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u/Ecstatic-Class278 Jan 14 '22

Lady you need to RUN. Cut all contact, leave the city, leave the state if you need to. If you have friends or family you can stay with, do that. He is NOT going to change for the better no matter how hard you love him. Good men don't choke people except consensually in the bedroom. Even bad men don't put their feet on the neck of someone they love. This dude is terrible, and you don't deserve to be treated the way he has treated you. He will likely murder you the next time he flies into one of his "little rages". Listen to the comments here and G.T.F.O.

And go to the ER if you can, he frigging strangled you! You can end up with horrific side effects from something like that, even if it didn't seem serious in the moment.

Please, please, please get out.