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Productivity LPT: Keep a note on your phone for your significant other's "wants" throughout the year.



If any of you are like me, Christmas and birthdays arrive and you're completely clueless what to get them. Lucky for you, I have a simple and effective tip: open up "notes" on your phone and start an ongoing list of the things they tell you they want throughout the year. If you two are sitting on the couch and they say "I want _____" just open your handy notes, and add it.

Nothing groudbreaking and I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, but if you stay on top of it, you'll have an abundance of choices when the time comes. I started my list about two years ago and it's saved my ass for every single occasion.

Good luck, hope this helps at least one person!

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Miscellaneous LPT: NEVER, I repeat, NEVER buy cheap tires for your car!


As a person who is closely linked to the car industry my number one advice is never to buy cheap tires. I am not saying buy the best tires in the market but buy tires from brands with a great reputation and also good reviews.

Take into account that the only thing in contact with the ground is your 4 tires. It doesn't matter how good you drive, how much horsepower you have, or how powerful your brakes are, if you have bad tires then don't expect much from them. Also, in wet conditions having a good tread pattern is important to evacuate the water from the tire.

So there is my advice, if you need to replace the tires in your car and would like to stay alive or uninjured then spending some extra money is worth it

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Miscellaneous LPT You will never please or be liked by everyone. It didn't work for Jesus, Buddha, and Confucius, and it won't work for you.


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Careers & Work LPT Request: What's your biggest tip for escaping the rat race?


The rat race seems abstract, but very real as all too often people get sucked into it. What are your best tips for escaping the rat race and not worrying about money for good?

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Miscellaneous LPT: Put your visors down when you defrost your windshield


Helps keep the hot/dry air towards the windshield so it defrosts faster

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Careers & Work LPT: If a coworker does something great, point it out.


Or if they’re always particularly great at a specific task. Point it out behind their back, if you’re worried about sounding like a kiss-up (though if it’s genuine and casual, you probably won’t). If you can, point it out in front of them as well. And if you hear about someone doing well, mention it to them (“heard you killed it on the Wilson case” etc).

If the altruistic helping-another-person reasons aren’t enough, keep in mind that there are self-serving reasons to do it as well:

  • You will be helping to create a work culture in which people compliment one another, which means if you do something awesome, people are more likely to notice. This is good for everyone because:

-Being noticed and appreciated helps people do their jobs well, and when your coworkers do their jobs well, your job is easier. Plus it makes people happy, and:

-Happy offices are a billion times nicer to work in than offices that are always miserable. But most importantly:

-You will get a reputation as someone who sees the good in people, and is confident enough to point it out. Not only will this make you well-liked, if you ever do need to complain about someone, it is much more likely that you will be taken seriously if you are known for usually doing the opposite.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Do your own taxes to save money (sometimes FREE!), protect your personal information and stop supporting those companies that are lobbying against your best interest.


You government likely has or recommends some free software to prepare basic/not too complicated returns, ensure that it is all done offline (not stored in a 3rd-party cloud) locally on your computer and only leaves when you submit to the government. If your data is stored with a 3rd party, you increase the risk of your data being stolen.

These tax software companies have been lobbying for years for the government to never offer free direct filing with them so they can profit off you and your data (which they sell to make even more money!). Don't continue to support them by paying them to do your tax, or them doing it for FREE and them selling your data or giving you less money upfront and pocketing the difference from your actual refund.

Some examples are of what to use: USA - IRS Free File Canada - GenuTax, Studio Tax

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Social LPT: Good, real, true Friendships are harder to make as you age.. Hold on to the Friends you have.


Friendships are a vital part of life, providing support, companionship, and a sense of belonging. However, as we age, it can become increasingly difficult to form new friendships. This is partly due to the busyness of adult life, with more responsibilities and less time to socialize. Additionally, as we become more set in our ways and established in our careers, it can be harder to find common ground and make a connection with new people.

Despite these challenges, it is important to treasure the friendships we make in our 20s. These are often the years when we are most open to new experiences and new people, and the bonds formed during this time can be some of the strongest and most meaningful of our lives. These friendships can provide a sense of belonging and a support system that will be invaluable as we navigate the challenges of adulthood.

It is also important to remember that friendships can change and evolve over time. Even if we lose touch with a friend, there is always the possibility of reconnecting later on. And, even if the connection is not as strong as it once was, the memories and experiences shared will always hold a special place in our hearts.

So, while it may be harder to make new friends as we age, it is essential to cherish the friendships we have and to do our best to maintain them. As the old saying goes, "you can't make new old friends," so it's important to hold on to the ones we have.

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Arts & Culture LPT: Trying to learn a new language? Replay old videogames under different language settings.


Dialogue-heavy games like RPGs and visual novel games in particular can provide endless examples of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in action. Dialogue boxes can also be read at your leisure, should you need to look up an unfamiliar word.

Of course, it's not a perfect solution; most games with multi-language support will only have the mainstream ones covered. Likewise, it won't prepare you for conversational use as well as the real thing. Having said that, it's still an efficient way to consolidate new lessons with familiar 100-hour w/ NG+ stories.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Peace is the result of re-training your mind to process life as it is, rather than what you think it should be.


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Traveling LPT: When traveling and meeting locals, always express interest in learning their language, even if you’re not, and try to speak it even if you know zero. Not only will they want to help you with other things, you may make new friends!


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Social LPT - Make a habit to always check behind you as you leave somewhere


Make a habit of looking back every time you leave somewhere and check you have everything.

When you leave a restaurant, theatre, bus/train, taxi…

This will help if you’ve accidentally left something behind. Eg a bag, phone, sunglasses, umbrella, jacket or even a child!!

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Miscellaneous LPT: Instead of thinking you have to do something, think you are going to do it. E.g. “I have to get up and shower” > “I’m going to get up and shower”.


Also helpful for depression anxiety:

• when you wake up think "I'm going to have a relaxing (or whatever positive adjective you like) day" • think of 3 things you are grateful for • smile at yourself in the mirror • play a nature sounds audiobook at night to fall asleep to

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Request LPT Request: Do you know of any co-housing/living spaces designed for people working on self-improvement? I feel like it would be huge for my growth.


I (25m) have been struggling with anxiety and lack of follow through and am looking for a living situation that offers accountability and resources to better my mental and physical health. Do you know of any long term residencies (or at least a couple months) that are designed specifically for people looking for self-improve (other than a psych ward)? I would love a place with some structure to it where I'm pushed to socialize more with people, exercise daily, eat very healthy, and possibly other programming/events like meditation, yoga, music, art, sports, or therapeutic activities. Like a long-term wellness retreat where I can still work my regular 9-5. Any insight would be much appreciated!

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Social LPT: It is valuable to know when to stop arguing with other people and simply let them be wrong


Sometimes, certain people can't be convinced to change their opinion. Not everyone has the capability to be openminded. Rather than debate a brick wall, sometimes it's best to let them be wrong

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Arts & Culture LPT: Check in with your kids to make sure they understand your idioms


I told my 12 year old that she sounded like a broken record because she kept asking for the same thing repeatedly. She gave me a weird look so I asked her if she knew what it meant. She thought a broken record slows down and distorts voices, so I had to explain what it actually meant.

This is just a reminder that some phrases we grew up with might not be understood today.

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Computers LPT: take as long as you want to read digital books without holding up the line


I have a Kindle e-reader and use Libby/Overdrive to borrow books from 3 local libraries, and I’m often unable to finish reading them in the allotted 7-14 days. Renewing a book loan sometimes involves getting in line again and having to wait, which could be weeks and often months for popular books.

I accidentally discovered that simply turning off Wi-Fi on my Kindle allowed me to avoid the downloaded books from being deleted when automatically returned on the due dates. As long as I kept the Kindle disconnected from the internet, I could take as long as I wanted to read the books and it didn’t hold up the digital library line for anyone else because technically all books ARE returned on time. In fact, you can return them as soon as you download them to keep the line moving even faster!

I do the following: borrow as many books as possible at once, download them all to my Kindle, shut off the Kindle’s wifi, and just delay all my future holds until I’m done and ready to borrow a new batch. Rinse and repeat.

Note: I first posted this in ILPT because you’re “cheating” in a sense, but because there are zero consequences to anyone I decided it also belongs here.

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Social LPT - Scammers often try and get you to do something illegal/wrong first before they scam you. Guilty witnesses/participants usually don’t talk.


Ive always lived and worked in lower income areas and only recently moved to the suburbs. The vast difference in street smarts despite only being 30 min away continues to shock me. I hear stories about people getting scammed regularly and most people were good people who were convinced to be somebody they weren’t (which isn’t always bad). Examples: buy alcohol for younger people, solicit a prostitute, go to a strip club while married, do cocaine in a bathroom somewhere, etc. Most also had visual indicators they had money (nice watch, nice car, etc). What may seem like someone convincing you to let loose might actually be a scam. Make sure you let loose with people you know and trust. If you have nice things in public, be especially careful of overly friend people.

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Miscellaneous LPT: When trimming your facial hair with an electric razor, line your sink with a paper towel.


I have found that my beard trimmings can stay in my drain when I just rinse them down. After taking my sink apart due to a clog, I found my hair mixed with all sorts of gunk. By putting a paper towel down, I trim, the hair falls on the towel, I wrap up the towel with my hair and toss it. Minimizes the amount of trimmings in my sink now.

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Social LPT: If you feel as if your friendship with someone is dying. Just simply let it die.


I’ve had a few close friendships with people where there comes a point during the friendship that the energy isn’t the same as before. This could be: -Having less to talk about -Finding them less tolerable -Them hardly replying to your messages -Them not wanting to hang out as much

Of course there can be a multitude of reasons why they’ve changed but its you in the friendship so I’m sure deep down you’d know if it’s the same or not.

But if you feel like a friendship is dying and nothing is changing, just let it die. You’ll be doing both you and your “friend” a favour. Or vice versa if you’re not keen on hanging out with the person that you used to consider a friend just tell them instead of stringing them a long. It’s not fair on them nor is it fair on you.

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Home & Garden LPT: when you take your puffy blanket out of the dryer, while it’s still warm bunch it up in your hand and squeeze hard. If it still wet you’ll push the water through the warm fabrics to your hand and you’ll feel the cold.


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Miscellaneous LPT: When assembling/installing a bunch of fasteners in a plate/panel/face/etc start all of them before tightening any of them fully.


The tiny amount of 'play' in the holes around each fasteners allows for alignment tolerance. If you tighten down one or more fully you make starting the remaining fasteners that much more likely to be difficult or potentially not possible. This is even moreso the case the more bolts or such you have. For those who are bound and determined to force it you run the risk of cross threading / damaging things. If something doesn't want to freely start, back it off and start again and/or if necessary loosen other fasteners some until they are all begun and your task will be much easier.

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Productivity LPT: have trouble getting something done? Make it more convenient to access


It sounds obvious, but it can be difficult to apply to reality sometimes because the solutions aren’t always conventional or aesthetically pleasing. As someone who’s pretty unmotivated, here are some things that helped me.

  • putting hooks on my walls for jackets and bags that I don’t feel like putting away. It looks kinda nice and it makes things super easy to reach.
  • getting a second basket for clean laundry that I don’t immediately put away. Better another basket than on my bed or on the floor.
  • having set spaces for categories of items. Instead of individual folders for documents, I have a binder for “important documents” which might include health stuff, bank info, etc. Might not be the most secure but I think it’s better that I know where they are than getting lost everywhere. I also designate general areas of my apartment for creative things, tools, etc. I might not remember where the tiny screwdriver is but it’s probably in that cabinet with hardware stuff.
  • putting more trash cans everywhere. I’m a forgetful and fairly lazy person that will pile small items of trash to “throw away later” if the trash can is in a different room but then forget about it. now I just put small boxes or bags for trash.
  • similarly, getting more of something to make it accessible from multiple places. I put scissors in my room and in the kitchen. I have lotion in my bathroom, my car, and my bag.
  • getting a water bucket and putting it next to my plants. Using a random cup just wasn’t working for me.
  • having a place for miscellaneous items in every room (drawer, box, whatever)
  • putting frequently used items in a place that’s easier to reach like utensils closer to the dishwasher, dresser on the side of the bed closer to the door, etc.

A lot of people might think these are just basic life things, but it took me a while to build habits that made my life a bit more organized. I decided to redefine organized from being put away to being accessible, and it’s helped me tons! Hopefully, it might help other people too!

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Productivity LPT: Beware of imposter productivity, which is when you procrastinate by doing something seemingly productive


This type of procrastination fools you into thinking that watching a highly educational documentary instead of finishing your impending deadlines is still productive and worthwhile. In reality, your work is still undone as if you had allotted that time for video games, thereby making this "productivity" more dangerous than just goofing off.

Inspired by this article: https://waitbutwhy.com/2015/03/procrastination-matrix.html

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Careers & Work LPT Stop adding people to work emails that don't need to be on them


I'm not sure if people do this for "exposure" or just to let people know that they are actually doing something...

Repeatedly adding people (particularly managers) that don't need to know about or respond to your email trains them to ignore your emails. It's hard enough to get people in corporate America to fully read an email in the first place, and when you send them multiple emails a day/week that they don't care about, they will start to mark your emails as read and ignore them without actually reading them