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u/Music_Is_My_Muse Jan 14 '22

It's not might. He will kill her if she doesn't get away from him now.


u/SeaWolfMocha Jan 14 '22

He’s a nice guy except: he chokes, places foot over your throat, he’s aggressive, blames you for everything, gaslights you by saying your abusive, and blames you because he has the emotions of a four year old? He is not a nice guy and you deserve so much better.


u/Ignorad Jan 15 '22

Heck, he might still try to track her down and kill her. Angry dudes get very vindictive when things go wrong and it's all the woman's fault.


u/ForTheLoveOfHoney Jan 15 '22

Statistics support that choking leads to murder. Please get away, stay away, and find some healing and hope. It sounds like you have done a ton of your own personal work. Keep pushing forward and shed your abuser.