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Idiot in Istanbul [oc] OC

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Was waiting for a taxi in Istanbul when I looked up and saw this idiot lol


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u/texecan Oct 01 '23

Going the wrong way is sadly more common in Ist than anyone cares to admit.


u/edee160 Oct 01 '23

This video is chock full of idiots. Did you check out the wheelchair action? Wow, Istanbul is a wild place lol.


u/addamee Oct 01 '23

Ronin outtake


u/WisestAirBender Oct 01 '23

Probably an accident right. What would they benefit


u/MadDogGraves Oct 01 '23

Fortunately, there was no accident here. The idiot just drove down the wrong side of the road and had to stop and back up because of oncoming traffic lol