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Idiot films himself crashing BMW M3 at 140km/h and then flees the scene (Includes BMW Emergency Call)

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u/khvass Feb 04 '23

This reminds me of that other crazy sweedish driver calling himself ghostrider.


u/Objective-Drop8926 Feb 04 '23

Get away in Stockholm was much like it


u/Z0rnium Feb 05 '23 edited Feb 05 '23

Yeah my thoughts too, with a helmet and all hmmm.... His real name is Patrick Fürstenhoff btw 🥹


u/BFG1OOOO Feb 05 '23

Wait what ? Can you give me a tldr ?


u/greatvaluemeeseeks Feb 05 '23

He was like the stig in the late 90's/early 2000s but wore all black and had videos of him riding a motorcycle around Sweden



u/AidanGee Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

Emergency call starts at 1:30.

Background story for anyone interested:

The guy was driving his friends BMW, recording a video for a car video/movie called "Highway 3" where they basically run from the police in high performance cars and drive recklessly in general.

Full video of his driving before the crash is here:



u/n33bulz Feb 05 '23

Saw the vid where they interviewed the driver and he’s a complete unrepenting twat.


u/mnstorm Feb 05 '23

Interview where he talks about it. For others:



u/boltgolt Feb 05 '23

"Someone placed a concrete block on the bike path, if it's was not there it would not have happened" What if someone was biking there?


u/Remny Feb 05 '23

What a douche bag. Also completely sidetracks the question what would have happened if a person was standing there.


u/blobb63 Feb 04 '23

For anyone that uses MPH, this asshat couldn't handle a fairly straight line at 86.


u/dr3wfr4nk Feb 05 '23

Why did he turn!?!


u/kevin_from_illinois Feb 05 '23

From the rear camera it looks like the driver hit the brakes and turned at the same time (or nearly the same time). Since this is a "professional" I'm left to assume that any traction control was disabled, maybe the driver hit the brakes a little too hard and caused the spin after locking the brakes or hitting debris since that happened in an intersection. Or, strong braking + turn = sideways.


u/thesteezyone Feb 05 '23

Yea you can see that he had traction control off before the crash in the clip that shows his dash board.


u/Omegalazarus Feb 05 '23

He didn't - he didn't turn!?


u/blubberboy16 Feb 05 '23

Tbf he was probably getting some wheel spin and losing traction. But still you’re very right lol bro couldn’t handle the Beamer at highway speed


u/Sure-Leg-6769 Feb 06 '23

In the video posted above he said traction control was turned off. It probably would've saved him


u/Lustle13 Feb 05 '23

Yeah this isn't really that fast. You'll see lots of folks doing 140 on highways around here like its nothing.


u/AdEastern2530 Feb 04 '23

So great to have multiple angles of one's stupidity and ineptitude.


u/StarMangledSpanner Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

If you crash a car you know is stolen why would you stick around to take the plates off?

Edit: sees OP's edit "Ah, that's why". Brains were obviously not high on the list with this guy if he thought taking the plates off was going to prevent the car being identified.


u/Greeneee- Feb 05 '23

Might have been more of an excuse for "it was stolen" for the friends insurance


u/jasonmoyer Feb 04 '23

If that road were in Pittsburgh, he would have been barely keeping up with the flow of traffic. I dunno how you lose it at that speed, going in basically a straight line.


u/Objective-Drop8926 Feb 04 '23

He was driving through road works from what I can see, with narrowed lanes, sharp corners and uneven surfaces.


u/flashult Feb 05 '23



u/RedTruck1989 Feb 05 '23

Glad there was multiple views...the first view didn't capture the action very well.

The 2nd view with the sign getting punted away was on point.


u/DMV20201 Feb 04 '23

Total waste of a new nice car


u/xxNuke Feb 06 '23

Waste of a nice car, yes. New, it was not. Looks like an E90 so anywhere between 2007-2013.


u/Head_Acanthaceae_766 Feb 04 '23

This is what happens when you grab the stick between your legs for the next gear shift.


u/silicon1 Feb 04 '23

More cameras than brains.


u/CromulentDucky Feb 04 '23

Can't be a BMW, blinker turns on after the crash.


u/deWaardt Feb 04 '23

It’s like those flowers that release a scent after death, the hazards start blinking to warn other BMWs of dangers that could put their lives on risk!


u/Liam_the_Lama Feb 04 '23

And DSC brakes car to standstill automatically after crash. Those safety features are why such people make it out alive, he must serve his sentence after all ; )


u/RedTruck1989 Feb 05 '23

In case of emergency the blinker fluid container bursts open....


u/tgibson12 Feb 04 '23

... uhh good thing he had a helmet on?


u/slghn01 Feb 05 '23

Should have left the traction control on with so little driving skill, it was only 140kph, I do that every day just driving to work.


u/UrielseptimXII Feb 05 '23

140 isn't that fast, bro is just handicapped mentally.


u/BFG1OOOO Feb 05 '23

Its a BMW . I expected nothing else


u/jamesky61 Feb 05 '23

BUT… did he signal?


u/27Wars97 Feb 05 '23

I haven’t seen this video in at least 3 years! Good stuff!


u/Deep9one Feb 05 '23

thats no professional driver, thats an asshole.

my gran drives her mobile scooter better than that clown drives that bimmer.


u/-i-hate-you-people- Feb 05 '23

“Can anyone hear me?”

“No” 😂


u/jacob12134 Feb 05 '23

Why is it always BMW drivers


u/BFG1OOOO Feb 05 '23

Classic BMW moment


u/BFG1OOOO Feb 05 '23

That's why you don't go fast in a car that's heavy and doesn't have a stiff suspension. . BMW is not a sport car . It's a sedan with Strong engine .


u/downonthesecond Feb 05 '23

Now we need an aerial view.


u/n33bulz Feb 05 '23

As a BMW driver… what type of idiot crashes at 140km/h in a straight line? Even if traction was off.


u/Schmiesch Feb 05 '23

its a youtuber, his name is "Critical"


u/Worth-Pepper Feb 05 '23

Helvete, ibland får man fan skämmas över att vara svensk


u/extreme145 Feb 05 '23

This was in sweden lol