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u/HELLOhappyshop Jan 14 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote This

Perfect, you can grab all of your stuff while he's in jail, and never see him again.

Never. See. Him. Again.

He might kill you one day.


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u/SuperStrawbear Jan 15 '22

I'm fairly convinced that if my mum didn't grab me and run (back when I was quite little) when she did that eventually my dad would have killed her or something close to it. Hell, I don't know if I would still be alive given I was much closer to my mum than to him.

Once the abuse starts the only logical decision is to get out. Yes, everyone loses their cool and does things they regret but the moment you lay your hands on someone else in violence then you've crossed a very obvious line that cements any red flags that may have already been there.