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Andor - Episode 12 - Discussion Thread!


'Star Wars: Andor' Episode Discussion


  • Episode 1, 2 & 3: September 21st
  • Episode 4: September 28th
  • Episode 5: October 5th
  • Episode 6: October 12th
  • Episode 7: October 19th
  • Episode 8: October 26th
  • Episode 9: November 2nd
  • Episode 10: November 9th
  • Episode 11: November 16th
  • Episode 12: November 23rd


All season 1 spoilers must be tagged until 14 days after the season finale. Keep discussions contained to the stickied discussion threads. Any comments and images outside of them must be spoiler flaired or use the spoiler tag.

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Events /r/StarWars Discord Winterfest Events


Hey y'all! I'm one of the event coordinators on the official /r/StarWars Discord! I am excited to share what events we have for this upcoming holiday season and invite the subreddit to participate with us!

Winterfest is an accumulation of different events, where we have specially made a little something for everyone. To participate, you must be on the Discord server, where all details, information, submission channels, etc. can be located in our Community Events tab and under the #event-forum. Festivities will last until January 31, where after we invite you to our regular host of events such as Game Nights, Book Club and more!

We offer:

❅ The Great Star Wars Baking Show
❅ Winterfest Word Search❅ Holiday Card Contest
❅ A find-the-hidden-emoji challenge
❅ Watch parties
❅ Star Wars Winter Wonderland Photo Prompt
❅ Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest
❅ Winter Writing Prompt
❅ Star Wars Winter Readathon (hosted by yours truly!)

I hope to see you join us for this holiday season! Feel free to reach out to me via Discord at oridol#3100 or here on Reddit if you have any questions regarding the events, how to join them, or any of the server functions.

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Movies The most unrealistic aspect of the SW universe is...


the lack of automated targeting on ships. I mean, I'm 100% down with FTL travel but I swear I draw the line at believing that a Star Destroyer has geared turrets with sights like a WW2 destroyer.

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General Discussion I love Ben Mendelsohn so god damn much

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Events Giancarlo Esposito has a message for all of us fans. ( LA Comic-Con 2022 ) (OC)

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TV Am I losing my mind, or is Andor on hulu?


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General Discussion Upcoming Projects


What Upcoming StarWars Project are You Most Excited For? For Me its Definitely Mandalorian Season 3 And Ahsoka.

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Costumes Epic callback

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General Discussion No way, People really overlook rebels? Imo the story was peak Star Wars. And imo Kanan was the perfect representation of what a jedi should be. He remind me of Luke.

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Movies I miss looking forward to a new Star Wars movie in theaters every December.


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Movies TFA or ANH for showing someone Star Wars for the first time?


Planning on showing my gf (who has no previous idea of the story/characters etc) Star Wars (we’ve agreed on just keeping it to one film at the mo), which would be the better film to show?

Bearing in mind, it’s 2022 and in my mind, while we all love ANH, by modern movie standards it’s not crazy fast paced or SFX heavy, whereas TFA plays like ANH but for a modern audience. Though the core essence/magic of SW is oozing out of ANH and I personally love how retro it is.

Could do with some input from you nerf-herders :)

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General Discussion Bix’s future (Spoilers for Andor)


What do you think Bix’s future will be like. After being tortured, she must have some psychological issues. I think she will recover, but it will take time. Though, I think the impact will always remain, even if it does get better. I also think she and Wilmon Paak will bond. Wilmon’s father died because of the same torture Bix experienced. I also think it’s possible that Bix will meet Dr. Gorst again and make him listen to the screams of the children or maybe he’ll just die.

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General Discussion Just curious but how exactly do tie pilots get back into their fighters when they land anywhere outside an air field or hanger without the assistance of a ladder or steps to get back up?

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Fun Why do storm troopers wear armor?


If one blaster bolt directly to the chest armor kills the trooper anyway why bother with it at all? The empire can save money and have their troops more mobile by just putting them in uniforms. They aren't air tight so it's not a space-walk thing. Just seems so pointless

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Movies What are some positive things you can say about the Sequel Trilogy?

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General Discussion what two characters who’ve never interacted before would get along the best?


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Games *Possible spoilers for Jedi Survivor*


I went to my local hmv store and found an action figure of a B1 battle droid. Had a different colour pallete, but the most interesting thing was that it was labelled as a character from jedi survivor! Back of the box said they had been "repurposed by a new master". VERY interesting. (would show pictures but I can't for some reason, says this subreddit has attachments turned off? How do I fix that?)

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General Discussion Which non-force user would be the best at wielding a lightsaber?


Obviously General Grievous is a good pick, but I have to imagine there are other characters out there that could be skilled with the lightsaber. Finn? Cassian? Someone else?

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Other Luke would be so terrifying for Imperials


Last night I was a bit too high and started thinking about how Imperials perceived Luke Skywalker. We know that they feared them because the reaction of Moff Gideon when the X-Wing landed on his ship, but it's worse. Luke's name became know after he destroyed the Death Star, but not only he lauched the killing blow, but he also managed to evade Vader (the best pilot in the Empire), he was one of the few pilot survivors. He was basically unkillable in the batlle of Yavin.

The next we see is a nimble snow speeder circling around an AT-AT on Hoth and taking it down "easily". But someone shoots down the speeder and an AT-AT stomps on it. BUT now some comes out of the wreckage and he just "jumps" and "slices" such AT-AT with a light saber. We don't know if Luke repeated the same maneuver on other vehicles.

Imagine being an snowtrooper, confident and proud knowing that Vader is among the troops. "Nothing can go wrong fighting alongside Vader"

Blam! A walker is down, now another. The rebels are are evacuating "but Vader is coming with us, what is going wrong?!"

Then, you manage to know that Luke Skywalker survived being frozen in Carbonite and then he fought Vader face to face, and then he fell to a sure death in Bespin. But HE SURVIVED! HOW?! WHAT IS HE?

Then, the news spread: Luke Skywalker killed not only the king of the underworld Jabba the Hutt (it was Leia but news are incomplete), but also managed to "kill" the feared bounty hunter Boba Fett, and he recued his friends and exploded Jabba's ship.

Now you know he was captured and taken to the DS2, Vader and the emperor gonna finish this Skywalker guy for sure. What?! Luke was seen dragging Vader's corpse and the emperor never was seen again. What kind of powers does he have. Also the Death Star is exploding, what did he do?

Years have passed and the Imperial remnants are moving and scheming. But then you hear the news. A cloaked figure boarded Gideons ship and easily obliterated an entire platoon of Dark Troopers, the most powerful battle droids ever built. Luke Skywalker is unstoppable.

I imagine that imperials with limited information, rumors, and recollections of myths think that Luke is some kind of immortal warrior with powers beyond comprehension.

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General Discussion Thoughts and opinions on the High Republic?


I for one think it's actually really good making an era where the republic was at it's height was a very interesting direction to take and something I kinda always imagined, loved the Yoda fanservice too I always forget the guy is like 1000+ yrs old seeing him there warmed my heart. the technology advancement was cool too. I for one am really excited for Acolyte and Eclipse and see what they bring to the table. I also love LOTJ.

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General Discussion What’s your favorite lightsaber hilt in the series? Canon or legends


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Meta Who owns the Falcon now?


Han won the Falcon from Lando in a game of sabacc. Han works with Chewie for decades as a smuggler and Rebel leader, marries Leia, has a kid. Falcon gets stolen a few times. Ultimately, Rey and Finn steal the Falcon from the last of a chain of theives and effectively returns it to Han.

Han is then murdered by his son. Assuming New Republic law is similar to US law, and Hand and Leia are only separated and not divorced, I would assume ownership of the Falcon transfers to her. Upon her death, I guess legally it goes to Ben, except he dies at the end of Skywalker. With no other next of kin, who gets the Falcon's pink slip?

One would hope Chewie gets it, but I think the Wookiee gets screwed yet again.

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Movies Storm trooper marksmanship


In my head canon, storm troopers visors aiming assistance and most other electronics are interfered with by the presence of the force. which is also why luke couldn’t use the x-wings targeting system to destroy the deathstar. As well as to why they can’t land a shot on our favorite Jedi. Thus explaining why they have such a good aim in other shows like Andor.

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Fan Creations “Fastest junk of junk in the galaxy” (new 4k rendered Millennium Falcon wallpaper)

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Fun It's a Star Wars Christmas!


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Fan Creations My Cassian Andor drawing! What do you think about it?

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Books Easter egg in Andor?


Mon Mothma’s cousin’s name is Vel, her unenthusiastic girlfriend’s name is Cinta, pronounced with an S, right? Boba Fett’s wife’s name in Legends was Sintas Vel. Pretty close there. Coincidence? I think NOT!