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January Reddit Talk schedule - Wednesdays at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST - Join us for all-new Reddit Talk experiences!


Hello, everyone! We're back this January with another round of exciting talks!

First up this month is a discussion on AI art. We've touched on this issue before in Automation Week, but on January 4 we're going on a deep dive into how artificial intelligence is transforming the art world and what this means for artists going forward.

Later this month, we have two topics voted on by the community. Join us on January 11 for a discussion on how to deal with management and again on January 25 for a discussion on inflation, pay, and cost of living. Manager giving you trouble you need a little help with? Groceries and rent going up with no ceiling in sight? Come discuss these issues in a safe, supportive environment.

Finally, we have another of our famed Open Mic Nights on January 18 to give you a chance to tell your story or simply share your thoughts with the community. Whether you just got hired at a new job or you've read some interesting articles you'd like to share with us, there's always a place for you during Open Mic Night!

Please note that the 4 hour time limit is a guideline, not a hard rule. Weeks may run slightly longer or shorter depending on circumstances.


January 4 - Discussion Week: AI Art - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

January 11 - Discussion Week: How to Deal With Management - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

January 18 - Open Mic Night - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

January 25 - Inflation, Pay, and Cost of Living - 2 PM PST/5 PM EST to 6 PM PST/9 PM EST

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"You're not here to socialize, you're here to work."

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As it should be

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There’s no way this is legal right?

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Not allowed to work from home so I don’t


My job recently told me that even during the snowstorm we got earlier this week, I am not allowed to work from home at all. Even though I work in IT and do everything remotely, they want me in the office.

So I deleted Teams and my email off my phone. I am no longer available after hours.

My boss tried to call me for something urgent last night and couldn’t reach me. He asked why today and I explained to him what I was told.

I am not allowed to work from home.

Edit: holy shit this blew up! I had a talk with my boss today and he said it’s very important I be accessible for emergencies so he compromised with me and I can now work from home two days a week of my choosing. It’s a victory!

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Everything, everywhere, all at once. 10 months, no prior complaints. Looks like I won’t be here long.

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This was in every chair at the plasma clinic. What a cruel joke to play on the financially desperate.


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Sister doesn’t think she’s an asshole, me on the other hand not so much.

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Locked for cleanup Would You flip burgers for 350k a year?

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Even when you work, you're treated like dirt

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We need to live first lol

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My boss asked me why so many people are quitting…


My boss asked me why so many people are quitting. I think he asked me because I tend to be pretty close with the staff. I was honest and told him he’s fostering a toxic work environment and that’s why so many people are leaving/unhappy. I even gave him several examples. He responded, “Well, there’s nothing I can do about that. If people are unhappy that’s on them, and they can leave.” I responded, “Or you can reflect on the role you play in their suffering and do better?” Obviously, he ended the conversation at that point.

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Laid off today.


I bought a house on December 12th. I spoke with my direct supervisor in November and specifically asked if my position was secure before I bought the thing. I was let go 2 months later. The company just did a 10 million dollar stock buyback... 142 years of pay for me. Fuck corporations. Fuck fintech companies and fuck my life.

I'd say I'm over this, but I know for god damn sure that I'll be working again soon. Just trying to remember that the next step is the most important one to take.

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Is this even right?

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Boss says "Show up 1 minute late you lose 15 minutes of pay." Gets mad when I don't work for 15 minutes for free.


This happened about 4 years ago. I do construction and we start fairly early. Boss got tired of people walking in at 6:05 or 6:03 when we start at 6:00 (even though he was a few minutes late more consistently than any one of us were), so he said "If you aren't standing in front of me at 6 o'clock when we start then I'm docking 15 minutes from your time for the day."

The next day I forgot my tape measure in my car and had to walk back across the jobsite to grab it, made it inside at 6:01 and he told me he was serious yesterday and docked me 15 minutes. So I took all my tools off right there and sat down on a bucket. He asked why I wasn't getting to work and I said "I'm not getting paid until 6:15 so I'm not doing any work until 6:15. I enjoy what I do but I don't do it for free."

He tried to argue with me about it until I said "If you're telling me to work without paying me then that's against the law. You really wanna open the company and yourself up to that kind of risk? Maybe I'm the kind to sue, maybe I'm not, but if you keep on telling me to work after you docked my time then we're gonna find out one way or the other."

He shut up pretty quickly after that and everyone else saw me do it and him cave, so now they weren't gonna take his crap either. Over the next few days guys that would have been 1 or 2 minutes late just texted the boss "Hey, sorry boss. Would have been there at 6:02 and gotten docked, so I'll see you at 6:15 and I'll get to work then." and then sat in their cars until 6:15 and came in when their time started.

So between people doing what I did or just staying in their cars instead, he lost a TON of productivity and morale because he decided that losing 15 minutes of productivity per person and feeling like a big man was better than losing literally 1 or 2 minutes of productivity when everyone stands around BS-ing and getting material together for the day until about 6:10 anyway.

After a few weeks of that he got chewed out by his boss over the loss of productivity and how bad the docked time sheets were looking and reflecting poorly on him because we were missing deadlines over it, and then suddenly his little self implemented policy was gone and we caught back up.

Worker solidarity for the win. Not one person took his crap and worked that time for free after he tried to swing his weight around on them.

But obviously I was a target after that and only made it two more months before he had stacked up enough BS reasons to get away with firing me when I called in a few days in a row after my mom fell and I took off work to take care of her and monitor her for a while during the day.

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Facts or nah?

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I'm about to pull my hair out

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Guy who makes $3600 hour says $22 an hour is too much


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You mean there would be a doctor shortage? Like the one were in now?

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There is no depression at Amazon.

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In Verona, NJ

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The company will be fine while you’re gone

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I think there’s a trend here…

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I want to see this in my lifetime, this is just beautiful

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I HATE Applying Online 😤


I’m 20 years old (Gen Z) and I wish I didn’t have to apply online to every single goddamn job. It’s time consuming and tedious.

When I was 16, my parents told me I could just walk in any store or restaurant and ask for an interview with a firm handshake. This method no longer exists.

I now have to apply to 20+ jobs online for 1-2 hours to maybe just MAYBE be selected by an employer for an interview. It’s frustrating.

I hate this new age online application bullsh*t. It’s annoying and frustrating.

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Well, atleast they are honest..

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