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u/cametobemean Jan 14 '22

I’ve seen people already point out that the chances of a male partner killing you skyrocket after they start choking you, so I won’t.

You’re already leaving, but this is the dangerous part. Women are more at risk leaving than at any other point, and it usually takes several times to actually escape the cycle.

Do. Not. Go. Back. You are too important to this world to do that. You’re gonna want to talk about this and tell it so many times for validation that you did the right thing and sometimes when survivors aren’t getting the right validation, they gaslight themselves into believe it was their own fault. Don’t you do that. Seems like you have a number of people around to validate you but if you feel the tug of doubt EVER about this, I do not mind FaceTiming internet strangers to validate them. Over and over again if they need. I bet all of the people commenting would do it, too.

Proud of you for running. Never look back.