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Scheduled Bi-Weekly Career and Hiring Discussion Thread


Hello r/india! If you need any suggestions/help regarding your career, ask here. If your company is hiring or if you are looking for a job, then post here.

If You or Your Company is Hiring:

  1. Name of the company
  2. Location
  3. Requirements
  4. Preferred way of contacting you

If You are looking to get hired

  1. Your skillset/experience
  2. Portfolio (if any/applicable)
  3. Location
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Please do not mention your emails. You can/should prefer to take conversation forward in PMs instead to avoid any privacy mishaps.

Do follow up here with your experience. Did you get a job or hire someone successfully via these threads? Your feedback helps!

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Scheduled Bi-Weekly Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries & Podcasts Discussion Thread


So, what is r/India watching of late?

Watched any premieres yesterday? Loved any movie that you saw recently and are dying to discuss it? Discovered any new series lately? Well, this is your space. Go crazy!

This is not just limited to Hollywood/Bollywood, nor to any particular language.

Feel free to share short films, or podcasts of your choice, too, and ask for recommendations for what to watch!

Movies and Shows Thread is posted every two weeks on Saturday mornings | Old Threads


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AskIndia Is Sadhguru legit or con artist?


I occasionally listen to his podcasts and donate to annadhana of Isha sometimes. But after listening his words some sound outright as opinions, and he even says he hasn’t read spirituality literature. And it’s surprising that Isha foundation is registered in usa and not India, not necessarily sketchy but odd.

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Rant / Vent Schooled for not being ‘sanskari’ enough by male friends


I (25F) met 2 guys at a Diwali party in my building. Let’s call them X & Y. X(26M) told me he’s attracted to me & the attraction was mutual. Y is a sweet, summer child who hasn’t seen the real world. His parents don’t allow him to drive a car & go out even though he’s 24. The 3 of us hung out a few times until X’s exams began & he had to drop off the grid. I still hung out with Y because I was bored & had nothing to do.

Couple of days ago, when I met Y, I was casually discussing how caged I feel here. Little background on me : I’ve lived abroad for 3 years, enjoyed my independence & currently facing some obstacles to go back. Also, my parents are a bit traditional about platonic opposite sex friendships & dating. Hence I feel a little suffocated here.

Anyway, I was a little frustrated when I met Y because my dad was being paranoid & discouraging me from going to this event in another locality. I casually told Y ki ‘Mere dad ka Kya ch*tiya mentality hain’ when it comes to meeting guys & all. Y erupted. Exploded. Gave me a full blown lecture on how our parents can NEVER be wrong & we shouldn’t ever use ‘cuss words’ for them. I made him understand that I love & appreciate them but the way they become suspicious everytime I go to an event or hang out with males isn’t cool. He went on for 45 minutes & I requested him to drop the matter because it was pointless.

The next day, when X’s exams got done, we both met. We were having a pleasant conversation until Y joined us, SNITCHED ON ME TO X. Now, X is a very religious guy & devoted to his parents(like Shravan Kumar). He heard the entire matter & said both Y & I are right. I told him something that I said casually was blown way out of proportion. It’s not even a big deal. He’s like but only slum kids use such words for their parents. I’m like since when did this become a classist thing? X to my disappointment was being judgemental & it was disheartening having to over justify. I told him that never mind, I can’t expect some men to understand how oppressed I feel. He’s like ‘You’re not as oppressed as girls in Haryana, Bihar, UP, so be thankful you’re born & raised in Mumbai & atleast your parents allowed you to go abroad’. I wanted to scream but I somehow held back.

Also, when I was in 10th, my character was questioned because I was seen hanging out with a guy in my locality. I repressed myself for years & felt guilty all along until I went abroad & learnt that I wasn’t wrong, my culture was. Premarital dating & opposite sex friendships are stigmatised to such an extent here that both men & women don’t develop the confidence to talk to each other. And they repress themselves for years. This leads to a lot of pent up emotions on both sides. Which is catastrophic in the long run.

What I don’t like here is being schooled by men who haven’t had the exposure that I fought so hard to get be it going to a college in the city or going abroad. When I told X & Y this, they said going abroad has ruined me/made me wild. I hate them, both of them for policing me morally while they act so holier than thou, as self righteous men of the 21st century.

Edit : To all those folks who think this sounds like a teenager whining about some snitching, etc y’all are deviating from the point I’m trying to make. Sure, snitching hurt me but it wasn’t that big of a deal.

The crux of the issue for me was that certain ‘men’ of our generation just don’t understand HOW IT FEELS TO BE OPPRESSED as a woman! Period.

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Food First time making samosas, rate them! We love Indian food but there are too many Indian restaurants in our country, so we gotta make our own


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AskIndia Where were you when 26/11 happened and what were your initial reactions?


As we know that on 26 November 2008 , a terrorist incident happened in Mumbai. What were your initial reactions towards this attack and if you were in Mumbai or in nearby area , what things you recall to this day ?

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AskIndia How many of you are 5'4(M) I am confused.


Is average height of India decreasing? I am very confused, some people say 5'8 is the average height, but many articles and many youtubers have had made videos about average height of India is decreasing, it's 5'4 for men and for women, I don't remember.

So, how many of you are 5'4? Write your AGE and height.

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Rant / Vent My girlfriend said she is done with me because I asked for reassurance.


Basically the title. Have known her for 2.5 years, in a relationship for about 8 months. She broke up with me once during that time and came back after a month or so. The thing is I almost never felt like she was serious about me. I mostly felt like I was her option until she finds a better one. None of her friends know about me. So, I had asked her a couple of times before if she is serious about me. She didn’t give me a clear answer, just said I overthink. I always had that gut feeling that she is not that serious about me. If someone loves you, you can just feel it, right?

So I asked her politely (over text because she was basically making excuses when I said I wanted to meet her) if she is serious about me and that I feel that this relationship does not seem important to her, and if she is not serious, she should let me go. She basically got angry and said she is fed up with me asking for reassurance all the time. Trust me, she never gave me that assurance. She said she does not want to deal with this and she wants peace. And broke up with me. My gut feeling was probably right. Just came here to vent. I am at the age where I need to think about getting married, so I don’t think I should waste time on someone who is not sure about me. Thank you guys for listening. Feeling down right now..

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Politics The Permanent Peace

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AskIndia Does not standing in a theater during national anthem still draw ire?


The reason i ask is, i was reading and this came across. Reminded me of two incidents this year itself that happened with me. Both in Kolkata.

Now, important context here. I broke my ankle in the last week of august and had a plaster with a woolen support sleeve on top. from afar, it may look like socks to you.

First incident . INOX IMAX south city . Went to watch Brahmastra because we all wanted to, and i was getting claustrophobic at home since i was already bedridden for 2 weeks at that point. After much pain, i finally got to my seat helped by my mother and sister. Now i could not stand up for the anthem as my foot was already paining and making me regret getting out the house. My mother did not stand up as well as she was taking my shoe off to ease the pressure.

This aunty out of nowhere, screams at us calling us Pakistani terrorists and complained to the theater staff when the film was already starting. Theater staff refused to acknowledge her as she was shouting standing in front of the screen. Finally was removed from the theater after people started shouting at her for blocking the screen (and causing the 3D to appear warped). I did get an "its okay, chaap niyo na" from this woman behind me, but the incident left a bad taste in my mouth.

Second. INOX city centre 1. Went for PS-1. By that time, i was a bit better but had a walking stick. Couldn't stand up. Nothing happened then, but a guy who was seated 4-5 seats beside us, stepped on my broken ankle and kicked my walking stick in a way that it tumbled down the stairs, when stepping out during the interval. He smugly said galti ho gayi, but didn't even apologize or bring the stick up. My sister was fuming and was about to explode on him, but i asked her not to cause let's face it, if a guy is pathetic enough to hurt a disabled person, they probably are the lowest of the lows when it comes to being a civil person.

How do i know it was intentional? There was a good 2 feet space in front of me to pass through, and i always lean back as far as i can to allow people to pass. so it was not possible without intention. Thankfully, this got him kicked out of the theater, and his girlfriend tried to create a scene. A famous bengali actor, Koushik Sen, was in the seat behind me and got me my walking stick. He asked if i was okay and safe. but post interval, i almost don't remember anything of the film because i was on the verge of tears from the pain. Theater staff were super helpful and refused to let us go and buy food, bringing them to us along with a complementary voucher for the incident.

Now, as a principle, i do not stand for the anthem because i believe the cinema is not the place to showcase patriotism, and it is disrespectful for it to be played before films, which contain a variety of subjects that are not conducive to the respect needed to be shown towards national objects and art. I have had incidents before, but i was a walking able man then and could counter with logic and supreme court judgements, but seeing how i was disabled and still faced this, left a very bad taste in my mouth regarding the situation of this.

What is the situation in your place, and if people react badly to non-standing

Edit -

I'll call out anyone who DMs bullshit. Doesn't matter who you are

u/CompleteWolverine161 - Ha, jo bolna hai publicly bolo. DM mein aakar bakwaas kaayar log karte hai.

Jaunga cinema dekhne. Cinephile hu, 11 saal hogaye film festivals mein delegation milte hue. Film journalism bhi kar li hai. Toh cinema toh main dekhunga, aur hall mein jaakar hi dekhunga. Woh cinema hall hai, national anthem hall nahi.

Aur next time, 'Cxutiyapa' mat likhna. Jab itna gobar fela hi lete ho, toh gaali bhi dhang se dena sikho

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AskIndia Need Advice


Should I marry a boy who has epilepsy? He has told me everything about himself honestly. This is an Indian arranged marriage setup. He seems to be a very nice person.

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Rant / Vent Robbed by a girl I met on Bumble.


So last night, I went on a date with a girl from Bumble. I’m new to the city and it’s my first date with a girl in Bangalore.

Some description of her, she claims to be MBBS and apparently is from Mysuru. She goes by the name Kusuma. We matched the same day and evening she called me up over Bumble, I was bored in Bangalore and ofc horny (that shouldn’t excuse the facts tho).

When we meet up, she suggests we go to the pub in Vasanth Nagar. (I wanted to watch FIFA). We get beer and some food. She converses well and seems to be semi open about her life. I pay for the drinks and dinner (Cause I didn’t mind). She even complains about the food to the chef. Mid way through, She enquires whether I’m friend zoning her cause I didn’t really make any moves or flirt. Honestly I was just curious about her life, horniness long forgotten and the beer wasn’t all that bad. Two pitchers down she suggests we take the metro to Indiranagar, dance and then we can go back to her place. (Keep in mind I’ve never even remotely suggested sex)

So we head to Socials she orders more beer and forces me (put the bottle to my mouth a few times) to drink even though I insisted I was done. She then suggest we catch an auto to RT Nagar police station cause that’s where she lives. The entire auto ride she’s been touching me all over and kissing me everywhere…(I make up my mind to try the cuisine, been a few weeks)

We get off at RT nagar and start to walk. We’re both tipsy and it’s been a few hundred metres of walking when she needs to use the washroom, so we stop at a restaurant along the way. We’re back on the streets soon when she suggests we need to withdraw cash as the hotel doesn’t accept upi or card so late in the night (in my tipsy state it was entirely plausible). Hotel? I ask, she then proceeds to tell me we can’t go to her place, it did strike me as weird but whatever. So we stop at the atm to withdraw cash, she doesn’t try to look at the pin or anything but she takes the cash straight from my hand and pulls me along. (yep duck me) I was a little anxious but that went away quickly as we go get a bite to eat and she wants to use the washroom again(weird 2 times in a matter of 15 minutes).

Finally around 2:15 am we reach the hotel, which is closed. She feebly attempts to knock on the windows, all the while claiming she’s been here before. So I offer to get us an auto to head back, that’s when she tells me to book it for myself, she’ll find her way back.

Here’s where it gets interesting. I offer to book a room for the next day and ask her for the cash back, that’s when without EVEN checking her pockets she pushes her butt towards me says “it happens yknow we’re drunk” and asks me to check her pockets… That’s when realisation starts to hit me (she was playing all along) so I told her okay you can Gpay me… she then proceeds to send me the text of the amount on Gpay and when I try to insist that just a text, starts to get Loud. I obviously panic cause I don’t want to start a scene in this residential neighbourhood, without actually knowing a lot of people around here.

That’s when Uber guy arrives, I say screw it we head off and I tell him the unfortunates… She starts walking off, disappears down the street and proceeded to unmatch me off Bumble.

Well take it how you will but to those who are new to the city here’s a lesson I learnt that could help you avoid such a situation.

(From last post) The people that say I should have just hired an escort, not everyone’s morales are as low. For all the people that are going to say I was too horny to see the facts, does that justify getting robbed? Was I not gentleman enough by treating her very ladylike? Even if I was not, still no reason to steal. If it happened to a woman all the white knights would come striding out with their fake white clothing. But oh no it happened to a man, “You should have known better”. I made it thus far being a good human being and I shall proceed to be good.

Sorry guys, I hope this edit is better.

TL;DR Took this chick out on a date, treat her really well, pay for everything etc and she proceeds to cunningly rob me of the cash for the hotel room.

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Politics Election Commission Appointment | Art by Manjul

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Non Political Rats blamed for eating 500 kilograms of cannabis stored by Indian police


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Politics Talk about raising from the ranks, in 95 Modi was still a grassroots worker

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Rant / Vent Did my life get ruined because I'm poor?


I'm M19 on the verge of getting another panic attack because I don't see a life ahead for myself.

I was raised by a single mom, in a fairly lower middle class lifestyle but had a great life (internet, exposure to good education etc) until covid hit and our savings bled out.

I had to drop out due to lack of money and my mom's medical state (got covid twice, unemployed for 1.5 years).

All my friends/acquaintances from school are in Mumbai and Bangalore grinding in startups as coders while I'm just sitting at home posting my work online and yet reaching nowhere in life.

Recession is on it's way and I just don't see any ray of light left in life. I have lost 5 jobs that I qualified for as a ui/ux designer because I didn't have money to relocate. No one seems to provide remote work anymore.

Migrating to bangalore right now might run me over 30-80k inclusive of everything and I don't have anything left after paying household bills. Me being not educated enough doesn't pose a threat yet, but I need relocation assistance to move.

All my money earned via freelance and selling art is going away in medical & debt bills, I'm beyond tired.

I want to see a therapist and get diagnosed for bipolar or anxiety disorder, whatever I might be going from but can't pay too much here as well.

Life feels dead. I don't see a point left. How long am I supposed to suffer for money like this ? Even freelance projects have dried up.

What hurts me the most is people look upto me on socials and praise my work saying I'm doing great for my age, but I don't see a career left anymore.

I generated leads from my network and all of them rejected at the end citing crypto crash etc (web3 startups, sigh)

All these skills and I can't get medication for my falling mental health situation nor eat 4 times a day because of extremely tight budgeting.

Will I never get a single opportunity that suits my current situation and get out of poverty ? I don't have any idea about life anymore

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AskIndia What's a good comeback to when someone says 'chal bartan maaj'?


Asking to help out a female friend.

Translation: Its in hindi and says 'do the dishes' in a rude way

Cultural context: its supposed to be a misogynistic remark


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Culture & Heritage Supreme Court to consider legalising same-sex marriage, issues notice to Centre


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Non Political Kuttanad Village, Alappuzha Kerala

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Politics Employment Fair

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AskIndia What are the things that turn you off regarding Indian Men/Women?


For me (35m) 1) Most Indian women don't workout - almost everyone is in a bad shape and that's just the norm.

2) Political Stance - Most of Indian women don't have a political stance and they are apolitical.

3) Hobbies - I think Indian men and women both don't develop hobbies. Some read and some enjoy hiking. But the vast majority is without hobbies.

Obviously this is from my personal experience - others may have different opinions.

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Crime UP: Teacher drills into 9-year-old student's palm as he 'forgets tables'


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Politics Glaring gaps, missing pieces in draft data protection bill


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Sports Blinkered morality


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Non Political 'Must be IITian': What Bengaluru landlords now demand of tenants


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Politics Elgar Parishad case | Prof. Anand Teltumbde walks out of Taloja jail