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Happy Cakeday, r/WDTSG! Today you're 10


Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.

Your top 1 posts:

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Happy Cakeday, r/WDTSG! Today you're 9


Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.

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r/WDTSG Mar 30 '21

"Due to the dust that is typically in the air."


I've been looking for years for an infomercial for an air purifier where one of the actors says, "due to dust that is typically in the air." I believed it aired early 2,000's.

My friend and I have been looking for this for years with no luck!

r/WDTSG Oct 22 '20

Sad LOLs Happy Cakeday, r/WDTSG! Today you're 8


Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.

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r/WDTSG Sep 24 '20

META Ideas to bring activity to the sub


Hi users and mods. Longtime fan and sometimes poster on r/WhereDidTheSodaGo. Just discovered this meta sub, hoping to spark some conversation.

WDTSG is a bit dead, guys. There are sometimes flurries of activity, but by and large we see maybe one new quality post a week if we’re lucky. Sometimes a lot less. Just a few flicks of my finger on the main sub and I’m already into months old posts.

I have a couple ideas worth considering.

One, BRING BACK THE CAPTION CONTEST! I used to love the old caption contest, because honestly writing captions is the best part. What made you stop? Too difficult to find gifs to use? Not enough responses?

Two, and this may be more controversial, but I think you should seriously consider dropping the requirement to post the source vid. I understand it’s a quality control thing to prevent low effort posts or spam/reposts, but honestly I think it makes barrier to entry too high for many posters, myself included. I either find a funny clip, and then spend hours looking for the source, potentially not even finding it (as with an amazing chicken cutting gif I had removed a few months back for no source) or I have to cut down a full OC and edit it, convert to gif, upload it, etc.

It’s a pain in the butt. I don’t think we have issues with a flood of bad content, right now we need ANY content. As of now, most posts I see are uploads of the same gifs (that have sources) because people can’t be bothered to do the legwork, so they find an old post that has a source, and just recaption it. Nothing wrong with that per se, but it does make the sub feel a bit samey.

I had a fairly successful post maybe 10 months ago (it’s not even that far down the queue!) and I’ve already seen it reposted with (IMO) a worse title simply because it was already sourced and easy to use.

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone will see this, no activity here in almost two years, but I love the sub and I want to see it awesome again.


r/WDTSG Jul 11 '19

GifTournament Battle #11 Round #3 - Infomercials

Thumbnail reddit.com

r/WDTSG Nov 16 '18

Didn't fit the rules for the main sub: In an attempt to prank his uncles, Jimmy put lemon juice on the tourist telescopes.

Thumbnail gfycat.com

r/WDTSG Apr 25 '18

I made a commercial that was inspired by WDTSG


We tried to make it in black and white and make it more in the style of most WDTSG commercials, but we were on a 30 second time restriction. So I introduce you to the Scrub Daddy

r/WDTSG Mar 08 '18

What does the "No Context" flair imply?


Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

r/WDTSG Jan 27 '18

[Question!] Why are there so many "No Context" posts if the sidebar says they will be removed if there is no context?


r/WDTSG Jan 02 '18

Can anyone find gif material of this

Thumbnail i.redd.it

r/WDTSG Sep 28 '17

What happened to videos?


I used to sub this on an old account and it was all videos with audio. Where can i find those now?

r/WDTSG Sep 10 '17

I made a Subreddit icon for r/WhereDidTheSodaGo!

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r/WDTSG Aug 11 '17

Will you ever allow photos?


I have some great ideas for r/wheredidthesodago but theyre for stock photos, will you ever allow those/is there anothee sub for this?

r/WDTSG Aug 06 '17

Looking for an infomercial that would fit this sub


In my childhood I saw an infomercial about sneakers that had wheels under them.

It had a really unintentionally funny greyscale bit that compared them to kickboards, where, when confronted with stairs, the kid with the sneakers would just run down the stairs while the kid with the kickboard would stop at the top and fold up the kickboard all the way and put it into a bag, THEN walk down the stairs. The time to traverse the stairs was then compared and it of course favoured the sneakers.

If anyone could find this bit I'd be grateful. I've tried myself from time to time but haven't been able to. It's a great example of infomercial silliness!

r/WDTSG Aug 03 '17

Where tf is it

Thumbnail i.redd.it

r/WDTSG Jul 20 '17

Dark Stock Photos - first I've seen of this and I'm in love, potential source?

Thumbnail twitter.com

r/WDTSG Apr 08 '17

Not creative enough to come up with a title for this but I can see there is a goldmine of karma in this ad

Thumbnail m.youtube.com

r/WDTSG Feb 26 '17

Literally, where did the soda go?

Thumbnail media2.giphy.com

r/WDTSG Feb 03 '17

Early 2000s vaping douchebag in restaurant, showing waitress it doesn't burn by butting it in his hand.


I've been needing this quasi-meme a few times already and every time I can't find it.

You guys know what I mean ? The guy is bald in a suit, the waitress goes "sir you can't smoke here" and then he butts the e-cig in his hand with a silly face.

I tried a bunch of search terms in the main sub with no success :( I'm sure I've seen it there before though.

r/WDTSG Jan 31 '17

What do the flairs mean?


What does "Soda spirit" and "No context" mean?

r/WDTSG Oct 08 '16

SubredditSimulator creates a great WDTSG post

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r/WDTSG Sep 06 '16

I found where the soda went!

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r/WDTSG Jul 28 '16

What's the difference between (Soda Spirit) and (No Context)


I dont understand.

r/WDTSG Jul 06 '16

With a sudden thud Bo's years of servitude where finally at an end.

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