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🚫 GENERAL STRIKE 🚫 UAW President announces new wave of 7000 striking autoworkers in powerful speech

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💥 Strike! A contract for 75,000 workers is about to expire. The largest US health care strike in history could be next


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❔ Other Don't be greedy, the van has not changed!!!

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🛠️ Union Strong BREAKING: Strippers United has won approval for a NLRB mail-in union election and the dancers at Star Garden Topless Dive Bar could soon have the first strippers' union in the US since 1996!

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📝 Story Interview at lidl


Towards the end of the interview, I was given a clipboard and asked to walk around the store for 5 minutes and write down anything wrong with the store. Went for a customer assistant role and was happy to do it. Came back and mentioned a couple things like how bottles were stacked on top of each other haphazardly instead of taking the excess back to the stockroom and how some sections weren't stocked at all. Also the aisles were quite messy in general and sweeping was urgently needed. The 2 hiring staff were shocked by my audacity to do what they asked and started arguing with me and trying to justify why the shop was in such a state and I just laughed and left. Clearly would have been a nightmare to work for!

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💬 Advice Needed Lowballed and rug pulled out from under me. How should I handle it?


I found a perfect new job for myself and I need it bc my current position is now contract employment. I’ve lost benefits and hours are minimal.

I crushed the (extremely slow) interview process for this new position and was thrilled to receive an offer yesterday. Until more was explained.

Ends up the current VP just put in their two weeks notice to quit. This apparently changed things for the company.

Instead of being offered the manager position I interviewed for, I was offered a specialist position for 20% less. This means my family would have to drastically change our lifestyle.

I’m confused because I would have been the third employee in this department, but now it’s just two if I accept and I KNOW I will be asked to take on plenty of the VP’s responsibilities.

How would you handle this if it happened to you? I’ve countered with a number less than I originally asked for, but I still feel like I’m starting on the wrong foot with this company and that I’m ignoring a massive red flag.

I don’t want to have to start applying for more new positions, start the interview process over again, and keep pulling from our dwindling savings. I just can’t help but feel like this was a bait and switch and that the rug has been pulled from under me.

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💥 Strike! S & S II Charters Moving Scabs

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S & S II charters is bussing in the scab workers to the MOPAR facility in Center Line. Not sure what security company Stellantis hired for the extra security.

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😡 Venting This Is Why We Need Universal Healthcare!

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✂️ Tax The Billionaires One mission: Protect capitalism to the death ☠️


Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are millionaires. You don’t become a millionaire without being a capitalist.

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🛠️ Union Strong Hollywood CEOs Thought They Could Wait Out A Writers Strike. They Were Wrong. | The Writers Guild of America didn't just secure a victory for their own membership—they blazed a trail for other workers to follow.


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💥 Strike! Gov't shutdowns: perfect way to schedule a General Strike


They are telling us when we should all stop going to work.

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🛠️ Union Strong Response to government shutdown: Economic shutdown.


A great time for unions to organize a nationwide general strike. If Congress won't do their jobs, why the hell should we?

For non-unionized workers, a great time to start organizing!

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🛠️ Union Strong Why are people just compliant with the way things are??


Conversation with my sisters about the union and the rich. None of us make a shit ton of money. We are all very middle class or even lower middle class.

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✅ Success Story ICYMI there was a MASSIVE VICTORY yesterday! After years of organizing, striking, and speaking out, half a million fast-food workers in California WON a seat at the table and a $20 hour minimum wage! #UnionsForAll

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📝 Story Got rejected because I live in the state where they’re hiring?

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I applied for a position a month ago, based in a city 45 minutes away from me (same state). They responded to me today stating they “are not hiring in the state I’m located in”. This position was very specifically not remote.

So, they opened a position in the same state as me, collected a ton of resumes, and then rejected them all, claiming they’re not hiring in the state the position is open in.

This was a job posted on Indeed for what seems to be a real company. The position is also listed on LinkedIn and their website. I reported the position for being inaccurate, hopefully it gets taken down and Indeed flags them.

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😡 Venting Company reducing salary of all non-senior staff by $20,000



Union is already organizing. It's insane, our company is large and gets hundreds if not thousands of new graduates in Engineering, the new ones will be making 3/4ths of what the ones from last year will be making. This also includes current junior staff.

I said this was stupid, we'll drive the talent away... then I found out it's happening elsewhere too in the industry.

What's going on??

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😡 Venting American Work Culture Needs To Be Eliminated Entirely.


Our toxic work culture is one of the most immoral concoctions in the developed world. It practically breeds depression. Your boss has complete ownership over your life. If your boss calls you in on a Saturday morning in order to be a "good worker" you would have to answer the call and rush to save the day. Our pathetic work culture doesn't consider the mental health, the personal life, and the needs of the worker. The company and the share holders will always be given priority. Your feeble personal life means nothing to management. It is always up to YOU the worker to prove yourself. The company owes you nothing from their point of view. You are replaceable and expendable and as soon as you lose usefulness they will drop you like a bad habit.

It is impossible in todays Hussle culture to maintain a personal/work life balance. Your sole existence from the time you are a child till the moment you die is to make yourself marketable to the economy. If you are unable to do so you will be cast aside and laughed at by the greater society, even if your job is important you will be treated like utter dirt. Millions of workers in America are living paycheck to paycheck because apparently the mystical economy did not deem them worthy of a living wage. If you do not do exactly what the unquestionable economy tell you to do, you deserve whatever you get in life because of it. No need for basic things like healthcare, dental, transportation, housing, and food. These are all lavish expenditures that only those that win the economic lottery deserve to have. If you are lucky you will finally be able to afford a house after 50 years of saving every last penny and eating ramen noodles every day while not ever having fun. Maybe, just maybe you might be able to do it. If you don't, well sorry! It must be your fault someway somehow because our mystical magical thing called the economy is never ever ever wrong. So remember folks! Just hustle hustle hustle! Keep working for something you may or may never be able to get. Sell your soul to these companies and be a good little worker. Your life doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the omnipotent economy.

This disgusting system is so blatantly immoral it is a wonder how we are still putting up with it. People are finally just now waking up from the spell. How the hell is the minimum wage still 7.25 an hour. Are we still under the illusion that the current level of inequality is due to laziness and not exploitation? The middle class is dead. And greed killed it. People did exactly what they were told and have only been slapped in the face. You have skilled professionals with college degree's unable to land a studio apartment. The minimum wage should realistically be 30 dollars an hour (probably more). This is a systematic crisis that has yet to be addressed by any of those from the top of the pyramid. It is because they directly benefit from this exploitation. The people who are suppose to protect us are getting billions from lobbying corporations. We truly have no choice but to strike. It is our only tool left. Lets see what happens when the wheels stop turning. Maybe then they will take us seriously. Lets shut down every store, every service, every company, every industry and the whole of this economy until every last worker is lifted from poverty. If the system doesn't work it needs to be fixed. No one should be living as a second class citizen unable to buy basic goods in the richest country in the world.

Only time will tell if this becomes a reality. We are making rounds in the public consciousness like never before. The working class needs to unite for a better future. Both Democrat and Republican. Black and White. Short and Tall. Blue collar and white collar. All need to unite so we can finally get our piece of the pie. Division is their greatest tool and it has done a hell of a number on us. Our greatest weapon is solidarity. These is class warfare. Time to bring back the middle class. Time to bring back the American dream. It's time.

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🤝 Scare A Billionaire, Join A Union If you could just spare a few moments out of your day to get to know your coworkers pls

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💬 Advice Needed IT unionized already or no


If not, how do I start the Union? I’m tired of the exploitation that happens to us. Rich execs just ship our jobs overseas. Our years of experience doesn’t always equate more money. Not unless you’re going to get a masters or more certs, but even then, there are companies that demand 3 certs from Comprtia and only pay 30 an hour.

Another thing that sucks is the rate new technology comes out and you’re expected to be an expert on it or you don’t qualify for the amount of money for your years of experience in the IT industry. End of rant.

TLDR unionize IT. Stop jobs leaving and new tech making us obsolete.

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📰 News 90-year-old employee at McDonald's Japan says she plans to work until she turns 100


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📝 Story This rejection email from a job I applied to years ago misunderstood my visa status. After trying to clarify, the goalposts were just moved.


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📣 Advice Underpaid.


Hai, I have a question. I have been off sick for a week and first day I let the line manager know and and updated her that I would hear back from my GP and they advised me to get a sicknote. On pay day, they underpaid me, whilst they sent me my payslip and the hours that I worked for. When I received my pay I was really underpaid and not paid for the hours I worked for.

I phoned up and they told me that because I was off sick and because I didn’t call in every day. I contacted them on all the days I was on the rota for and also informed them that, my GP informed me that they could only get me a sicknote after a week. Anyways, they want me to bring in my uniform etc to get my money. Basically they terminated me.

I find it very unprofessional that they underpaid because of that and on top of that without any communication decided to underpay before I give the uniform and any ppe back without my consent.

Are they allowed to do this? And what should I do?

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📅 Enact A 32 Hour Work Week Almost 100 years ago people changed from working up to 14 hours 6 days per week to current 8 to 5, 5-day work week model. It would be nice gesture if on this anniversary world would move to 4 day work week.

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📝 Story Hired to fill a spot knowing I would be fired.


I was hired by a big company, great pay and benefits only to find out I was only hired to fill a spot on a team with them knowing I didn't have the experience or skills for the job and would either be fired or quit (me and 2 others). How the hell is this legal? Like, after I left I was told by my new manager that I was "set up for failure because this job is for people who already have experience and need very little training." No wonder noone wants to work anymore, I have been bait and switched or burned by 2 companies since last year and really don't get how they can hire knowing they are placing you in a bad situation. So sick of working in America with the bitch ass corporations.

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💬 Advice Needed Is this legal in Illinois

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is this legal in illinois? posted above time clock. I interpret it as if you forget to punch in, you will not be paid even if you tell a manager.

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📰 News Are you a current or previous employer of one of Darden Group's 9 restaurants? You could get money from this lawsuit! Please help us get the word out.


📣 Calling all service industry workers! 🍽️

A recent development in the lawsuit against Darden Restaurants Inc. sheds light on an important issue facing servers.

We are now seeking former Darden employees who can join the lawsuit and help advance this cause for fair wages and equal treatment. Your voice is the key to change. We need YOUR stories to push for fair wages and equal treatment.

Please help us get the word out about this lawsuit. The deadline has recently been extended to October 11 because we are still in search of a plaintiff(s) to represent the case. Share this with everyone and everywhere!