r/Steam Jan 23 '22

What *is* Valve doing? Meta

As far as I can tell every 4 or 5 years they might release a half-life game that has 4 hours of gameplay, and nothing else.

Every 2 years they release something like DOTA or Valorant, rogue company type game that no one can tell apart, and then they decide to ruin a game by just not updating them.

CS:GO? Nothing.

TF2? Nothing.

Portal Series? Nothing.

Half life? 8 hours of new gameplay every decade. Oh, you want to replay it? No replayability. Just animations that'll break your GPU.

Left for dead? Out sourced ba dum smashed body into a window.



u/E-N-D-r Jan 23 '22

Steam Deck


u/ChampionshipDue Jan 23 '22

the effort : output

ratio is frankly not going to be enough.


u/SavingMegalixirs Jan 23 '22

They could technically do nothing and still stay afloat with the amount of money Steam is making them.

The Effort : Money

Ratio is extremely low.


u/ChampionshipDue Jan 24 '22

exactly. I know.

they're being too greedy. Next they'll be using child labor.


u/vadiks2003 Jan 24 '22

i mean if i were a child i would be very happy to work on valve


u/androidguy52 Jan 23 '22

Steam deck, did steam index, working over Linux gaming making sure stuff runs good ig, I assume that's not an easy process. They also improve Steam quite a bit lately.

I think these things take time, HL:A and the card game are still games, everything including the games take time.


u/ChampionshipDue Jan 23 '22

I understand they take time (and Steam itself has improved a lot recently, I've noticed that), but for what? Not much has come out, content wise.


u/androidguy52 Jan 23 '22

That is the content, it's just not the content you want


u/DroneRtx Jan 23 '22

Why would they need to update perfect games. I mean look at CS:GO the player base remains consistent.


u/DeadlyP4nts Jan 23 '22

wouldnt say perfect, cs go and tf2 have a lot of cheaters (tf2 even has player made bots or whatever)


u/ChampionshipDue Jan 23 '22

Yes. I'm a tf2 player, but I like to see what's going on in the other valve games (and othe companies, too).


u/Taizunz https://s.team/p/wmfj-vt Jan 24 '22

I'm a tf2 player

And there we have it. The entire reason for this much negativity from one person.


u/ChampionshipDue Jan 24 '22

Nope, i play most of the other games. I was just clarifying that I play tf2 too.


u/EpicPrototypo Jan 23 '22

This is just a rage filled rant over some sort of perceived entitlement to new content.


u/ChampionshipDue Jan 23 '22

perceived entitlement

if every company stopped selling computer parts and you complained about it, is that just a perceived entitlement for computer parts? Valve doesn't need to make games. Many of those companies don't need to sell computer parts. It's just another part of profit for them.


u/ReadTheFManual Jan 24 '22

The difference is the products Valve made are eternal and still work flawlessly.


u/haqucyc Jan 23 '22

I think Valve true calling isn't them being a developer like you intend them to continue. Steam is why most of us know about Valve ever existed so it's natural they're progressing on their Store part instead of games you listed.

Comparatively, developer or game focused companies are worse in their Stores so I'd rather prefer this version of Steam-Valve even if I agree with some of your ideas.


u/[deleted] Jan 23 '22

Nintendo doesn't release a 3d Mario game unless they have new hardware to sell it on. Valve is probably doing the same, half life is their flagship franchise


u/ChampionshipDue Jan 23 '22

Yeah, but I don't see the purpose. 343 industries, while some stuff has happened, they just release a game whenever they have one, with like 1/3 of their games coming out with a console (because microsoft).


u/the_dominar Jan 24 '22 edited Jan 24 '22

Game development isn't their primary focus anymore. They get a 30% cut from every game sold on Steam. To stay in business, they don't need to develop any games anymore like other studios. Software developers need to push out content to stay in business, they do not need to do that, as long as they have almost a monopoly on the PC publishing market.

That said, they aren't doing nothing with the knowledge and skills that they have as a company. They are creating 'ecosystems' for Linux to create alternatives within the PC ecosystem that will benefit all gamers. Programs like 'Proton' and other dependencies have their precious time. Open devices like Steam deck, open VR systems like the Valve Index that use SteamVR to strive for (semi) decentralized gaming experiences are on the toplist. But regarding their creative skills (art, narrative) , they indeed aren't fully utilizing their capabilities. Portal, Team Fortress, L4D and Half-life deserve more installments. Dota 2 and HL Alyx also weren't build in a day and give me hope they haven't completely abandoned game development. But their anxiety culture and the American dismissal lawsystem doesn't help those within the company to be supportive for creating a new game. They have more than enough financial assets to change that culture in line with what they are creating (socialistic values), but somehow as a corporation they stay true to the 'here today, gone tomorrow' anxiety culture where nobody dares to stick their neck out to support new projects or ideas that bear a financial risk.


u/ReadTheFManual Jan 24 '22

Another tool, lol.


u/Zadak_Leader Jan 23 '22

Probably working on some new things idk. But yeah kinda sus...