r/HomestarRunner Dec 01 '22

Came up with this concept of what if Strong Bad ruled over Free Country, USA

Free Country, USA
(The Strong Bad freaking way!)
(Or FCUSATSBFW for short)

Free Country, USA’s Nominal Monarch is now Strong Bad.

The Stick has mutated into The Big ol' Tree.

Strong Badia has also changed greatly:
The population has tripled to “Population: Tire, Bundt Cake Pan, and Coach Z"
The Stop Sign and the Cinder Block broke up.
Strong Badia has developed a world-class hole (Where the Of Town lays trapped in a box filled with peas in the "impenetrable diaper crust" layer)
The Cheat painted a mural reading "Fireworks or Die"
The tire has beaten Strong Mad and won "the title"
The Pizz has been upgraded to an actual pizza joint and has become the most popular pizza joint and has surpassed every other eatery in Free Country.
Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace! USA has finally been built
The Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil has been upgraded into an actual space station
Action Cool 5 has been upgraded into a proper news station
Strong Badia also has a proper monument of Strong Bad himself

King of Town’strong Bad Castle

The Sbemail hall of fame:

The Sbemail hall of fame is just before the throne room. It is a hallway that has Emails That Meet Strong Bad's Approval taped to the walls.
some kinda robot (printed out on The Paper)
sisters (rewritten crudely on napkin)
the basics (printed out on The Paper)
tape-leg (printed out on The Paper)
gimmicks (printed out on The Paper)
invisibility (printed out on The Paper)
your friends (printed out on The Paper)
autobiography (printed out on The Paper)
caffeine (printed out on The Paper)
pizza joint (printed out on The New Paper)
magic trick (printed out on The New Paper)

The Dungeon:
There is a dungeon where Trogdor is kept.


Kevin DuBrow (Homestar Runner)
Kevin DuBrow is a publicly humiliated criminal fugitive without a girlfriend who lives in a Jolly Dumple costume on the outskirts of the field. He wears a red shirt without the white star. His catchphrase is “That’s bupkis!”

Pom Pom

Pom Pom is pretty much as he was before the takeover, expect now he looks like an ABA basketball. Also, all of his girlfriend’s left him after Strong Bad impressed them with his new style.

Marzipan is constantly hypnotized by special messages left on her answering machine and plays nothing but death metal on her guitar.

Strong Sad
Surgically altered against his will to have horns and a tail. His hands are glued to his butt, and he is constantly whining.

Homsar is now a modestly hot girl

Strong Mad
Is pretty much Strong Bad’s underling and bodyguard. Stays away from The Big ol' Tree.

The Cheat
Still Strong Bad’s underling.

Coach Z
Now wears a cool jacket, and lives in Strong Badia

Is now a licensed unlicensed seller. His prices have tripled, and he gives away free flamethrowers that shoot imitation chocolate hundred-dollar bills. .Nofoolin’

(King) Of Town
The Of Town is buried under Strong Badia in a box filled with peas.

The Poopsmith
Talks constantly.

Strong Bad

Strong Bad is the overlord of FCUSATSBFW. Also, a 2nd 2nd Assistant Space Whale Scrubber.

He sits in the throne room, on piles of broken computers and unused emails, high atop Le Restige, which has gold nuggets on it, a dozen cup holders and some of those velvety cushions. The throne room has a puffy white cloud border to it.

He still checks emails (most of which are people worshipping him and his greatness), but if he gets an insulting email, he has that person delivered to him personally so he can decide their punishment. However, this is only if the sender is in FCUSATSBFW at the time the email was sent.

All of the Strong Bads featured in sbemail alternate universe (except senor Cardgage and Stinkoman) surround the throne and constantly bow down to him.



u/TheGreaterOzzie Dec 01 '22

does the theme park have a haunted house with Large Bean?


u/TallCranberry3644 Dec 01 '22

All hail strong bad, we're not worthy of your coolness


u/saxonjf Dec 01 '22

What about the other eleven previous kings of town?


u/-Noyz- Dec 03 '22

king of towns*

also they're all dead or at least unfit to rule, as evidenced by the king of town being. well. the king


u/saxonjf Dec 03 '22

The question is if the other kings of town are also buried in the peas.


u/GaryCXJk Dec 01 '22

Isn't taking control of Free Country, USA, the entire plot point of Strong Badia the Free? I mean, to be fair, it was only to get rid of the e-mail tax.

Spoilers: Strong Bad ends up getting bored out of his mind, and tricks The King Of Town to stage a coup. In the end, The King of Town gets his old position back as the King of Town, and in return, he repeals the e-mail tax.


u/carst01 Dec 01 '22

Yeah, but Strong Bad was in a dull castle surrounded by two idiots that he hates. plus, the reason he was bored was because he literally couldn't do anything he wanted because of those two idiots. Atleast here, Strong Bad has everything he could ever want. Being showered in constant praise, checking better emails, etc.


u/MHarrington85 Dec 04 '22

"Aw, man, how could I have known that being King of Town would suck so many eggs? Wait, how COULDN'T I have known?"


u/maxreddit Dec 04 '22

He uses the resources of a king to find Ali and Ali's sister (Ali junior) and have them fight to the death compete in an egg drop soup eating contest for his favor.


u/MHarrington85 Dec 04 '22

He already did that once by usurping the King of Town, and it wasn't as great as he thought. It was really boring for him.