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It's very surprising how many here clearly don't understand inflation well.

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How about no Tammy, mmmkay?

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Capitalists are criminals. They steal from workers every single day.

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Why they “ended” the pandemic and stopped us from working from home

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Living wages now! Workers deserve dignity!

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hourly rate 10 dollars lower than i was told before i started working

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How does your employer show their appreciation to you?

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This is what I've been saying the entire time.

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Well, that's certainly an Icebreaker

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Maybe a gift card for coffee after five years

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Starbucks fires an employee for wearing a Suicide Awareness pin after a fellow employee dies from suicide.

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No more looking for jobs at work

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tl;dr quiet quitting just means no more free labor handouts to shit employers


When I first entered the workforce I would go above and beyond because I assumed there was an unwritten agreement between employers and workers that going above and beyond would be recognized by management and result in raises and promotions. I soon realized that in reality most employers just thought I was a sucker who they could "reward" with more work for the same pay and a pat on the back if I went above and beyond the norm.

Perhaps it was somewhat true for previous generations that rewards were tied to performance without legally binding commitments (i wouldn't know as I only entered the workforce fairly recently), but based on my own experience and exchanging experiences with people around the world, it certainly isn't true now.

So from now on, we're not taking an employer's word for it that going above and beyond will result in raises and promotions, we're going to need that in writing.

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The US is a capitalist oligarchy

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Never Forget...

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Capitalism sux

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Are we heading to fascism?


Seems like it. The companies owning the govt would love nothing more then to break unions and enslave us. Maybe round some mexicans and stuff and do a 30s Germany?

It seems we slipping to fascism. Ironic since USA and the west laud themselves as beating the nazis and fascists.

Conservatives hate unions anr brown people and LGBTQIA. Nazis did too. Fuck fascists.

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I turned my grandmother antiwork.


Grandma is 87, retired just last year from teaching, and has been on a bit of a 'no one wants to work' kick recently. She'd trying to find people to fix up the house some, doesnt like the prices, the usual.I finally got through to her.

She was looking for a painter, got quoted a number for the house that was higher than she would have liked, and hit the 'no one wants to work', and I was ready this time. I said "Nana, everything is going up. Everything. If the painter is going to come paint, he has to pay his guys, right? And their cost of living is going up, so the cost to pay them is higher. Paint supplies are going up with everything else, so that costs more. Gas to get here costs more. All of that is factored into his price. You're just not willing to pay more." She says "No, if it was reasonable, I'd be willing to pay it." So I hit her right in the face with her retirement. "Nana, you retired because you didnt want to go back during covid, and wanted to stay at home working. So let me ask you this.. What would it take to get you to go back teaching?" "Well, They'd have to let me stay at home, or either give me hazard pay." "Well Nana... isnt that unreasonable? You were doing just fine before Covid working in a class room, without hazard pay. Do you..... Not want to work??"

So now we have a painter coming over next week, at his quoted price.

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I have a whole Google Images folder of this guy if y'all want more

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I'm joining this cow. Who's with me?

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Why do I even bother visiting LinkedIn...

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Got hired at a new job, shared my hourly pay with all my coworkers


Pretty self explanatory. Found a new job that I love, no prior experience in this position. Within the first month I’ve openly shared my hourly with all my new coworkers and learned I’m making more than all of them. They’re all asking for raises now :)

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If im the only employee and I walk out and quit leaving the store empty, am I legally liable for what happens?


I wont say specifically where I work, but I'll say its a sandwich chain popular among pedophiles. Im constantly the only one stuck working by myself for hours and I hate it. I'm going to quit, but out of spite I really want to maximize damage so I'm gonna wait until I'm once again the only one working, then I'm just gonna walk out and quit, not even leave a text or phone call to the boss, just write a note that says I quit and tape it to the door or something.

My question is, if someone decides to steal from the empty store or something, am I legally liable and will I get in trouble?

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Capitalism is Killing Babies


I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs.

How can we allow our society to be organized this way??

My daughter's daycare classroom has 5 cases of RSV, including my daughter. Three babies under 6 months of age are in the hospital, and one is in the ICU. Two of the hospitalized babies are premie twins.

We can safely assume nearly all of the children in daycare are there because their parents need to work. I know that was the case for us.

The mother of the premie twins with fragile little immune systems was forced to leave her children in a place where she knew they would most likely be exposed to dangerous diseases. She had no choice, because she had to go back to work before they were ready.

Fuck capitalism. Fuck any system that requires parents to put their children in harms way in order to keep a roof over their heads. And for what? Productivity? Profit? The accumulation of wealth for someone else??

I apologize for my lack of empathy before having a child of my own. I had no dog in the fight, so I did not pay attention to the fight for adequate parental leave. Now I know. This is a matter of life and death for mothers and for babies. This is a problem for society.

They keep us living paycheck to paycheck so that we can't step out of the workforce. Keeping poor people poor is their only goal, because it forces us to sell our labor to live... at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens.

ETA: I think this has sparked a meaningful conversation about whether the working class should have the privilege of reproducing.

If you think working class people should not reproduce, and only the wealthy (those who can afford not to work) should reproduce, some introspection might be in order. This may not be the sub for you.

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Made this after declining a lunchtime meeting today. I'm already buried, I'm not giving you my damn lunch. Reschedule it if you want me there.

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