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Mental health professional here and have worked in domestic violence. Multiple research studies have shown that when an abuser chokes the victim, the odds of them murdering the victim increases drastically. Almost half of victims choked by their abuser will be murdered by them within the following year. It’s a final red flag that we look for in domestic violence work. A woman who has been strangled by an abuser is 750% more likely to be killed by that person with a gun.

It WILL get worse. If you do not leave, he will do it again and will likely kill you. Death from strangulation can kill within minutes.

As a MH professional I think that you’re probably NOT as mentally unstable as you think - he is probably emotionally abusing you and causing you to feel this way.

Please contact the assaulted womens line or a local shelter. They can provide legal help, counselling, a safe place to stay, and other supports.

Please leave and never look back. Stay safe. Stay alive.