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Discussion if there were no men in the world for 24 hours what would you do differently?


Edit: I made this post specifically to show how much misogyny impacts womens lives. Not to "bash" on men but to perhaps open some eyes to the constant state of fear so many women live in.

When you tell men about this most won't believe its that bad or that big of a deal. The comments speak for themselves

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Discussion How do I even respond to this?


So my boyfriend and I are probably gonna fight over this...I sent him something from here, and discovered he's banned from this sub, which of course raised immediate concerns. So I asked why and his response was this: "Well put simply I don’t believe we live in a patriarchal society in modern America"

So uhh, any advice on how to even handle that?

EDIT: I just broke up with him. Single and ready to mingle with hopefully better people, baby!

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Media Magic I know this is not a movie sub but I want to ask your opinion on the movie "Prey". I really loved it but some stupid people on the internet are bashing it because they think it's a "social message crap" even though it is not.

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Discussion Y'all, what the hell is up with fantasy romance novels all being so sexist?


I've just gone through 10+ different book series descriptions on Kindle and every single one of them has the same plot. It goes thusly: I, a worryingly young woman (18-20), am being used as chattel in someone else's plans, I am sad and defiant, but wait! The man I've been sold to, who is made of red flags such as buying women and being controlling, is actually super hot and I love him now. Yay!

Edit: please, dear god, someone please help me find a good fantasy romance with strong feminist vibes.

Edit 2: Thank you everyone! Some of these author recommendations I had no clue about and some I knew but forgot about. I am now going to reference this thread every time I need a new book!

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Discussion What’s the safest way to get a man to stop talking to you?


I’ve noticed an uptick in (primarily white, cis, hetero) men just coming up and talking at me without prompting. Usually starts with something innocuous and then takes a turn into hitting on me/trying to follow me or spouting their Trumpist political beliefs at me.

I just want to exist in the universe without constantly being interrupted by self-important men, and I’m starting to fear for my safety. Give me your best tips/tricks to get a man to leave you alone without escalating the situation.

Thanks in advance and fuck the patriarchy!!!

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Discussion “My GF is mad at me about Roe v Wade.”


I’ve seen many posts from men, predictably confuddled as to why their girlfriends were angry at them “for no reason” about Roe v Wade.

Of course, these girlfriends in question were immediately labeled as “red flags” or “crazy feminists” by dudebros in the comments.

Men, your girlfriends are not angry at you because of Roe v Wade. They are most likely upset because you were unable to display empathy, and were apathetic to (or worse, in support of) her rights being stripped away. So stop reducing it to “my GF is angry at me for factors outside of my control” for pity points on the internet, and intentionally making your girlfriend the “crazy hysterical woman.”

Their anger at you is born out of your reaction to the SCOTUS ruling, not the ruling itself.

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Discussion For equity

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Discussion India Vs USA

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Discussion Body hair vs the patriarchy


Hey witches,

So like most (?) women, from a young age I was introduced to the idea of shaving- shaving EVERYTHING. I was embarrassed about having hair anywhere that went against the ‘norm’ beauty standards. Over the last few years I’ve just let hair grow, however I feel still a little embarrassed about wearing strappy tops and skirts that expose hair. Especially in hot weather. People STILL stare.

My question is how do you guys deal with the stigma against women with body hair and raise above the judgement?

P.s. I live in a very liberal town, the gay capital of Europe. I know that others aren’t so fortunate of living in a town full of vibrant , colourful people. For me it’s fairly easy to go unnoticed and blend in but I can imagine it isn’t so easy for others. Stay strong guys, let the revolution commence!!

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Discussion My bf left me extra space in my coffee cup this morning for my moon water and I can't stop thinking about it


Every morning my bf makes me coffee in my cup before he leaves for work so it's all hot still when I wake up. It's his way of showing love and it always makes me so happy. Last night I did some full moon rituals and left out my moon water vial to be charged overnight, I told him I will add it to my coffee in the morning. I'm sure many of you have too, but I've been made fun of before for my practices and always have that inner guarded feeling around them. I thought he might laugh, but he didn't. This morning I noticed there was more room than normal in my coffee cup. I texted him to say good morning and said that my moon water fit in perfectly and he replied that he had tried to estimate how much space I would need 😭🥰

I can't stop thinking about how validated it made me feel. He is quite analytical and logical but he always takes the time and makes the effort to show he cares about the things that I enjoy. That is something that I have never experienced in relationships before this one and it's so amazing to feel seen and understood.

How does your partner/family/friend support your practice even if they don't practice themselves? It always means so much when they do 💖

Edit: Wow thanks pals, your stories are lovely, thank you so much for sharing the love! He really is an amazing man and I am very thankful to have him in my life.

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Discussion What I put on Instagram today

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Discussion ppl say that I’m too boyish but I like my haircut

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Discussion As a 15 year old boy, what can I do to dismantle the patriarchy?


I just wanted the witches if this sub, things (major and minor) to get rid of the patriarchy in my daily life. Thing that I my do that is patriarchal in my life and things I can do.

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Discussion What are men doing?


I asked my husband (he is a nurse and in his graduate program for psych NP) what he is going to do since our nation has declared war on women.

We have a blended family of three daughters and one son. He said he wants to advocate vasectomy and is willing to get one in solidarity (I am sterile) as well as taking the courses needed to provide abortions in addition to his other course work. I have decided to keep him.

This question needs to be asked of the men who say they love us.

For me, I walk around distracted and my mind is in chaos. I realize that the latter half of my life is now about activism and I am willing to be arrested, physically fight and use my weapons (my firearm included) to protect myself and my daughters from this tyranny of hate and fear that is stripping all women of their right to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

Ask your men - fathers, husbands, sons, friends…. What are you going to do?

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Discussion 2 abortions during her teenage years and grows up to live successful career life. Now pushes for anti-abortion for all.



Grew up in the inner city, pregnant at 16. 2 Abortions. Successful career life followed these actions.

Now she is a board member of the Arizona Life Coalition, which advocates for anti-abortion.

What I really don't understand is that she tries to use her infertility as a reason to push for anti-abortion. Yet it may be more telling when the article hints at her and her husbands Christian beliefs.

Shouldn't the doctors be explaining that there is a chance of infertility during the initial consultation? I imagine they already do this. Why outright decide that a woman shouldn't be exposed to an operation that may result in infertility? It's her body and her choice, and the risk is hers to decide.

Is there really any reasoning to this or is this just another example of religious agenda pushing? I could understand the possibility of a teenager not fully understanding the long term repercussions of infertility, but anti-abortion laws are effecting women of ALL ages so I can't find much reasoning in it.

Really not trying to get anybody riled up, it just seems like this place is very healthily pro-choice. If someone can link me to a better sub for discussion on this, I can delete the post and recreate it there.

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Discussion Hello! I’m a trans man. Can I still be a witch?


Sorry, this is the he only place I could think of to ask because I’m interested.

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Discussion I was today years old when I learned Plan B isn’t as effective in plus size people.


Maybe this is common knowledge and I was just out of the loop, but it seems very important to remind ourselves with so many states still pushing abortion restrictions.

In one study, women taking Plan B who weighed over 176 pounds had the same pregnancy rate as those who did not use any emergency contraception.

As a sidenote, would highly recommend Aubrey Gordon’s book, What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat.

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Discussion Is it okay for me to stop being friends with someone if I find they’re against abortion?


16F and from Asia, I have been seeing a lot of posts about abortion especially with the current events in the USA. I strongly empathize with all people who are affected by these laws, as the country I am in has always banned abortion.

I’m pro-choice and I feel very strongly about this. I’m wondering if it’s reasonable to stop being friends with someone if I find that they’re against abortion? Is it an overreaction or is me feeling this way okay?

I would appreciate any and all advice, I’m hoping this is an appropriate post. If not please let me know and I’ll take it down, thanks to all who see this.


EDIT: Thank you all for your responses, experiences, and advice. I have no reliable adult figures in my life and so I’m very thankful that a lot of people helped me out. I’m not very bright when it comes to more complex topics regarding morals, ethics, and emotions, so I’m glad people helped me out in that area.

Because of his nature, I have considered trying to change his mind but I know it will lead to nowhere. I’ve come to the conclusion that while there will be many more people like him with differing opinions and perspectives, anything that revolves around going against human rights and life and death (such as bodily autonomy) is now a deal breaker for me. Thank you to those who have shared their own experiences regarding their life-saving abortion procedures as that had reinforced the weight of the topic for me.

I am still interested in seeing other perspectives, whether it be from either side as I want to inform myself more on topics like these. Thank you all again.

TLDR: Thank you guys for providing me with some perspective. I have decided to end our friendship silently and without confrontation.

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Discussion Hi fellow witchy beings. Last month I had a full hysterectomy and bilateral salpingectomty to treat Endo and pelvic pain. A very insensitive friend asked me "so do I call you a they now?". I'm feeling down about my decision, please help me reclaim my lady power when things are so different now.


I want to say thank you to every single person who commented. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your strong energy with me and reminding me that I am a strong woman regardless of what internal organs I have. Having this done at 31 has been hard, and I appreciate all the suggestions of therapy, medication, and pelvic floor physio. I so deeply appreciate you all ❤️

I didn't realize that so many others would be going on the same health journey that I am. I'm sending healing and love to all those who are waiting for, having, have had hysterectomies or cancer. I have experienced both of these things and they're hard roads to traverse. Goddess bless you and my thoughts for your healing journey!

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Discussion buzzed my head and now men don’t know how to act


that’s all. can’t a girl have an easy hairstyle without all the gossip and double standard of oh you must be sick or a lesbian? male coworkers i’ve always been cool with now don’t know how to act around me or what to say. it’s just hair. they all have shaved heads but it’s weird when a girl does it?

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Discussion Anyone else annoyed at health recommendations for "women of childbearing age"?


You see it everywhere from alcohol to fish where there's recommendations for men ages 18+ and women age 50+, and then a more restrictive suggestion for women ages 18-49. When asked about fish recommendations, this is what the CA government has to say:

What if I’m not pregnant or planning to become pregnant?

Mercury can build up in a woman’s body before she becomes pregnant, so OEHHA recommends that women of childbearing age choose low-mercury fish in case they become pregnant.

It just assumes that women who are of that age are going to have a baby eventually and therefore should structure their health and lifestyle around being the ideal incubator for a baby they might never want. There was even a push a while back from the WHO to get women of childbearing age to stop drinking entirely "just in case". My health recommendations should be based on MY HEALTH. You can have separate recommendations for those who intend to carry a baby in the future, but there's no need for blanket recommendations that apply to all females.

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Discussion Automatic gendering to male even when I make it clear they're female??


Just a short rant, but for context I absolutely love Dungeons and Dragons, the the game I'm currently running has the BBEGs (big bad evil guys aka main antagonists) as two Genasi women (Genasi being a unique elemental-style race in DND). I have made it very clear that these two are women. Always use she/her pronouns, they have very clear feminine names (Valnoria for the main earth Genasi and Helereith for the fire Genasi right-hand woman), and I've even drawn them both as clearly women and everyone in said campaign has seen them.

Yet for some reason, all of my players cannot seem to comprehend that these are not men. They're constantly referring to them with he/him, "the evil men who run this facility", and just generally forgetting they're women. And most of the people at said table are quite progressive and supportive, ranging from straight but supportive to also queer like me. But they just can't seem to comprehend that yes, it can be two women that are the villains that do all this deplorable stuff??

The only other person that never calls them men is the only other sapphic person at the table other than me. I dunno, just an observation. My friends obviously don't mean to and dont mean any harm, but I guess we've been conditioned to believe women cant be dangerous or powerful enough to be villains and bad guys. just makes you think I guess...

edit: just for context, we have

nonbinary lesbian (me, the DM)

genderfluid pansexual (i think) bard aaracokra (pretty new, misgenders occasionally)

straight man arcane trickster wood elf (very new, doesn't misgender)

straight man completely overpowered bardlock tortle (very experienced and somewhat misgenders)

straight woman druid wood elf (very new, somewhat misgenders)

bi woman rogue kobold, who's my absolute best friend (experienced, somewhat misgenders)

gay man paladin tiefling (very experienced, misgenders often)

and queer woman tiefling (other sapphic person i was mentioning) pyromancer sorcerer who never misgenders

so i dunno if it's about sexuality or gender, but more abt what people are used to? i dunno, i appreciate your opinions and advice in the comments though!

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Discussion Let’s be honest ladies, how many men in your life have reached out to you today and comforted you post the decision?


For me, none.

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Discussion Witches, I need your advice! I recently got my first tattoo in an effort to be more comfortable with who I am. I'm now having serious second thoughts about the design. Please be kind and send me your thoughts - happy to respond to questions in the comments.

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Discussion Facebook Gave Nebraska Cops A Teen's DMs So They Could Prosecute Her For Having An Abortion

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