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u/mongoosedog12 Jan 14 '22

Use this opportunity while he’s in custody to leave

He chocked you, good people don’t chock them partners when they’re angry. He put his foot on your neck, he could have broken your windpipe and As you’d said YOU COULD HAVE DIED

There is nothing to feel guilty about.

If you can afford to get a cheap hotel or bnb to stay with your things while you figure out a place to stay on your own, I would do so. If not reach out to your parents.

If he has contact with your parents (like knows their number) you need to tell your folks what happened and they should not tell him where you are. If you don’t feel like they can do that, I don’t think you should tell them where you’re going.

Right now your safety is the most important, someone called the police because you were in danger, he was arrested because he was a dance to you.

Get out