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Code King Of Fruits Weekly Durian Appreciation Thread.


Named in some regions as the "king of fruits", the durian is distinctive for its large size, strong odour, and thorn-covered rind.

An acquired taste, some people (who don't appreciate fine things) regard the durian as having a pleasantly sweet fragrance, whereas others (who are objectively wrong) find the aroma overpowering and unpleasant. The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to [other things], and has been described variously as rotten onions, turpentine, and raw sewage by people who lack the ability to appreciate finer things in life.

Edit: I thought this wouldn't need to be said but anyone attempting to pass off jackfruit as durian will be punished to the fullest extent possible.

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Code Strawberry When driving past cows, you say “cows” in a low monotone voice. It’s a rule. Does this exist for non-English speakers?


For example, you’re driving along in the Italian countryside, and pass some cows. Do you say “La mucca”? Or in Germany do you say “kuhs” when you drive past?

Edit1: My real question is whether this behavior crosses language borders, though I am loving all the different ways people do this thing.

Edit2: Also acceptable are “moo”, “hey cows”, pretty much any variation thereof, and also any level of excitement. I said monotone, but it’s more like I want coooows to sound a bit like a moo. Call it a moonotone instead.

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Code Durian My wife is convinced that she needs alarms at 415am 530am and every 10min from 6am in order to be up by 7am, why?


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Code Apple Is it me or has the internet been quiet with April Fools?


So far I have only seen a few AFJ but Reddit has been quiet about it like it is a normal day. It might be because I am Australian but it is probably 11am in the Pacific America at the moment on the first of April, so it feels strange.

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Code Kiwi What percentage of you have seen your national animal? American Eagle? Canadian Beaver? Kiwi? Kangaroo? English Lion, Scottish Unicorn?


The kiwi bird is extremely rare, shy and nocturnal (unlike the Chinese gooseberry fruit of the same name) and very few of us New Zealanders have seen a kiwi in the wild.

I guess bald eagles are even rarer in zoos, far up and away in nature. English Lions are barely plausible and unicorns?!

How many people have seen their national animal?

Edit: Denmark has the red squirrels AND mute swans. Common in city parks and seems like cheating a winner

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Code Blueberry Why does it matter that Trump is indicted? Aren’t they just going to fine him and let him go?


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Why does it seem like all these crazy laws like book banning, information control in schools, and women's reproductive rights are being passed seemingly unopposed?


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Code Passionfruit A hotel is claiming I smoked in the room and won't return the fee. I'm a non-smoker. What can I do?


Basically as the title states. I stayed in a hotel a couple months ago and was charged the $300 cleaning fee for smoking. I do not smoke and have never touched a cigarette. I stayed there with my baby and didn't leave any mess as I've worked in housekeeping before so I'm polite with how I leave my rooms. Credit card company wants proof I contacted them and proof the terms and conditions were explained to me before reversing the charge

Edit: because I'm getting a lot of the same comments. I originally called about the transaction and the hotel told me it was just a hold and should have automatically been released and that I should contact my cc company. I did and the cc company sent it to whatever department works on those things.

2 weeks later I got a letter stating I need proof that I contacted the hotel. I reached out to the hotel to get the GM's email address to start an email chain and the front desk agent informed me that the manager was not in, but she would call me back. A couple hours later the FDA called me again and said the charge was due to smoking. I told her that was impossible and to have the GM call me. She said the GM wasn't there but would pass my info along. The GM never called me so I drove down to the hotel to talk to them in person.

I got the GM's email after a discussion about the smoking fee and her refusing to even consider it was attached to the wrong room. So I have emailed that GM and am waiting for the pictures she'd said she'd provide. I have contacted corporate, CC company, and written reviews. Corporate opened a case. Nothing from them as of yet.

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Code Eggplant Since women are born with all their eggs, does it mean that someone with a shorter menstrual cycle (like 28 days) is losing eggs faster than someone with a longer cycle (idk 35 or more days)


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Code Pear is there a reason kyoto and tokyo have the same letters eachother but arranged differently?


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Unanswered Is there a specific word for when you try to grab something without looking at it but you end up just waving your hand awkwardly because it wasn't where you thought it was?


I already know there's going to be a word for it in German because it's German but hopefully there's one in English too

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Code Tomato Why are we giving criminals like Jeffrey Dahmer documentaries?


Criminals shouldn't be treated like celebrities, they should be treated how they are. Why are we giving them more attention that they don't deserve?

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Why is mental health illness so common in developed countries?


Is it simply because developed countries have better means of screening mental illnesses?

Another theory I have is that the economic stability in developed countries leads to more introspection among the people which might trigger mental health issues, but I don't really know is this if this is accepted by academia.

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Code Milkfruit How could a lactose intolerant person consume breast milk when they were a baby?


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Are there any super basic water dispensers?


The kind that can hold 5 gallons of water on top. I don't want a pump, hot water, on the counter, plug in, or any of the fancy stuff.

The old fashioned put the 5 gallon water bottle on top and press a simple button on the bottom so the water flows out. Everything on Amazon is super expensive and costs more than a hundred bucks but I want something super cheap and super simple.

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Would you help someone buy a house?


If you knew someone who was working hard and saving to buy a house, would you help them financially if they asked?

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Code Watermelon Which is worse for your overall health: a cigarette or a donut?


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Cancer is slowly taking my mom away and I would love to give her the best birthday next week. I'm broke at the moment due to the medical expense, but what birthday ideas I can do for her?


Like the title says, I want to give my mommy the best birthday ever! My job is really not enough to cover a simple celebration and I'm also the sole breadwinner. The medical expenses has been killing me but I'll do everything for her. Anyway, her birthday is coming up and I would love to do something for her that she won't forget. Everything is falling apart, but I want to keep her spirits up.

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Unanswered Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of American cities are hollowed out and sorta- empty?


Most of the major American cities that I've been to in the last 3 years have seemed oddly empty. There're people but not really a normal amount, a lot of stores seem closed.. Maybe it's just me but there's an eerie feeling of sorts.

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How do people drink coffee and beer so much and not have crazy acid reflux?


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Code Eggplant What Do People Call Video Game Easter Eggs In Other Languages?


The term "Easter Egg" has a cultural connotation that may not translate to a country where Easter is not as commonly practiced. In countries like China for example, do they also call them "Easter Eggs," or do they use an alternative term? How do they differ between languages or communities like that of Japan?

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Unanswered Could a baseball pitcher cause a national tragedy?


I heard somewhere that a 90+ mph fastball could kill someone, so if the greatest pitcher to ever live in terms of power and accuracy were to walk into a public area with a bag of baseballs, could he just start dropping bodies?

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When is Reddit April fools?


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What do i do when im really struggling?


Recently i made a post about a guy i was in a situationship with, which has just ended. This really hit me like a truck and im honestly devastated.

My issue is that i really dont have any friends or anybody i can talk to about this. He was the person i told everything to; be it issues i was having or random things that happened during my day.

I feel so wholly miserable, and i think its even worse because i dont have anyone to talk to about it or make me feel better, and i dont want to meet someone new and immediately start venting, because that feels very self-centered of me.

I just dont know what to do.