r/IWW May 20 '22

Ukraine’s new labour law a ‘rollback to the 19th century’



u/ieatpapersquares May 20 '22

Never underestimate the willingness of ANY government to take advantage of opportunities to scale back protections of its citizens. Ukrainians deserve freedom from Putin and all forms of oppression and hierarchy.


u/Fireplay5 May 20 '22

"Desovietization" tells us all we need to know tbh. This is an attempt to destroy any form of worker's rights by using the ongoing war as an excuse.


u/Tlaloc74 May 20 '22

It's what the opposition to Lukashenko wanted to do in Belarus as well. Attack workers wages, pensions and liquidate small enterprises through austerity. All in the name of preserving "democracy".


u/PconfusedIthrowawayH May 21 '22

Didn't the unions call on a strike in support of the movements against Lukashenko? Also now that the CDU is not in power the EU would be more for the nation to not go down the route of Austerity.


u/flashoverride May 21 '22

Just saw the remastered "The Wobblies" documentary, and it struck me how much the war was used to destroy the organization. Capitalist war is the worst thing for labor.


u/Hannibal_Rex May 20 '22

Never trust a government in a crisis to be anything but self-serving at the expensive of its people.


u/Flammenwerfer-Gas May 21 '22

Priorities am I right


u/Greenblanket24 May 21 '22

Capitalism destroying democracy, as it does.