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The lane split at 50 again, Sacramento, CA [oc] OC

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u/my_special_purpose Sep 30 '23

Weak content


u/RyanGreenOnMyCock Sep 30 '23

Only weak because you guys dont know what a lane split is

The truck literally did this for 0 reason and will end up in the exact same place as if he didnt. hes an idiot, and so is everyone else not realizing it


u/discgman Sep 30 '23

The problem is that caltrans made some shitty lane splits all along that freeway causing people to play frogger if they miss the split. So many accidents in this area.


u/DependentFluid8282 Oct 01 '23

Dude has an IMAX camera for a dash cam


u/cjboffoli Oct 01 '23

Dude's bumpersticker: "Christopher Nolan is my co-pilot."


u/psychonaut42o Sep 30 '23

Bro this happens every day, even with semi trucks, there's no need to post this.


u/Hopefully_running Sep 30 '23

Ok, cool, I'll post only what you like.


u/twist3d7 Oct 01 '23

No midget porn. Ok?


u/McQuibbly Oct 01 '23

But they said they'd post what he likes


u/RyanGreenOnMyCock Sep 30 '23

Any semi truck driver who is stupid enough to swing two lanes over at a lane split should lose their CDL

You realize that truck is going to end up in the exact same place right?


u/psychonaut42o Sep 30 '23

Yep and it splits off again, routing traffic. Theyre working in the middle 🤷‍♂️


u/thomasottoson Sep 30 '23

Quick merge with traffic. Dude did what he could. What’s the issue?


u/RyanGreenOnMyCock Sep 30 '23 edited Sep 30 '23

Its just the lanes splitting... they all come back together in the same place

He's literally going to end up right where he would have if he just stayed where he was. There was no reason to merge at all

Unless Im completely misunderstanding "Lane split"? Its not like he just took an exit, Im assuming theyre just doing road work or theres something in the middle that they have to divert a 4 lane road into two 2 lane roads around it

Thats what split means

Edit: Double checked. They end up in the same place. There is one exit on the right so if the car was moving from left to right its possible they needed to get there - but no reason to ever go right to left


u/ItsAndwew Oct 01 '23

During high traffic times, the left two move quicker in this particular part of I-50. But ya, they end up in the same area.


u/ToesocksandFlipflops Sep 30 '23

I don't think that means what you think it means.

I was waiting for the motorcycle to split lanes.


u/RyanGreenOnMyCock Sep 30 '23

Thats a driving technique known as lane splitting, not "the lane split"


u/McQuibbly Oct 01 '23

Wow its uncanny to see a road I regularly drive on in a Reddit post. The construction on that road sucks ass.


u/TheGoodSquirt Oct 01 '23

And they’re still about a year away from finishing! 4 year long project for a carpool lane from downtown to Watt!


u/McQuibbly Oct 01 '23

Bro and the way they just swap which lanes theyre hoarding towards the i5 exit overnight is just annoying

It used to be a Y-split but now its just a single lane moving left and the first time I saw this change I was like fuck did I just take the wrong split


u/TheGoodSquirt Oct 01 '23

See, that’s why I don’t blame this van because I honestly forget where the splits start. First time I was coming back from Folsom, needing to take 5, and I was in the left lane and missed the split…


u/_AManHasNoName_ Oct 01 '23

That not lane splitting. Motorcycle riding between 2 occupied lanes is lane splitting.


u/poopoo773 Oct 01 '23

What am I missing ?


u/Legend_of_dirty_Joe Oct 01 '23

There was never anything there in the first place... -Wax Fang


u/Tommh Oct 01 '23

Literally nothing. OP’s mad about the van crossing the solid line when the lane split.


u/ronnyausmirak Oct 01 '23

Why the fuck is that split lanes ahead use caution sign so close to the split lanes? Like u read it and are basically already at the split. If u want to warn ppl shouldn't that sign be a bit earlier?


u/rjr11111 Oct 01 '23

Please add context because most people have no clue what is going on in this post lol.


u/john415sfc Sep 30 '23

Camera quality looks great. What camera?


u/Hopefully_running Oct 01 '23



u/Tommh Oct 01 '23

Dude got downvoted for having a tesla lmao


u/john415sfc Oct 01 '23

Man, i need to get a Tesla


u/eCaldwell93 Oct 01 '23

…yeah you’re really trying hard to find something to post.


u/Hopefully_running Oct 01 '23

Fuck me in the ears.


u/neuroticsmurf Oct 01 '23

I love how every third or fourth post in this sub has some kind of drama in the comments. 😂


u/[deleted] Oct 01 '23

Man I fucking love this sub for how petty your idea of idiots is


u/rig2dumbass Oct 01 '23

I hate that road. They are taking their sweet ass time on the construction. You never know which lanes are open or closed. You never know where the lane splits will take you. Stay sucky Suckramento.


u/unidentified_sp Oct 01 '23

What brand/model dashcam is this?


u/Jenyweny09 Oct 01 '23

I used to drive this road. It is stupid seeing people freak out about all the construction stuff on 50.


u/coeruleus Oct 01 '23

I can sort of understand the urgency of getting to the left lanes, at least on the "last" west-bound split. Sometimes the downtown / I-5 lanes are so jammed up it makes more sense to get from Hwy 50 to Woodland over the I-80 causeway to Davis and taking the county roads north on the other side of the river, rather than wait in the right two lanes forever.


u/Loud-Bat-2280 Oct 01 '23

Wow, that van “merged” twice. Lol.


u/oldroadfan52 Oct 01 '23

Not idiots for those unfamiliar with it (I am very unfamiliar) but they need markings on the roadway itself AND signs. Both lacking


u/lyfthyco123 Oct 01 '23

Sorry if I’ve missed something but why is there no road sign before the road split?


u/[deleted] Oct 01 '23

That van driver is a lazy asshole.. Turn signals are installed in vehicles for a reason.


u/PugLander Oct 02 '23

ok but why does bro have the california filter on?! I knew this is what they saw!