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donate or write and get cool flair! Join us in supporting LGBTQIA+ refugees at the Kakuma refugee camp, there are lots of different ways to help!

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✨ WvP Daily Chat and Good Witchy Vibes ✨


Welcome to the WVP daily chat/gratitude/support thread! This post is your space to talk about anything that doesn't really fit elsewhere and join in some casual convo with other witches. Share kitchen witch tips, tell a funny story about your familiar, brag about your garden, share your dreams, goals, gratitude and bad puns here. Tell us the things (big and small) that made you happy today. Questions from fledgling witches are always welcome - hopefully we can offer up some answers and support! 

Please note that this post is a helpful/hopeful space and our "be kind" rule is strictly enforced. Join the coven, come chat with us! 

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Discussion How do I even respond to this?


So my boyfriend and I are probably gonna fight over this...I sent him something from here, and discovered he's banned from this sub, which of course raised immediate concerns. So I asked why and his response was this: "Well put simply I don’t believe we live in a patriarchal society in modern America"

So uhh, any advice on how to even handle that?

EDIT: I just broke up with him. Single and ready to mingle with hopefully better people, baby!

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Selfie Sorcery Thought you all would enjoy my wicked new chest piece ⭐🌙

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Marketplace I make paintings about our changing bodies, and love adding real details ♡

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Meme Craft Fabulous harbinger ✨

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Witchy Crafts This almost doesn't sound real. But I want to believe.

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Women in History Long-time hero Ripley speaking for all of us

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Burn the Patriarchy after seeing all of these horrible stuff that you, witches from USA have to go through, I wanted to share good news. My small Eastern European country Lithuania will let women since 2023 to have abortions with pills. Me and my friends are celabrating!

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Burn the Patriarchy A Small Win?


My friend's mom and dad are pro choice and anti choice, I'm guessing you all can guess who is which, but her mom got her husband to (begrudgingly) agree to buy and donate diapers because if he wants to say that he's "pro life" then he can support those who can't afford baby supplies and yet were forced to become parents anyways

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Selfie Sorcery Got my first tattoo! Cherry blossoms for rebirth, renewal and good new beginnings ✨

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Familiars A sea witch

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Marketplace A glowing opal ring that I’ve been working on for months and finally perfected!

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Selfie Sorcery I don't share myself much. but I was feeling my hair today! As I should, it only took me 2 hours 😂 Each bead has a Rune engraved into it and each dread has meaning.

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Meme Craft My favorite spell yet!!

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Meme Craft I made an oopsie. What do I do?

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Art Mushrooms and Change - words from Rebecca Solnit and artist Cat Lambert

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Meme Craft My goal in life is to be a Terry Pratchett Witch.

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Art I thought this would be a safe place to share my graphic design art. I tried to replicate a Rorschach Ink effect for an album cover. I thought it came out pretty good overall.

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Selfie Sorcery Learning my "wand" (uke) with future ballads against oppression on my mind! Anyone else use music as "air" in witchcraft?

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Discussion Patriarchy strikes again, this time with ADMIN.


I realise that in the grand scheme of things this isn't huge, but I'm just so annoyed!!

In our household, I manage the (household's) finances. We (me, cis female and him, cis male) both contribute, but I deal with all the bills. As we've just moved, I've spent a while calling round to let various companies and authorities know, and to update our details and settle final bills.

My partner has never, ever spoken to any of our suppliers or our local council. AND YET both our new energy supplier and our previous local council have written TO HIM about our taxes/bills. Only his name is on the letters. Not both, just his. My first name and surname both come before his alphabetically, so it can't be that. I have never, ever seen this before. Our local council used to write to both of us, and now suddenly it's just to him. Our new energy supplier wouldn't have known he existed if I hadn't asked him to be added as a secondary account holder, but our 'new customer' pack came addressed to only him.

WHAT THE HELL. Should I complain? Is this worth making a stink about or should I let it go?

Small update: my partner wanted me to make it clear that he is as annoyed by this as I am. Also he thinks he spoke to the council once about the bins, a year ago. 🙄 Not, you know, last week about the matter in the offending letter.

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Deities Atlas, undeniably magical in his own right. I have no idea who his human is, known him for months.

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Marketplace Made myself this sticker for my water bottle, thought you’d all appreciate ✨

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Discussion Currently trying not to have a panic attack


I just read an article about how 97% of rainwater on earth is now unsafe to drink due to toxic, cancer-causing chemicals polluted by big companies. The US government has known about this for at least a decade and done nothing.

I'm twenty years old. I've only just started building my life and now I'm wondering how long we'll have safe drinking water at all. I'm once again debating the ethics of having a child in the future because while it's something my husband and I have talked about, we aren't sure whether our child would even have a life worth living. I'm once again wondering if I'll be able to enjoy my retirement, if I ever retire at all.

Normally I do a good job about compartmentalizing news like this. A sort of practiced dissociation just to go on living. But this, this story about the rainwater broke me. We can't even drink the fucking rain anymore how long until all the water on earth is contaminated?

The rich will never understand that they will be suffering just as much as us when the consequences of their actions come crashing down. Their money can't buy clean water, clean air, not forever. Eventually those of us they rely on will all die from this crisis and they'll realize they can't fend for themselves. They can't undo their midas touch and turn gold into food to eat.

I'm just so sick of feeling like my future has been stolen from me by people I don't even know, who won't live long enough to deal with the consequences. It makes me fucking sick and no therapist or medication can change the fact that this is fundamentally wrong.

Edit: decade

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Blessings My kid is flying out to stay with dad for a couple of weeks...


... and I would please ask for blessings, protection and really anything that will ease my mind during this time. My child and I moved back from usa to my home country in Europe a few years ago, dad didn't follow as planned, which was a blessing because in hindsight, after lots of therapy, I realized he's manipulative and abusive. My child is in late teens now and has maintained a relationship with dad through phone. My child as some understanding of how dad can be, and is understandably excited to go see dad and extended family again. But I worry about my child's well-being. So please, it would help me to no end if I knew other, stronger witches, would add their voices so Universe will hear loud and clear to protect mind, spirit and body of my child, and ease my suffering while my child is on the other side of this planet. Please help. Thank you.

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Meme Craft There are witches, and then there are Welsh witches

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Witchy Crafts I visited an Arts and Crafts Market today and just couldn't walk away from this. My mum got herself the cutest little goat from the same seller

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