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Announcement: Rule change regarding content related to suicide & other small rule changes/clarifications


A quick announcement that we've decided to make a slight change to our rule regarding NSFW posts in an effort to address concerns around content related to suicide. The new rule will read:

NSFW content. NSFW content is sometimes okay here, but it must be flagged appropriately. We do not allow any content related to suicide, or suicide prevention

This change is being made after users have expressed concerns around this type of content on the sub. After discussing it across the mod team, we feel it's best to prohibit this type of content here for the overall wellbeing of the subreddit.

Additionally, you may or may not have noticed some overall changes we've made to the rules towards the tail-end of last year. We did this as an effort to clean up a lot of the confusing language. We hope that they are a bit more clear now. We're happy to address any questions you may have either in this thread, or if you reach out to us via mod mail.

Finally, one specific note on rule 3 as we often see posts continuing to violate this rule.

No reliance on additional context. The 'bro' action should be easily discernible within the image/gif/video. Having to add context in the title, comments, super-imposed text or otherwise to explain the 'bro' is against sub rules. Submissions violating this rule will be removed

We judge the 'bro' action of a post based on the content itself and only the content itself. This means that if you post a picture of, for example, some food on a counter and you have to leave a comment explaining that your friendly neighbor helped you out this week - all we see is a picture of food on a counter. Unfortunately, we have this rule because we've had many cases where people will make up stories without any proof and post something like a picture of food on the counter.

"Additional context" in this case means you having to leave a comment to explain the post, you adding text to an image/post to explain the bro action, you having to add the context to your title, or otherwise. A good rule of thumb is 'will someone looking at this picture/gif/video know what the 'bro' action is simply by looking at the picture/gif/video?' If the answer is 'no' then it likely violates rule 3. If you need help deciding, you're always welcome to come ask us in mod mail before submitting.


  1. Rule 5 is updated to no longer allow any content related to suicide.
  2. Overall, every rule was updated to be clearer.
  3. We judge the bro action of content solely on the content itself - not comments, added text, or your title.

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Truck drivers saving a fellow.

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r/HumansBeingBros 4h ago Helpful LOVE!

Dad saves daughter from falling head first from counter


r/HumansBeingBros 9h ago Silver Helpful Take My Energy

I Saved a Dehydrated Bumblebee!


r/HumansBeingBros 20h ago Wholesome Silver Helpful

Well I guess he has to adopt a bird now 🦜

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r/HumansBeingBros 18h ago Heartwarming Helpful (Pro) Helpful Wholesome Silver Wholesome Seal of Approval Bless Up

Raccoons got stuck in a dumpster. Garbage truck and driver lend a helping hand.

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r/HumansBeingBros 1h ago Faith In Humanity Restored

Truck driver provides water to thirsty camel in the middle of desert.

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r/HumansBeingBros 22h ago Silver Wholesome Helpful Crab Rave

Sri Lankan locals treat tourist, despite the food and oil shortage

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r/HumansBeingBros 1h ago

Every day, bus driver, Derrick Clowney, turns up the music as nurses dance into their shift at Lincoln Hospital.

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r/HumansBeingBros 8h ago

Missouri teen drowns after saving 4-year-old brother

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It's almost like the first one gave a thank you kiss 🥰

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Someone gave a heads up to fellow hikers

Post image

r/HumansBeingBros 21h ago

Supermarket chain donates leftovers to Thailand's cash-strapped animal refuges | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News

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r/HumansBeingBros 1d ago

The Canadian man who saved his brother after a helicopter crash

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Finishing his best friends build. 🚗

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My local library being a bro during a heat wave

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Boyan Slat, a Dutch entrepreneur and the CEO of "The Ocean Cleanup" has cleaned around a quarter million pounds of plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

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r/HumansBeingBros 1d ago

Boy in Washington state gets more than $1000 in donations after stranger stiffs him with a fake $100 bill

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r/HumansBeingBros 2d ago

This is what try love looks like!!!

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r/HumansBeingBros 2d ago

Heart-melting: Paul Rudd Befriended A 12-year-old Boy After His Classmates Refuse To Sign His Yearbook

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Stopped lost sea turtle hatchlings from crossing a road and then used a flashlight to guide them to the ocean.

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These hatchlings were chasing light pollution from a nearby condo building.

r/HumansBeingBros 3d ago Ally I'd Like to Thank... Starstruck Helpful Heartwarming Wholesome Seal of Approval Bravo! Faith In Humanity Restored Super Heart Eyes Gold Wholesome Silver

Saving a pelican tangled in fishing line

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r/HumansBeingBros 2d ago

Former Patriots Receiver Chad Johnson Gives Waitress $1,000 Tip On $24 Bill

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Former performing dolphin Johnny gets new teeth at Umah Lumba Rehabilitation, Release and Retirement Center. Now he and his two other rescued dolphin friends can be released back into the wild

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Brave 7-year-old Boy Hailed As A Hero For Saving 3-year-old Toddler From Drowning

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Girl falls out of car window unbeknownst to driver, assisted by yielding motorists