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u/TootsNYC Jan 14 '22

Especially with his foot on her neck. That bothers me somehow even more than if he put his hands on her neck. it’s such a dominance move


u/[deleted] Jan 14 '22

Putting your foot on someone's neck isn't a dominance move, it's a kill move. You don't do that unless you want them to stop breathing.


u/Mtnskydancer Jan 14 '22

And weirdly it’s a porn “thing” Horrible.


u/Mediocre-Reference98 Jan 14 '22

People can consent to a lot of stuff. It's when it is nonconsensual that's the problem.


u/mermaidbait Jan 14 '22

Consent to getting killed? Is that even a thing?


u/Mediocre-Reference98 Jan 14 '22

Please don't take my comment out of context.

u/Mtnskydancer stated: "And weirdly its a porn "thing" Horrible."

I stated

"People can consent to a lot of stuff. It's when it's non-consensual that's the problem"

Putting your foot on someones neck in the context of the Op was nothing about being a dominance move, it was a threat to kill. However the BDSM community does have plenty of people who have a kink of having their head stepped on (usually very lightly)... it's why it's a thing in porn. I wouldn't say it is domination, I'd say sadomasochism. As long as no harm occurs, it is usually legal to consent to, but that doesn't mean someone is allowed to do it without your consent.

I hope that clarifies the matter somewhat. Happy to clarify further.