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Statement /r/Antiwork



We will now focus on more transparency regarding media

We're going in the short-term future not accept any media interviews and we will ask the community on feedback regarding whether we will accept an interview or what kind of media outlets are outright banned.

However, at this point we still have past interviews that were done but haven't released yet. Namely:

  • Kyodo News (Japanese) by /u/Kimezukae, release unknown.

  • New York Times by /u/Kimezukae, release unknown - community members of this subreddit also have given answers, as far as we are aware.

  • Fast company by /u/Kimezukae, release unknown

  • Bayerischer Rundfunk: Workin' Germany by /u/Grammorphone, release unknown

/u/Kimezukae in general was reading feedback and was setting up /r/antiworkmedia, a counter-platform for Antiwork so that we have our own media. However, the 'project' was not started to begin with, /u/Kimezukae just started the subreddit and sort of forget about it later, as in the internal chat other things unrelated were discussed and at that time /u/Kimezukae was a very new moderator, so /u/Kimezukae did not want to make severe decisions to continue the spirit and the project was abandoned the same time the subreddit was created. /u/Kimezukae thought the name however should be reserved at the very least, so /u/Kimezukae did not delete the /r/antiworkMEDIA subreddit

/u/Kimezukae was looking at German media as they tried to make the movement more international and wrote an interview inquiry to ND (formely known as Neues Deutschland), a newspaper associated to the The Left party (Die Linke) in Germany. There has been no reply regarding the interview inquiry that was tried to be set up by /u/Kimezukae with ND. At the current time we had no other German media requests, either.

If you want to make the interview transparent that are yet to be released, we are trying to search the answers and release them in full.

At the time when we were closed, a few hours after we were asked by the media outlet "Bloomberg" for a statement, however we deemed it was inappropriate considering the incident, so this was left unanswered. 1 hour before the planned re-opening, a representative from the media outlet "Business Insider" contacted us regarding the enclosure. We chose to not answer.

The experience of past interviews we had with media outlets

The volunteers that so far were interviewed by other media outlets, had good experiences and weren't presented or set-up in bad faith. One such example can be the recent BBC Article about us, found here

Who's /u/Kimezukae ? Why did he do interviews?

Hello, I'm a 21 years old male, long-term unemployed and an Anarchist. I've been surfing this Subreddit since 2020 and it helped me in my journey when I started to began to be unemployed. When I began to read this Subreddit I was a leftist-liberal, namely a social-democrat. I've been reading some of the recommended literature from the library since then, for example Bob Black's "Abolition of Work" and have been radicalized to an Anarchist.

I was randomly invited by a former mod that quit 1 week ago, named /u/onedayitwillbedaisy and after thinking for some while about it, accepted it.

I'm aware that this movement is fluid, there are people with all kind of ideologies, history and I've been trying to say exactly that in the written interview of the New York Times. I've said that I merely see myself as a volunteer, just as another Anti-Worker just as you are reading this. From now I'll personally plan to not do interviews in the short-term future and I'm open to feedback regarding that.

I'm going as long as nothing other is planned to be the new librarian of the antiwork's library. So far I've got one request to read through a sort of research paper and asked in the internal chat about the thoughts, after reading through it myself for an hour. I'll be revisiting the piece and think again whether to add it.

I've always tried to listen to feedback, especially from the people that are the longest active in this subreddit. I've been trying to implement some and failed in some, for example it was suggested by an user to make an anti-work counter media, namely, that we are doing our own sort of media to counter any wrong messages by news outlets. However, this was a too big project to take on for me alone and I didn't told others about the subreddit I created because back then I was still too new and didn't wanted to make any big changes. Like I said, I'm very passionate to keep the /r/antiwork spirit and movement alive and have been personally investing more than 10 hours moderating this subreddit in the last 2 day, to the point of sleep deprivation. I'll be taking care of that after today by having a good night's sleep and I hope you continue to enjoy your stay in /r/antiwork

Thank you.

Crowd Control

To counter the wave of the brigaders we are currently have submissions and comments 'strict' Crowd Control. We are currently looking how things work out and trying to reduce the level as soon as it's comfortable to do so. For newcomers, we hope you enjoy your stay but be patient as we're still trying to slowly start up the subreddit again.

Before we locked the subreddit, we also had the setting "Crowd Control: Comments, strict" enabled just one hour before locking it, that held the comments for review in the mod queue. The majority of times we did not

For clarity, it was at one point so bad, that we had 4 active mods just looking at new submissions. /u/Kimezukae also personally looked through the post history of the submissions they removed and looked whether they were active participants of the community. /u/Kimezukae said, that the vast majority they banned were brigaders, the majority of them from one particular subreddit.

Any person that was not a brigader should try to apply for an unban if they haven't done so - but - we are going through the same security checks. If they have removed their comments for example, it will be harder to make sure they they were participating in good faith so we recommend you don't delete your comments until the ban appeal has been answered.

Mod Search

Before the Fox News incident went out, we were planning to sticky a submission about searching for new mods. Due to a few mods quitting, we are definitely going to search for new mods in the near future. When things went well we temporarily added some moderators from the Mod Reserve that we asked a few radical questions about social justice movements in general and the biggest issue in their country beforehand, so that we can select appropriate moderators, making sure to not change drastically the spirit of this subreddit.

Reddit Talks

Every month we had planned to do a Reddit Talks with the community, we had two Reddit Talks so far. We had planned to cut the 2nd Reddit Talk into a proper version, but that is up for the airs now as /u/Abolishwork had contact with the editor cutting it as far as we are aware. We were planning to compensate the editor.

The 1st hour of the past two Reddit Talks were us moderators reading questions from the live thread. The 2nd hour we handpicked out community members. It did not went as good as we wanted to - well - the community members were all wonderful - but we had lacking transparency, like we couldn't select the profile and see how active they were and for how long. We were at the time like 6 mods active, 4 in the talk, /u/Kimezukae in the live thread and another mod doing the mod queue at that time. Since then quite a few weeks went past by and I'm sure some feedback has been implemented by the Reddit Admins regarding Reddit Talks.

We're unsure if we are doing the Reddit Talks in a few days and are looking to feedback regarding that.

Fox News incidence

Regarding Abolishwork, we are planning to remove her from her moderation duties and have contacted the admins for the removal of her as a mod. We thank her for building up the anti-work movement, but regarding the past incidents, we decided as a majority to remove her.

Timeline of the Fox News incidence:

Day 1: We got an interview from a Fox news reporter working for the Fox News reporter.

Those who were aware of the interview beforehand advised against it.

Day 1 continues: We talked about putting up a sticky for mod searching soon, and highlighted events in the mod mail, such as the Transcriber Team that are volunteering to transcribe images in all kinds of subreddits, wanting to make a sticky and introduce themselves

Day 2: Two interviews have been declined instead of doing Fox News. Shortly before the Fox News interview happened the mod team was made aware of by /u/Abolishwork the following media outlets were declined: TV Tokyo and Bloomberg. Bloomberg or /u/Abolishwork had a conflicting schedule, which is why Bloomberg was declined. She said at the same time she had an interview at 9:48 p.m and as far as /u/Kimezukae can remember, one hour prior Abolishwork wanted to prepare for the interview, such as taking a shower.

The moderating day of the Fox News incidence:

We were about 10 mods active at the time and most of them were working more than 8 hours through the mod queue and the subreddit in general, trying to not let the subreddit get closed. /u/Kimezukae personally also wrote the FAQ, asked for feedback and was several times declined to post it, but as we were looking what we can do, the FAQ was posted. However, as we had no Crowd Control on at that point, we knew that some brigaders were still controlling the misinformation, such as that we had a vote in the community that we no longer would do media interviews. This is a false information. Another Subreddit did that and it was related to a finance topic.

We were actively messaging the Admins at this point and made Crowd Control active ETA 2 hours before closing. About half an hour before closing, we got a mail from one Admin suggesting we put Crowd Control on, especially the submission Crowd Control they announced two days ago - which at the time was not implemented.

Frustrated, as mocking pictures of /u/Abolishwork went around and the submission brigading per minute kept increasing, we had no other way out but to close the subreddit.

We had at that point of time no clear information on how many exact submissions were done by community members, however as far as /u/Kimezukae can remember with the checked history, the long-active community members were actively discussing in the bigger threads. We tried allowing discussions, but as every bigger community does earlier when the brigading was not on full-speed, we tried to reduce the mod actions required by locking bigger threads that had already lots of rule breaking comments.

We want to sincerely apologize for any active community member unable to discuss it but as clarified before we had no intentions to censor or ban members of /r/antiwork.

At this point we had no information about the rumors surrounding /u/Abolishwork.

After the lock:

Outside the Subreddit we were also made aware of a few other misinformation, such as Abolishwork supposedly writing in another subreddit or that a moderator supposedly were applying to a new subreddit. But these were fake and trying to increase the fuel of the witchhunt. We reported this to the Admins but actions were done late and some, but not all reported things, have been removed yet.

On the day of the brigading we also noticed severe ban evasion. We also reported this to the Admins, but due to the sheer amount of brigading, we were unable to report the exact accounts and so it is unknown if actions were done.

In general, meanwhile it is welcomed that the community organized in the time outside the community, we are uncomfortable with some information we've got about that and /u/Kimezukae personally recommends the community to not fall for opportunists.

Recommendation regarding the discussion of the incident

We would appreciate if normal operation of the Subreddit would slowly start again by you keeping the discussion in few big threads, however, we can not control what you do and depending on feedback we'll see what else we can do, like stickies, a Reddit Talk about it in the near future, etc.

Alleged sexual assaults

Meanwhile we don't know enough to feel comfortable about making a statement, the individual in question has been removed from the moderation team by collective decision. We are waiting on the Admin removing her officially.

We would be glad if you would stop the witch hunt surrounding the moderator team. A few moderators have quit already due to personal reasons affected by them receiving harassment. The majority of the moderators are still active and as mentioned before we're going to look for new moderators, preferable people that have a good standing in this community.

Thank you,

The moderator team of /r/Antiwork

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It's a discord mod of /r/antiwork A 16 hour account has been made a mod here.


Just in case you're wondering if the remaining mods feel any actual duty to transparency.


I wonder who that could be?

Edit: Hello /r/all. There are a lot of eyeballs on this post, so I would like to encourage everyone to join the two alt subs that have sprung up to replace this.

And also please know that this is exactly what happens to movements. They get broken up. They get corrupted. They get incompetent leadership that shouldn't be in charge.

This movement isn't a subreddit. It's about respecting yourself, drawing boundaries in your professional lives, and demanding to be treated like human beings, not cash-making machines for corporations. Don't conflate this subreddit with what the long-term goal is -- which are better working standards, the ability to have balance in life, and never needing to justify your existence to your job or career.

r/antiwork 2h ago Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote hehehehe Silver Gold Platinum

It's a discord mod of /r/antiwork Congratulations to our newest Moderator who made their account less than 1 day Ago

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r/antiwork 2h ago Silver Gold Platinum Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

Posts about the 21 yr old anarchist keep getting removed


Fuck that shit. Theres no reason a 21 year old who has never worked should speak for us. They need to be removed as a mod as well. Can't wait to see the shit storm of an interview they did.

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This the Mod who went on the other interviews and is now picking the role as spokesperson for the mods. Wtf is this. As a socialist this is beyond cringe. How are these people in a mod position!??

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To Whom It May Concern


I quit. Unsubscribing due to poor management.


r/antiwork 2h ago Gold Wholesome LOVE! Silver

Sorry, but mods cannot be the spokespersons for nearly two million people

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r/antiwork 2h ago Starstruck Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote

This sub partaking in censorship, it was a good run but I’m done.

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Petition: Shut down r/antiwork


I feel the ban hammer on my neck already for even suggesting this, or a sizeable downvote binge from true believers, but I feel like I needed to get this out there in the first round of public posting.

The mods of r/antiwork should shut down the sub, completely and for good, as they no longer represent the will of the members.

Several things have been made very clear in the last couple days:

  • The mods of the sub believe they have any authority at all to speak on behalf of the sub community as a whole
  • Decisions were made without the transparency necessary to have them shut down as against the wishes of that community
  • The remaining team of mods intend to continue pushing the narrative that "mistakes were made," and that the sub still somehow represents the will of its members
  • The choices they have made have undone much of the work many have toiled for, and have actively set back the movement significantly by painting the entire sub with the same brush
  • Even if people move to alternate subs that better represent their values and goals, /r/antiwork now has enough of the public spotlight that it can continue to do damage without the consent or consultation necessary to accurately reflect the movement it seeks to represent, and is a megaphone wielded by individuals wholly unprepared to use it effectively

The choice to remove /u/AbolishWork was the right call, but it was damage control after the fact. Nothing in the post by /u/Kimezukae substantially addresses the enormous missteps or provides security that similar (or worse) choices won't be made in the future. A vague promise of transparency is not the same as accepting responsibility and allowing the community you purport to serve decide the fate of the mods - all the mods - for allowing this to happen in the first place.

People have come to /r/antiwork from all walks of life, and with different ideas of what "anti-work" means. The most radical ideas (Work should be an option to increase wealth, not a requirement for survival) only represent a minority of the spectrum, while active work reform, worker respect and dignity, and redistribution of stake control via unionizing are by far the majority goals. They're also the first steps in any more radical changes. In the interest of serving these goals, the mods have routinely failed to recognize this and have stubbornly clung to their radical, anarchist views, all while enjoying the clout of modding for a nearly two million member sub.

You do not represent us.

If the goal for /r/Antiwork was, and continues to be, to push exclusively for the mission statement in the colophon ("A subreddit for those who want to end work, are curious about ending work, want to get the most out of a work-free life, want more information on anti-work ideas and want personal help with their own jobs/work-related struggles."), then they need to own the responsibility of working to make sure the sub and its members represent that mission together. Failing that, if they want to keep the sub and the members, then it's time to change the mission statement.

You don't get to welcome in a workforce and then pretend they're part of your radical mission when all they want is fair and equitable treatment in their jobs. Most members have no interest in not working. That is, most members would rather see their labor fairly compensated, not be beholden to stake holders that do not value them, and to have a fulfilling life outside of work that is not pinned inexorably to the wishes of an employer. They don't wish to be defined by their jobs, but rather have those jobs be a tool by which they can enrich their non-work lives.

I also don't pretend to represent anyone here. These are my observations from reading the sub and its comments daily. I personally do lean strongly towards the work-as-an-option end goal. I think that, in one of the most economic and resource-rich countries in the world, the idea that anyone has to work is laughable. Choosing to labor should be the goal, and that choice is only possible when employers recognize that they do not have income unless they have a fulfilled and happy workforce who is fairly compensated for choosing to be there.

TL;DR: Sub leaders need to shut down the entire sub because they have done more harm to the cause than can possibly be compensated for in any meaningful way, OR recognize that the membership of the sub no longer represents its stated mission, and either change the rules to favor only their (using a mod's own words) "radical anarchist" positions, OR change the mission statement to reflect the will of the members (and any mods who cannot represent this value step down or be removed).

EDIT: Please don't do any more paid awards. I made this post to represent my own take on the topic, not anyone else's, as a call to action for the people who make the final decisions on how this sub is managed. If you want to spend your money, give it to Union Advocacy groups.

r/antiwork 2h ago Silver Helpful All-Seeing Upvote

Transparency is key

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Mod appreciation thread


lol jk fuck you mods no one likes you, respects you, appreciates you, or wants you here.

Hey, while you're here though: what do you get when you cross an antiwork mod with 100 kg of festering cat shit? Give up? Usually nothing but sometimes if you wait nine months you get a third reddit mod, so that's cool I guess.

edit: y'all bootlickers know you can actually use this thread to appreciate the mods if you want to, right? like you're free to whine that i'm mean and i'll probably interact with you because i fucking love this shit, but ain't no one stopping you from putting a heartfelt story about how antiwork mods helped your business keep productivity up and wages down or whatever. yeah i'll probably shit on that too, but let's just say that i've got quite a lot of shit in my butthole and i intends to use it aggressively to demonstrate my disapproval of your ways.

r/antiwork 2h ago

Based AF

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r/antiwork 2h ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Wearing is Caring

I've been walking him for free, am i being exploited?

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r/antiwork 3h ago Helpful Ally

There is no labor shortage

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r/antiwork 2h ago All-Seeing Upvote

Remove u/fuzzy-x-3 as mod from this sub.


Apparently, your account must be 3 days old to post anything over here but 17 HOURS old account is more than enough to become a mod.

The level of trolling by the mods is hitting new high. Some sane head get a fucking hold of the situation and stop it from being doused with acid piss.

r/antiwork 2h ago Gold Wholesome Silver

Fuck the Mods


You fame-whores should do something worthwhile and fucking quit. Go ahead and ban me goddamn cowards.

r/antiwork 2h ago Helpful

Can be overworked to exhaustion if you sleep on the job

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r/antiwork 2h ago Gold

Moderators Need To Step Back Or Down


Moderators of this subreddit are clearly unable to receive or manage criticism.

Enough said. Stop locking & removing posts. Stop trying to suppress negative feedback. You're acting like the management we all hate.

r/antiwork 2h ago

Interviewing a Moderator of a Sub is like interviewing a bouncer at a club


Or a janitor.

A waste of time and platform.

Should have been a dedicated PR team or group consensus.

Edit/Disclaimer: I intend in no way shape or form to diminish the contributions of hard working janitors or bouncers who most definitely deserve our respect for their contributions to society.

r/antiwork 2h ago Helpful Wholesome

I didn't think this sub was literally anti-work.


I thought this sub was more in line with worker's rights and worker-ownership of the places they work. In short, I thought this was a leftist sub and not an anarchist, no work at all sub.

It's incredibly unrealistic to think that a world with no work could exist. Whether your producing commodities / goods or hunting / gathering, work will always exist.

I see now that the mod who interviewed was actually representative of what many here believe. That's wild.

r/antiwork 2h ago Silver

I am requesting the mod team step down, and allow the appointment of a new mod team through democratic process


I believe if this sub is to have any hope of regaining any credibility a complete rebuild is necessary.

Every current mod should drop to bare minimum in moderating the forum NOT controlling the discussion, and allow us to use polls to nominate and elect a fresh mod team.

The following items should be stickied as polls immediately:

Should the current mod team be replaced?



Can mods who can prove they were outspoken against the actions taken by other moderators be considered for retaining their positions?



These polls should be posted already, and pending the results another sticky thread should be made where people volunteer to be mods maybe only "I volunteer" would be allowed as a parent comment, so *we* can review their account activity to determine if we want them moderating OUR subreddit.) if possible, only members who became members before a certain time (I'm gonna randomly say jan 20?) should be allowed to vote in polls.

I'm not calling for these items to be exactly as I decreed, I'm calling for those left here on antiwork to include your thoughts on how we might recover our sub from the moderators we believe are no longer fit for their duties (Or indicate we still believe in the mods as a whole if that's the case)

r/antiwork 2h ago Helpful

r/Antiwork killed for clout


It’s that simple, these mods willingly went rogue. They saw WSB and thought that they could do the same, yet failed to grasp their shortcomings compared to our more successful peers

The fact that they allowed a 21 year old to go on FOX (I mean, seriously, Fox?!) and speak as if he has any experience struggling as a “long-term unemployed, anarchist” is beyond mind-blowing. It’s honestly borderline comical how ignorant the mods are

If mods want to do interviews, then the community should interview them first. This is our community, not yours, and you’re fucking it up. Gtfo or get in line with the wants/needs of the community

Edit: Apparently the guy dude interviewed was a 30 year old dog walker, my apologies. The amount of cringe witnessed during the brief moments of watching led me to believe otherwise

The 21 year old is the mod who made the post “apologizing” to the subreddit

r/antiwork 2h ago Helpful Wholesome Seal of Approval

Me walking into this sub on my lunch break to browse some quality content completely unaware of what’s going on.

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r/antiwork 2h ago

The antiwork movement just got stronger than ever...sort of.

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r/antiwork 2h ago

Can we get a "Meet the mod team" to see if there are any more surprises we should know about?


r/antiwork 2h ago Silver Gold Facepalm

This is the person they sent to fox news

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