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News/Politics Election Megathread Part Infinity


We've had our lack of fun, now it's time to get back to the business of deciding who's going to mismanage the country and find entirely new ways to make their base go "Exactly what I voted for him for" and the other side go "Is this what you voted for!?"

Usual megathread rules apply. All serious talk related to the election goes here. Memes can and should go everywhere. Email them to your boss, I accidentally did.

Articles (I update when I remember to or when someone I listen to tells me to):

Public thinks Lapid handled Gaza battle well, but no electoral boost — polls

Launching campaign, Lapid denounces right-wing ‘incitement,’ lays out civil agenda

Election date is November 1st, election date after that election has no conclusive result is yet to be determined, probably april.

שיהיה לנו בהצלחה

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PSA Sub Rules and Discord Server Invite


Since Reddit's mobile UI is terrible and hides the rules behind two menus, we have copied them here, too.

You can find an invite to our Discord server here.

The Rules:

  1. Follow Reddit's content policy and reddiquette.
  2. Post in a civilized manner. Personal attacks, racism, bigotry, trolling, conspiracy theories and incitement are prohibited.
  3. Use exact titles. If your link has a title, use it. You may include its subtitle. If your link does not have a title of its own, use one that accurately reflects its content. Post titles may not contain personal commentary, translations, snippets from the article, and the like.
  4. No off-topic content. Do not create posts or comments that have no relation to the State of Israel, Israeli citizens, or Palestine, even if they are related to Judaism or individual Palestinians. Direct relation to Israel, Israeli citizens or Palestine should be reflected in the title of your post.
  5. During an active security situation, do not post anything that is under a gag order, including but not limited to specific rocket landing locations, military force movements or military and police presence.
  6. No metadrama. This includes posts and comments about anti-Israel or anti-Semitic content, trends, or moderation biases in other subs, as well as calls to action regarding behavior on other websites. Links to other subreddits that are not metadrama must be np links.
  7. No spamming, low-effort shitposting, clickbait, proselytizing, crowdfunding requests, and auto-translated articles. Self-promotion, surveys and AMAs are strictly forbidden without the explicit permission of the moderation team.
    Content must be in Hebrew, Arabic or English. Content in other languages may be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  8. No reposting. Before posting, please check if your post wasn't posted in the last 30 days - even from a different source.
    Before posting, please check the wiki for frequently-asked questions.
    If a megathread is up, please make sure related posts are posted within the megathread.
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How to Get Your Post or Comment Removed

In other words, these are common low-effort things that usually fall under rule 7 and get removed:

  • Posts decrying random people on Twitter
  • "Hahah Palestinians/Arabs/etc are dumb", especially but not solely in meme form
  • Screenshots of articles or tweets - link to the source (or archive.is if you don't want to give the source clicks) and don't forget rule 3.
  • "Hahah antisemites are dumb" - unless it's the best meme since sliced bread (chances are your meme ain't it).
  • "Hahah pro-Palestinian people are dumb"
  • Antisemites or anti-Israel in YouTube/Instagram/etc comments
  • Bad phrasing in Hebrew/about Israel
  • Random wikipedia links - this is not /r/TodayILearned.
  • Unsourced news - if it's important a reputable source carries it.
  • Shower thoughts - unless it's the next cogito (your shower thought probably ain't it).
  • Things that really should go on Facebook like looking for apartments and so on
  • "Hi, I'm X, I want to talk with Israelis" - that's what our Discord server is for.
  • Random unrelated jokes - just because it's in Hebrew doesn't mean it belongs here.
  • /r/Ani_BM rejects - our standards for memes are not lower. Usually.
  • "Can a non-Jew do X in israel/the IDF/etc" - usually the answer is yes.
  • "Media is biased!" - yes, we know that, thank you.
  • Importing the eternal American politics shitstorm here without strict relevance to Israel will get you a temp ban at minimum.

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News/Politics NY Times cuts ties with Gaza freelancer who called to kill Jews 'like Hitler did'

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News/Politics 7 hurt, including 2 seriously, in suspected terror shooting near Western Wall

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News/Politics Senior UN official loses her post after tweet condemning PIJ rocket fire at Israel

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Self-Post Just random speech I got


Hiii everybody I just seen on insta about what happened in Jerusalem I follow some people in Israel on Instagram that’s how I found out actually and wanted to say I’m sorry for all the terrorist and what they do I’m a Christian Lebanese so I fully support israel 💯 I hope one day their is peace all I know is this must just stop sorry for my English I can still lack it sometimes 🤦‍♀️ have a good evening or night wherever you are 💕

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News/Politics Suspected terrorist in Jerusalem shooting turns himself in to police

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Photo/Video Awesome shot of the moon rising over the Kineret last night

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Ask The Sub Do they sell cargo bikes like these in here?

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News/Politics Israeli general slams 'antisemitic' German official for defaming Israeli hero | Top Israel, US, UK military and intel experts urge Michael Blume to resign after he termed Israeli hero Orde Wingate a war criminal.

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News/Politics ‘The golden age is over’ - Alexander Smukler looks at Russia’s moves against Israel, toward Iran, and at its Jewish community

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Ask The Sub How do I. Promote me being a doggy walker


I’m 14m and I want to make some money because we mostly buy only needed stuff I want to be abale to afford stuff for me so if anyone knows of a way I can promote. Tell me please

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Self-Post Something about the hotels


The hotels are good and all but some look like unused backrooms levels

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Ask The Sub Question about the American Embassy and Non-Immigrant visa


So basically I have a Canadian passport but my wife is Israeli, my daughter also only has an Israeli passport (1 and half years old).

I paid for the application and meeting for my wife more than a year ago.

And I don't know how to get a refund, anytime I go to the site it says that appointments are available only a year from now.

I am also not sure if my daughter needs a visa.

I have 0 clue who to talk to, there is no customer service I was able to reach.

Can anyone help me with the following questions:

  1. Can I get a refund?
  2. Does my daughter need this visa?
  3. Is it possible to reach them? Book an appointment? Does anyone know what's going on?


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Ask The Sub How long does it take for a licensing authority doctor to review your medical statement?


Shalom! I am an oleh chadash, and I just filled out the online forms to convert my foreign driver’s license.

Since I take a prescription drug, I had to upload my prescription and I recieved an automated text message that a doctor from the licensing authority would review my information and send an update.

Does anyone know approximately how long this should take? Should I go ahead and make my eye appointment? Todah!

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Ask The Sub Where to look for accommodations near Tel Aviv University?


Hi folks, I am an international grad student and coming there for an year. What is the best place to look for accommodations? Thanks

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Self-Post recommendation: an excellent series of lectures about archeology and biblical studies (English subtitles)


As someone who's keen on archeology and history i think this deep-dive podcast series about findings of Israeli archeologists deserves more visibility.

The interviews are conducted in Hebrew but top notch human-translated English subtitles are available, I just think it's kind of a shame they didn't also translate the names of the videos into English (list in comments) - making this impossible to find for non Hebrew speaker (hence this post).

ארץ חפר - Eretz Hefer (youtube playlist)

  • from the Bet Avi Chai website:

    "Beit Avi Chai invites you to join the journey following the important and fascinating discoveries and finds discovered in the archaeological excavations in the Land of Israel. Come and discover with us the worlds that are below the surface, and the secrets, ideas, beliefs and lifestyles of the people who lived here in the distant past. After nearly two hundred years of archaeological excavations in the Land of Israel, we now bring you the latest knowledge and innovative research accumulated so far. We will discuss with the senior diggers in Israel the cultural and current meanings of the archaeological find."

    Host: Efrat Shapira-Rosenberg, academic advice: Dr. Hagai Meshgav

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Ask The Sub Places in Jerusalem for Judaica


So i’m visiting Israel for the first time ever as a jew, and one of the things i would like to do is to go shopping for judaica. I live in a european country with practically no jews and no access to any judaica stores. Thinking of candle holders, a mezuzah or two, chanukkiah etc etc.

Also a really nice magen david necklace for the sake of being a tourist. Any suggestions on stores?

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Ask The Sub Gyms in Haifa? Sauna?


I’m moving to Haifa soon and looking for a gym preferably with a sauna. The gym doesn’t have to be anything crazy, for example ProFit or something like that would be fine as long as there’s decent equipment. The more free weights/racks/cables the better, machines aren’t as important. I know there’s one ProFit location in Haifa but I want to see if there are any other options, especially since I don’t think that ProFit has a sauna but please correct me if I’m wrong! (Also, by sauna, I mean just a regular dry sauna. When I mentioned the sauna thing to a friend who happens to be gay, it turns out that we have very different definitions of “sauna” haha). Not looking for crossfit gyms or classes, just a gym where I can go in and do my own thing.

If anyone has any other recommendations or advice about Haifa, please feel free to share! Best areas to live for a mid-20s single olah (my Hebrew is decent so doesn’t need to be aimed at English), things to do, places to meet people, etc.

Thanks and shavua tov!

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News/Politics The ‘Fix’ Is In: How Hitler-Praising Palestinians Are Warping Gaza Conflict Coverage

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Ask The Sub e-reading in Hebrew


Hi All, Looking for the best setup of kindle or kindle alternative for Hebrew books, especially Hebrew books for kids and young adults.

Thanks in advance!

r/Israel 19h ago

Ask The Sub I've recently moved into my new home in Jerusalem. It looks a little boaring, so I'm searching for cheap decoration like posters and other stuff to put on a wall. Has anyone an idea where to get things like that here?


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News/Politics Leaked memo shows Israeli support for law blocking Jews from Bosnia's leadership

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News/Politics US Jews moved to West Bank settlements at record rate in 2021 | Nearly 10% of Jewish Americans who immigrated to Israel in 2021 moved to a West Bank settlement

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Photo/Video Dead Sea Moonrise...

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Ask The Sub Passport renewal living in Germany


Hi everyone,

Don't know if this is the correct place to write this but I don't know what to do.

My israeli passport expires in Jan 2023, I am studying and working in Germany.

I sent my passport for renewal around February but they sent it back and said they can't renew a passport unless it is close to 6 months of expiry. I asked when to send it and they said June / July.

That's exactly what I did, I sent my passport in June and just a few weeks ago I got my application and not renewed passport back, with a message saying to contact the prime minister if I want a passport because of the strike.

My question is, what do I do now? My residence permit expires the same date as my passport, i can't work without a residence permit, and not sure I can finish my studies.

Please, if you have any idea how to get a new passport, let me know.


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News/Politics Israeli delegation fosters tech, innovation ties in Indonesia | Participants spend 6 days meeting entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders in world’s most populous Muslim-majority country, with which Israel has no official ties

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