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u/SmallTownMortician Jan 14 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Starry


Good guys don't choke people. He is not a good guy.


u/saltwaterblue Jan 14 '22

exactly this. Your next time could be your last, OP. Abusers will always say it's your fault, even if they are trying to "apologize". Everything he says is a lie. Leave now.


u/HelmSpicy Jan 14 '22

The worst part is her saying he kept coming down, sometimes apologetic and sometimes argumentative, AND THEN she even tried to go apologize because she thought it would smooth things over...after he choked and stepped on her throat...he could have killed her and still convinced her with his wild slew of emotions that she was the bad-guy for "upsetting him".

This guy honestly believes that and that he was justified. He probably thinks "She made me mad and when I tried to hold her back she viciously clawed at me so I HAD to use my foot to protect myself!"

These people don't see themselves as bad people and are awesome at convincing others of the same despite doing shit like this. It is unacceptable and there's no helping it or changing it. People in relationships will fight, that's a fact, but when one turns it violent it needs to end.