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u/secondhandbanshee Jan 14 '22

Let me make this really, really clear, OP.

Your life is in danger.

Men who choke are statistically much more likely to kill you.

You can die days later after being choked.

Choking can cause micro traumatic brain injuries that can permanently mess up your ability to think.

Health issues that develop later in life can be exacerbated by TBIs from abuse. If you want to know what happens when your blood pressure goes up and you have a lot of old micro TBIs, drop me a message. I can tell you all about the two years I lost to cognitive and physical impairment from exactly this. And I'm one of the lucky ones.

Your bf is NOT good.

You have a choice. You can leave or you can play Russian roulette every single day of your life.

I know how hard it is to accept and I'm not going to judge you if you're not ready to save yourself yet. Just realize that this man is not your boyfriend. He's your enemy. The sooner you accept that, the more likely you are to survive.

You deserve to live. You deserve not to be treated like this. You are worth saving.