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u/SmallTownMortician Jan 14 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Starry


Good guys don't choke people. He is not a good guy.


u/shinybriony Jan 14 '22 Silver Helpful

Choking is incredibly high risk, it’s a high risk factor for an escalation to murder of a partner and also carries risk of brain damage if you survive. Get out OP.


u/theprez35 Jan 14 '22 Helpful

THIS. I came here to comment this exactly. It’s one of the highest risk factors for women who are murdered by intimate partners. Consider it a warning sign of what’s to come. He won’t get better.


u/realglasseyes Jan 14 '22

You would have been safer spending the night on a bench at the bus station than spending the night in the same house as this guy. OP, you just survived an incredibly risky situation that many people dont survive. You know you're not in a good state of mind, being with this guy has put you on anxiety medication. You need to not be anywhere near him, please take this seriously.

The first thing you should do is go stay in a safe place with people you trust. The next thing is speak to DV specialists or a woman's refuge. You're going to need serious help and support just to see this situation for what it is. Talk to the experts, they will be able to give you practical strategies (Like how to leave and not leave any clues where you've gone)


u/collapsingwaves Jan 14 '22

He might get better, but that's none of op's business. It's time to run far, far away.


u/bella_lucky7 Jan 14 '22

He won’t get better without serious professional intervention- this is a black and white issue (and I usually think most things are shades of gray..). It is NEVER ok to physically harm your partner, and choking them is next level. Something in this guys head told him this was ok- life is too precious to risk on someone like this. OP needs to leave and not look back.