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Ukraine - Russia megathread - all related content goes here while this thread is pinned


Hi there. Our forum sees a lot of posts about Ukraine and Russia these days. Understandably so. But in our judgment, this clogs up other interesting discussions. Worse, the comments often do not portray good-faith discussions.

For this reason, while this thread is pinned, all Russia-Ukraine related content must be posted in this thread and will likely be removed if posted as their own posts.

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Megathread: Switzerland - Serbia


This is a matchday thread. Given that many in our community are following the World Cup and wish to discuss it on reddit, the r/switzerland mod team has decided to run these megathreads.

We are aware that many in our community will be boycotting or trying to boycott the World Cup, and there are good reasons to do so. Amnesty International calls it the "World Cup of Shame". Those who built the stadium lived in appalling conditions, being straightforwardly exploited to build the stadiums for the Cup.
Even the most corrupt Valaisan (that is an achievement), Sepp Blatter, now says it was a mistake to give the World Cup to Qatar.

The human rights issues are not limited to foreign workers. Qatar has an abysmal record on Women's, LGBTQIA and democratic-liberal rights.

In the end, the mod team is not willing nor mandated to limit what is discussed on r/switzerland. For this reason, we are offering this megathread to bundle discussions around the World Cup.

May the Power Cube deliver victories, and may this World Cup lead to improving the human rights situation.

Please limit discussions of the World Cup to this thread as much as possible.

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I thought of y’all

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Everywhere I go: Olten

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Switzerland is not only in Switzerland! Did you know that 11% of Swiss citizens live abroad?

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How people feel about the direction their country is heading in. Thought?

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Spike in employee sick leave due to mental illness


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Switzerland among worst in Europe at tobacco prevention


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3a Pillar and Investments in TrueWealth or/and UBS


I'm planning to start my 3a Pillar and put some savings into some safe investments.

  1. Would you consider TrueWealth a good go or do you think that UBS would be safer?
  2. It's possible to set up two 3a Pillar, one in TrueWealth and one in UBS at the same time?
  3. I think there are some codes to share with friends, that would give both parts some tax reduction (small but still). Is that true?

Thanks in advance! Dankeschön und Frohe Weihnachten!

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Why are Swiss wearing arab costume in the World cup? mystery 🤔

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Retourenquote im Online-Handel: In der Schweiz werden europaweit am meisten Pakete zurückgeschickt


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Recommendations for Chur, Poschiavo, Zurich, Interlaken, Geneva?


Best food places? Especially for fondue? Any absolute must do/see things? What outdoor mountain adventures are worth it?

I’ve read plenty of reviews of “top things and places to go” on the internet, but I deeply value individual opinions!

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2-4 night hut-to-hut hiking routes in Switzerland


We (32m and 28f) will be visiting Switzerland for the first time at the start of June, 2023. We are looking for a 2-4 night hut to hut route that has the best views. We are experienced hikers/backpackers but live at sea level so we are slow at altitude.

Criteria: -No more than 12-15 kms per day. -No technical/mountaineering routes.

Any suggestions for routes and/or specific huts?

Do most mountain huts provide food? Linens?

Any advice is appreciated!

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Internet provider recs


I currently have UPC and I'm TIRED of having a poor internet connection while paying 80 bucks every month. I've been checking out other internet providers and I'm indecisive between Salt and init7. Salt is cheaper and tbh I don't need 25 Gb/s. Is Salt any good or should I go with init7? Thanks for your recommendations!

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Max service period allowed.



I have a question regarding repairs in Switzerland.

My computer went in to warranty repair and straight from the start they said 2-4 weeks. Is there a max period they are allowed to keep my PC?

In my home country (EU) it’s 40 working days.

Thanks for your answers.

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Landlord friendly temporary wall options?


Back in New York, we used to be able to divide our rooms with "temporary walls" (also used to be called "pressurized walls") to be able to divide spaces to create new bedrooms, home offices, etc...

Our living room here in Zurich has a layout such that we can easily partition off a separate room that we could use as a home office. Do that type of "temporary walls" exist in Switzerland, so that we could do this without really damaging the apartment? Of course I would seek permission from the landlord -- but I think it would help my case if I can find a very "lightweight" solution.

Bookshelf, divider vs... type options don't work for me as I have small children. I would need a wall (even if it's paper thin) and a door so I can work.


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SBB why are you like that

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First time I receive ads directly in official La Poste communication. Pretty disgusting

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I wish...

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The rumoured EV driving ban in Switzerland


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Question about Europe agreement


Hi everybody,

I love Switzerland, and I'm pretty sure it's the best country in the world to live. Definitely top 5.

I was reading about the stall between EU and Switzerland concerning reaching agreements on various subjects etc. I've also read that some parties wants to join EU, and that many Swiss residents are of the same mind. Now, I don't want to start a political discussion here, but a strong and stable country as Switzerland should not join by any means EU. I don't see any big pros that we can receive in return by joining them and justify this move.

I would like to read your arguments about this matter and to learn some new perspective, better if objectively true. Thanks.

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Switzerland has the greenest electricity mix in Europe !

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Gegen die «Heiratsstrafe» - Bundesrat präsentiert Vorschläge zur Individualbesteuerung


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Airforce Schedule



I assume English is the standard in this sub, forgive me if not.

I'm a bit of an aviation geek.

I live in Sion, Valais. And often we can hear the roar of F-18s patrolling the region.

I live with a view on the Sion Airport and would like to know if there's any way to know when the jets begin or end their patrols from various airbases?

I'm thinking it'd be a great opportunity to take epic photos with the snow-covered mountains this time of year.

Thanks, merci!

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Anyone uses coople and has it sent to revolut ? what do I put so it arrives well?


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Can I sublease my apartment in Airbnb? I’m going for 3 weeks holidays and I want to sublease my apartment during this period. I want to know if this is possible. Thanks!


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Create Personalized Swiss Hiking Agenda!


Are there any hiking and outdoor experts that can help me build a full annual calendar of hikes (and potentially even klettersteig, ski touring, etc.) based on some basic criteria I provide? I.e. general starting location(s), general hike difficulty, max commute time, ideally with a hut/restaurant and gondola descent, etc.

I’d be happy to pay a fair amount for the efforts in building it out. I’m a skilled hiker but so busy these days I find the process of selecting and mapping out adventures to be fulfilling. Thanks!