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Refugee travel document application. I131


Hello, so basically I was granted asylum a few days ago by the IJ and DHS waived appeal. I need help applying for the refugee travel document and expediting it as my dad is in critical condition in a different country. I read that class of admission for asylum status is “AS6”, is that true? Also, do I need to send a copy of the I-94(picking it up takes time now) and judge’s decision(shouldn’t take long)? I gathered all evidence about my dads Illness and both our birth certificates to prove that he’s my dad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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"Remain in Mexico" is Finally Dead. Now Comes Title 42

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Greg Abbott directs Texas police and military to return illegal immigrants to border

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Caleb Watney on Immigration Policy

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Undocumented immigrant crosses Mexican border into Texas

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At least 42 migrants found dead inside tractor-trailer in Texas: reports

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The Game of Victim Olympics Starring the ancient trespassers

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Gov. DeSantis signs immigration crackdown legislation into law. "Today Florida fights back."

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The USA immigration process is a !@#$%^& joke - all these politicians doing nothing to fix it


I'm a US citizen.

I see that it takes almost 2 years now for traveler Visa.

Fiance Visa is 1-2 years also.

The US Govt should be ashamed of itself.

There should be "Visa on arrival" just like some of these other countries do.

Yet, 200k+ are going through our southern border illegally (some processed) - and allowed to remain the USA, while people who go the legal route get shafted.

The govt are a bunch of scumbags.

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I was a border patrol agent. The experience was horrifying | US immigration

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A letter sent to my New York Congressman re: the Immigrant Children


A number of years ago I attended a march to protest the (indefinite) detention of immigrant children at the detention facility in Homestead, Florida.

It has been a number of years since children were inhumanely separated at the border from their parents under the trump administration and locked away.

I think it's important that we follow up with our elected officials and not leave these children for dead. The United States must do better. Please see my letter below to my Congressman. If you are in the US, please feel free to borrow my letter and write your own elected officials:


Congressman Jeffries:

It has been awhile since this concern has been given attention by our nation's media, and I think it's important that we do not forget. And even more important that action be taken to correct a grave injustice.

Immigrants have the right to seek asylum in the United States. No, our country is under no obligation to accept everyone. But we must treat these individuals / families humanely, and live up to our nation's values as so eloquently inscribed at the Statue of Liberty: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free".

What happened under the Trump administration was incredibly tragic. Children, under the age of 12, separated from their mothers and fathers, locked away in detention centers, indefinitely, a number of them separated from their mothers and fathers FOREVER.

I am writing you with a request:

(1) That we follow up on these minors who have been indefinitely detained, and not leave them for dead, simply because their parents sought a better life for them;

(2) That we pass legislation to treat immigrant populations HUMANELY;

(3) That we find a better way to manage the influx of immigrant children and look out for their best interests; and

(4) That we do everything in our power to unite these children with their parents, where possible; and

(5) That never again, do we force 3-year olds to appear in court before an immigration judge, without adequate legal representation or adequate care.

Please see to it that the children who have been detained indefinitely are not left for dead. We must do better as a nation.

Thank you,

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Migrant caravan in Mexico heads for U.S. border as Americas Summit starts

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Been hearin' "Reform" for 40 years


Reform is a nice political buzzword... It kinda means "I'm a genius for recognizing that the present state of whatever is imperfect".. Big deal.

The USA takes >50% of ALL immigrants in the World... Over 50% legal and illegal....

I've never heard a Democrat put forward a plan to change LEGAL immigration...the only type that laws can affect.... so they think "We'll work to not obey the existing laws"... That's not reform my friends.

Plus...did you notice that they want all immigrants that are likely to vote socialist?

Mayorkas is Cuban, but doesn't want Cubans escaping Communism to come here...Why?... Cuz they generally vote Republican...

It's not kindheartedness... It's selfish posturing....

Did AOC's Dad move the family TOWARDS hispanics/blacks...other immigrants? No... 95% White hood.

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DHS and DOJ Issue Rule to Efficiently and Fairly Process Asylum Claims

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100 Years of Immigration to The U.S., 1919 to 2019

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The Inconsistencies Plaguing The Role Of Haitian Immigration During The Biden Administration

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott's Interview On Fox News Sunday(FULL)

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DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' Interview On CNN's State Of The Union(...

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Biden Promises To Punish Border Agents In Del Rio For Doing Their Job

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Leaked Audio From Biden Admin EXPOSES Unmitigated Disaster And Failure Of Democrat And Biden Policy

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Texas Declares Migrant Crisis A DISASTER, SLAMS Biden Open Borders Policy, Democrats Escalate Crisis

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Sanctuary Jurisdictions | Just the Issues

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When Does The Rights Of The Immigrant Outweigh The Rights Of The Legal Citizens? Sacrificing Your Own, For Strangers

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"We are here because you are there" Viet Thanh Nguyen

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This video should be required viewing for every left-wing globalist

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