006 as the quality wasn't potato-ish. And incidentally, he'd once again catch official notice from Homestar Runner as the Strong Bad Twitter replied to a drawing he made of Strong Bad kicking Homestar.

I followed this guy on Twitter and we'd interact positively with each other quite a bit. But as you may already know, u/omelettecounty Nik has long since been outed as being a sexual predator. This naturally caused him to nuke all of his online presence (for the most part...), including his Twitter and the Tweet that u/StrongBadActual engaged with in the first place.

So when it comes to verifying that he indeed unfortunately contributed to a tiny part of Homestar Runner history for the Homestar Runner Wiki's page on the video, we're in an awkward position. Though an account can get deleted on Twitter, searching the handle alongside whatever keywords you want can still come up with Tweets that interacted with the account. This has let me find this conversation where it's pretty clear that the context was Nik talking about his official Homestar Runner costume, to which someone's surprised at this factoid and also talks about Homestar Halloween costumes. I'm not sure if you're able to retrieve the URL of the parent deleted u/omelettecounty Tweet, so that would've been very helpful in conjunction with this next part.

The other way I can think of to retrieve an u/omelettecounty Tweet that proves he was the person in costume is by using the Wayback Machine. Searching his handle into archived URLs shows many of his Tweets, but it's many, many, MANY of his Tweets that you'd also have to click on the individual archivings of. So it's possible there's an archived Tweet we could use, preferably the one with the video of the costume, but we'd have to dig deep. And from the ones I've looked through so far, most of them only retain the text code of the page itself.

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The latest Advent update is out


Caleb Rentpayer? Haven't heard that name in awhile.

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homestar runner but in dall-e *breaths in* AHHHHH


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And taow, taow, taow, taow, taow! We call that the Five-Point Taow

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POV being woken up by a wife confused with the light switches in the hotel room


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Switchfoot referenced Lil Brudder on one of their christmas songs.



Not a huge thing but I thought it was funny.

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My daughter made her new stocking tonight. I’ve successfully passed trogdor on to the next generation.


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Today is the twentieth anniversary of Teen Girl Squad!

Thumbnail homestarrunner.com

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Picture of his self on his self!

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homestar runner eating noodles (NOT FURRY)

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hey so you know that new anime ai that's been going around


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That time of year is upon us....

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Daily Decemberweenvent Calendar Remixes


The musical Decemberweenvent Calendar just released, with a different piece of Homestar Runner sheet music to be added every day up until the 24th. I decided to do a mini-remix of the featured song every day, for as long as I can keep it up.

This post will be edited each day as more sheet music is unveiled.

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Strong Bad Email 93 Deleted Scene (Fan Made)


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homestar runner eating noodles

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Came up with this concept of what if Strong Bad ruled over Free Country, USA


Free Country, USA
(The Strong Bad freaking way!)
(Or FCUSATSBFW for short)

Free Country, USA’s Nominal Monarch is now Strong Bad.

The Stick has mutated into The Big ol' Tree.

Strong Badia has also changed greatly:
The population has tripled to “Population: Tire, Bundt Cake Pan, and Coach Z"
The Stop Sign and the Cinder Block broke up.
Strong Badia has developed a world-class hole (Where the Of Town lays trapped in a box filled with peas in the "impenetrable diaper crust" layer)
The Cheat painted a mural reading "Fireworks or Die"
The tire has beaten Strong Mad and won "the title"
The Pizz has been upgraded to an actual pizza joint and has become the most popular pizza joint and has surpassed every other eatery in Free Country.
Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace! USA has finally been built
The Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil has been upgraded into an actual space station
Action Cool 5 has been upgraded into a proper news station
Strong Badia also has a proper monument of Strong Bad himself

King of Town’strong Bad Castle

The Sbemail hall of fame:

The Sbemail hall of fame is just before the throne room. It is a hallway that has Emails That Meet Strong Bad's Approval taped to the walls.
some kinda robot (printed out on The Paper)
sisters (rewritten crudely on napkin)
the basics (printed out on The Paper)
tape-leg (printed out on The Paper)
gimmicks (printed out on The Paper)
invisibility (printed out on The Paper)
your friends (printed out on The Paper)
autobiography (printed out on The Paper)
caffeine (printed out on The Paper)
pizza joint (printed out on The New Paper)
magic trick (printed out on The New Paper)

The Dungeon:
There is a dungeon where Trogdor is kept.


Kevin DuBrow (Homestar Runner)
Kevin DuBrow is a publicly humiliated criminal fugitive without a girlfriend who lives in a Jolly Dumple costume on the outskirts of the field. He wears a red shirt without the white star. His catchphrase is “That’s bupkis!”

Pom Pom

Pom Pom is pretty much as he was before the takeover, expect now he looks like an ABA basketball. Also, all of his girlfriend’s left him after Strong Bad impressed them with his new style.

Marzipan is constantly hypnotized by special messages left on her answering machine and plays nothing but death metal on her guitar.

Strong Sad
Surgically altered against his will to have horns and a tail. His hands are glued to his butt, and he is constantly whining.

Homsar is now a modestly hot girl

Strong Mad
Is pretty much Strong Bad’s underling and bodyguard. Stays away from The Big ol' Tree.

The Cheat
Still Strong Bad’s underling.

Coach Z
Now wears a cool jacket, and lives in Strong Badia

Is now a licensed unlicensed seller. His prices have tripled, and he gives away free flamethrowers that shoot imitation chocolate hundred-dollar bills. .Nofoolin’

(King) Of Town
The Of Town is buried under Strong Badia in a box filled with peas.

The Poopsmith
Talks constantly.

Strong Bad

Strong Bad is the overlord of FCUSATSBFW. Also, a 2nd 2nd Assistant Space Whale Scrubber.

He sits in the throne room, on piles of broken computers and unused emails, high atop Le Restige, which has gold nuggets on it, a dozen cup holders and some of those velvety cushions. The throne room has a puffy white cloud border to it.

He still checks emails (most of which are people worshipping him and his greatness), but if he gets an insulting email, he has that person delivered to him personally so he can decide their punishment. However, this is only if the sender is in FCUSATSBFW at the time the email was sent.

All of the Strong Bads featured in sbemail alternate universe (except senor Cardgage and Stinkoman) surround the throne and constantly bow down to him.

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Is the website extra janky or broken for anyone else?


For a while now, several parts of the website have been incredibly glitchy or unavailable. Examples include

-The neon 404 screen appearing every time I click on "games",

-The frequently asked questions under email taking 10 years to open, then combining every page into a messy multi-layered page

-Some toons just not playing, such as some of the puppet episodes

-The top buttons like quote of the day or random toon just not doing anything

-None of the downloads downloading anything

Anybody know why? I tried on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer all to the same result. Is it just a quirk of Ruffle emulating a dead flash that can't be fixed?

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Has anybody recorded a video doing the Rocoulm path in Homestar Hide n Seek?


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Bluster in need of some beefy arms

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homestar runner x save the doge

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Hey Homestar, I got you a Decemberween present


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Does anyone have a copy of "Blow Out on Ham Beach"?


For those uninformed, in the late 90s Matt Chapman was in an indie rock band titled "The New You." They only made one album in '98 titled "Here’s Where Things Turn Around," which made its way onto the Thorax Corporation mp3 Index on April 22, 2010. Nowadays, the links to download the songs only lead to a 404, but thankfully most were archived in 2019 via Wayback Machine. Only one didn't make it: Track 3: "Blow Out on Ham Beach" So I was wondering if someone happened to have downloaded a copy before the great 404 of doom, so that it can still be preserved and not lost to time.

UPDATE: It's been found! Shoutouts to Hayzi Fantayzee from the HRWiki for providing it!

Link: https://archive.org/details/blow-out-on-ham-beach

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yo guys, I just found the perfect costume for Strong Mad to dress up as next Halloween