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u/SmallTownMortician Jan 14 '22 Silver Gold Helpful Starry


Good guys don't choke people. He is not a good guy.


u/fridaycat Jan 14 '22 Eureka!

I worked with DV survivors for years. I want you to be a survivor, so remember this. There is always a first time, never a last time. He said you caused him to choke you? Get out now. Also, I am concerned you are in a new city. How did that happen, did he move you there away from your support system? So many red flags. Please leave while you can.

I'm also concerned that you were being choked, but the police didnt show up until the next day?

And this was a small argument?


u/Eruionmel Jan 14 '22

I'm sure it was her parents who called the cops, not the neighbors, which is why they didn't show up until the next day.