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$10/hr Retail Sales Associate @ a wireless service store.

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'Return to Office' declared dead


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The economy is not good when the average person has to send 100-200 applications for one job offer!

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No bandaids. Scotch tape it up, finish the shift, don’t show customers.

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Wasn’t serious and stopped pretty quick… but how does a restaurant/bar not have bandaids?! It’s not like we ran out either, we NEVER have them.

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cover letters = corporate fan fiction

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Why are real estate commissions 6%? – and why that’s about to change. This is fantastic!


A lawsuit has helped win a huge victory in real estate by taking on the national Association of real estate exchanges

This group is a pretty big bully. Hopefully their appeals are lost and the judgement holds.

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Crazy how absolutely brainwashed some people are...


I load trucks for a living and a trucker was signing in today and he said the words.

"Nobody wants to work. They want to get paid, but they don't want to work."

This sparked an argument between my supervisor, another coworker, and myself. My argument is... No shit, Sherlock. It's like saying water is wet. Of course nobody wants to work. There's a million other things you could be doing right now other than working. We only tolerate working because we need or want money. It's a necessity, not a hobby.

I was met by both my supervisor and coworker saying that was a really cynical and "sad" attitude to have. That they enjoy coming to work. "What would I do if I wasn't working? I didn't have a job once for a month and was about ready to start climbing the walls."

Thing is, my supervisor leaves every single day at 4. He's salaried and doesn't get paid to stay over. My other coworker involved in this argument does get overtime, yet he still leaves as soon as his 8 hours are over pretty much every single day. My boss has uttered the phrase before "I don't work for free."

I consider anything I wouldn't do for free to be something I don't want to do. Why on earth would I get up at the ass crack of dawn, drive half an hour to a giant freezer, and spend 8+ hours a day up to 6 days a week freezing my ass off in said freezer if I wasn't being paid? Short answer is... I wouldn't.

There are only 3 reasons people do anything. Because they enjoy it, because it's necessary, or because they're being forced to do it. If you wouldn't do something for free, I refuse to believe you can claim to enjoy it.

EDIT: I will say, there probably are people out there who legitimately enjoy working. But I would wager the vast majority of those people work for themselves in some way. I know some farmers who enjoy driving tractors all day. I know some people who work as contractors who enjoy building houses and such. But these aren't people with "jobs" where they clock in and out and work for someone else. They're people who set their own hours, etc.

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My boss gives away my supplies


So we have people that work in the field. I happen to work in the office and in the field. I have a healthy back stock of supplies for what I do. My boss just grabs my supplies and tells me we need to support people in the field. I'm like "whoa whoa. It's not my fault they can't think ahead and order stuff." Meanwhile it takes literal months for me to get things replaced. Now I've started locking things up and when my boss asks if I have a certain product, I'm like "nope, sure don't. Maybe they shoukdve ordered it if they needed it.

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Should companies stop holiday parties? They feel like an outdated tradition that doesn't really work anymore.


What do you think? I personally hate them. There's nothing worse than feeling pressured to spend time with coworkers after hours and pretend like you give a shit about them or the company. What's worse is I have friends and family that have to TRAVEL HOURS to a city or another state to attend these things. Travel, of course, is not reimbursable.

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I get paid about 0.28-0.4% of what I generate for the company daily


I just work retail but where I am, everything is so expensive and we have so many customers, that just a single sales drawer can easily be about $25,000. On a very busy day I have seen it hit a total of $35,000 just from ONE sales drawer. They can have 5-10 going at once.

But after all that my take home is about $90-$100 every day. Whenever I count down the cash from my drawer at the end of shift I just get depressed as fuck at holding as much money or MORE than I make in an entire year, and that was from ONE day of sales.

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Around 100 people line up for jobs at small diner opening up with about a dozen tables in same city where college international student population is up +1500%

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Dreading tomorrow


I hate Sunday nights. It’s so depressing. I have to drag through 5 days to get 2 days of “freedom”. I don’t understand how people do this their whole life. I’d much rather be fishing or hiking in the mountains than selling my soul 5 days a week.

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Tax customers instead of paying a living wage

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This holiday season, remember this rule: You gift down and never up


I am surprised how many people here mention that their bosses or colleagues in office expect them to give birthday gifts or whatever to their superiors. Are you kidding me? I thought this was etiquette 101. You don't gift up.

I am a department head and I would never ever expect anyone to even remember my birthdays or anything let alone expect them to gift me something. Adding to that, I would not even accept it. This is just how it is. At best I would accept a card from them for well wishes.

3 years ago I got married. You know how many gifts I accepted? 0. Currently I have a young man in my company who is getting married. I will be gifting him some cash.

Sorry for the rambling but it boggles my mind to see posts here expecting you to gift up. That is not a thing!

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Cannot stand this anymore


I have no energy after the avrage week. If I manage to cook for myself, that is an achievement enough.

Here at my toxic Japanese company, they force us to go into the office, despite our work being 100% online, with NO NEED AT ALL to be in an office. During corona, when the government mandated telework for a bit, oh.... those few months were glorious. I got like 1% of my usual personality back, could engage with hobbies sometimes, sleep more, cook more delicious, nutricious food that took more time than the shit that normally is made on the weekdays... but of course, that had to end, because we ABSOLUTELY had to be back in the office for REASONS the very next day after the government cancelled the telework mandate.

Being in this office breaks my soul. Each foreign female worker has increasingly worse mental health due to being in this shithole of a company, and it's no suprise.

I am forced to sit at the same desk as my harasser, who constantly tries to have a go at me and drag me into one-on-one meetings (HR refuses to intefere because they view it as 'business issues' cause he is my manager). We do not have any windows, and sit under flourescent lighting all the time. Manager brays at every word said to him as thogh it was the funniest thing he heard during his whole lifetime. Am still waiting for him to piss himself with laughter. Everyone is constantly yapping around me, all about bullshit that doesn't matter, that doesn't need to happen, but use huge tones, exclamations, whispers, gasps.. who cares. Everyone runs to the printer, back to their desk, to the meeting room, back to the desk, anywhere, just to prove how fucking busy they are. No one seems to have mastered the art of typing- everyone seems determined to break the keys on their keyboards with sheer force to demonstrate just how hard they are working. I despise all this bullshit. And I am hated because I walk to the printer? Because I don't gasp with joy when my not on commission team makes a sale? Who gives a fuck. I wish I was in bed with my stuffed boar.

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My company has an award named after the ceo that they give to the ceo every year


Let's say the ceo's last name was Holman, well his assistant came up with an award to be handed out annually named "the Holman award", and every single year the firm made a big spectacle out of handing the ceo the award that was named after him and only ever going to go to him. It was so incredibly cringe to watch that it made me uncomfortable, and straight up made me nauseous when he got a standing ovation after getting the trophy every year.

This guy makes more in a week than most employees make in a year. He's got 2 mansions, several vacation properties, and an exotic car collection. People at the firm already treat him like a God/ cult leader, but apparently that wasn't enough. No, he also needed an annual award named after him and given exclusively to him. He'd prominently display it in his office as if he didn't literally pay for its creation and the ceremony where he'd get it.

He's also the kind of guy to randomly go off on a "participation trophy" rant. The lack of self awareness is astounding.

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Marijuana is legal for recreational use in 24 states as of 2024


Yet employers can still refuse to give you a job based on a positive result on a drug test. If obscene amounts of pharmaceutical drugs are not an issue shouldn't we change the law to exclude weed as well? Or at least we need to add in alcohol and drug dependence tests. It should be one way or the other rather than picking and choosing who to target.
Sorry for the rant, ty

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Spotify’s Layoff Outcome

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Layoffs to increase shareholder’s profits! Good job, Spotify. Sounds like your business needs are being kept…

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Even though you're poor, you're in the top 10% In the world.


I get why it's said, it's to shut you up. It's like calling someone a communist or what ever. It's supposed to shut someone up and make them fall in line.

What does being in the top 10% in the world get me when I'm struggling too?

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So my job gave a list of offensive that can get us terminated. A few have me wondering.


These were the ones on the list that made me go ???

No talking about health No talking about money No talking about family issues No talking about job frustrations (take them to management)

I live in a hire at will state :/ but still ???

Edit: just for clarification. This is literally all we were sent. No talking about and the list in bullet points: of health, money, etc. No clarity on any subjects. Just a broad general spectrum.

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This is what we have to warm up an entire 200 metre warehouse at my work (notice the ice around the gas cylinder)

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My work reaches -8c daily, it’s literally warmer outside than it is in the building, our bosses gave us these heaters to warm up, 2 for an entire building, I think they want us to catch pneumonia

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Fifteen years for this...


My daughter has worked fifteen years for J*w*l F**ds. They told her they would give her a party to celebrate. She arrived to find that they had started early without her. All the food was gone. All that remained was an empty room and a huge mess, which at least they did not make her clean up. Fair is fair, though - they did allow her an extra break. I wish I was surprised.

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I got laid off and I am extremely unprepared


Tale as old as time…. Got a random meeting with my boss and HR, and within the hour was locked out of my laptop and all accounts. Completely shocked, didn’t see it coming at all. I worked in corporate sales, made $81k a year completely remote as a 25f. I got a whopping 2 weeks of severance from my company, all 200 hours of my PTO I had saved for the holidays is not being paid out. Was also 3 weeks out from my 20% bonus pay out…ugh.

I guess I’m looking for general advice, but some specific advice as well.

How do I handle my next steps, job wise? Do I go get a retail job in the mean time, or is being on unemployment a better use of my time so I can continue to have my schedule open for interviews/job searching in my field (if I can get any)? the job market is so awful right now, and i cant relocate. I know this is antiwork, which is what im hoping is an audience that won’t just tell me the obvious “go get a job, loser” stuff unless it’s accurate.

Like I said—I was so surprised by this. I felt so confident in my job that I recently took a huge chunk of my savings and put it into a my Roth IRA so I can meet my goals for the year. Regretting that right now. Should I be living like i am in poverty? I had so much guilt spending $20 last night at dinner, where a week ago i was buying $200 perfume to treat myself. Do i let the guilt continue, or should I relax a little?

Do I go ahead and buy my family Christmas presents on credit, or tell them Christmas isn’t happening this year? i don’t have kids, but live with my boyfriend and have plans with his family this year.

This is partially rant, but I genuinely would love advice about lay offs.

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Team Leader just had a discussion about my Teams meetings activity


So just got called into a meeting with my TL. They proceed to show me a spreadsheet of the teams Teams activity. We have a team meeting every morning for an hour and a lot of times I stay in the meeting after they all leave to remain on red for the rest of the day. I had to play dumb and act like it was a teams error. They also said they can see whenever anyone on the teams is in a meeting removing the idea just to go into any old meeting. She asked me what was going on, only thing I could think was to continue playing dumb but they also said if it continues we will need to have a formal investigation.

I hate Teams and their stupid 3 minute yellow away setting.

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I know y’all hate dentists, but…


I can’t fucking take it anymore. I spent my 20s pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into schooling for a job that has an extremely specialized scope just to fucking hate it.

I’m in public health - I don’t think it’s ethical to charge people money to get out of pain. I want to help, I really do, but the percentage of people who care to help themselves in the first place is maybe 1% of my patients. Brush your teeth, PLEASE. I give you a tooth brush, I give you tooth paste, it’s free, it takes 2 minutes, please please please. 98% of situations are avoidable. I do fillings all day on people who are pissed that they’re losing their teeth but they show up every time with plaque EVERYWHERE. If you don’t take care of them, they will rot. If you drink sodas all day, they will rot. “Genetically bad teeth” is not a thing unless you have a systemic condition like osteogenesis imperfecta. Otherwise it’s inherited diet and habits that cause the damage.

Lots of people no-show so they keep adding more patients to our schedules that we don’t have time to treat without rushing. Our equipment sucks, nothing works, patients are always late, they never take their meds or insulin, blood pressure always high, blood sugar always high, never their fault, always mad at me when I say “looks like you need another filling.”

I’m 35, my back is a mess, no amount of chiropractor work or massage or yoga has helped. I’m in pain 100% of my work day from my neck to my knuckles. I can’t sleep.

I try to help, I really do. But no one will take the time to take care of themselves. It’s not MY fault that you have cavities, I am here doing this for you at no charge to you, in shit conditions, in pain, and you “hate the dentist.”

If I quit I lose my health insurance, I can’t pay my loans, and my BS in biology isn’t enough to get a different job in biological sciences because they all want masters and PhDs.

I have to be 100% on top of it for every patient, it’s what they deserve. I can never just “show up” and make it through the day at my head down at my desk. It’s “what do you mean I’m losing my teeth????” when no home care is done, rampant gum disease, poor diet, etc. My therapist says I can’t take on someone else’s choices but how can I not when I am the one to deal with the repercussions?

Anyway, sorry to rant. I’m stuck until my body finally breaks. Please brush your teeth. Not all dentists are trying to scam you. It’s a miserable job unless you truly don’t care about people and then I guess it could be ok, but in truth it feels like you either have to give up your soul or let it break your soul.