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The attack on workers rights and human rights in the US


In the past week the Supreme Court, which was stacked by Republicans with justices from an openly neo-fascist background has begun their agenda to dismantle long-held interpretations of the US constitution and civil rights protections.

Your Miranda rights have effectively been made toothless by the ruling that you do not have a right to sue when they are violated.

The right of states to decide on gun rights has been hypocritically gutted by the ruling that in this specific instance, when it benefits the extreme-right, states rights go out the window.

Most egregiously however is the ruling which disregards Roe v Wade and its subsequent affirmations, denying 50 years of legal precedent which hold that bodily autonomy is part of the right to privacy, thereby providing a route towards the constitutional right to abort a pregnancy.

To this Supreme Court the constitution says what they want it to say. It is not a document whose text they value or respect, it is merely a tool that can be applied any which way it is needed to push an extreme-right, un-American agenda.

It doesn't stop there. Justice Thomas opined that todays ruling which severely weakens your constitutional right to privacy will allow the overturning of gay marriage, the right to have a same-sex relationship and your right to contraception.

It is only a matter of time before labor rights and environmental protections are on the chopping block as well, as these are a thorn in the side of extreme-right. These handful of people who legislate from the bench clearly consider any method valid to push their plans onto us.

In no sane way can it be denied that fascism has come to the highest court of the United States of America. These rulings and this agenda are undemocratic, make a mockery of the constitution, flagrantly disregard states rights when it is convenient to do so and sets a clear path towards imposing an extremist minority agenda on all US citizens.

It is the opinion of this moderating team that the foundational values of this great nation are under attack. No longer does "we the people" have much meaning. No longer is it in any way guaranteed that the best interest of society is safeguarded.

We believe in labor rights. We stand against bigotry, hate and prejudice. We strongly support universal human rights, among which is written the inalienable right to bodily autonomy. We oppose fascism in all its forms.

As anarchists, we reject the idea that judges or politicians deserve the authority to determine the course of our lives.

Rather than only trying to pressure leaders to vote one way or the other in a winner-take-all system that reduces us to spectators in the decisions that affect us, we propose solutions based in direct action: taking power back into our hands by enacting our needs and solving our problems ourselves, without representatives.

As long as legislators and judges can determine the scope of our reproductive options, our bodies and lives will be subject to the shifting winds of politics rather than our own immediate needs and values.

Instead of validating their authority by limiting ourselves to calling for better legislators and judges, we should organize to secure and defend the means to make decisions regarding what we do with our bodies regardless of what courts or legislators decree.

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Some Notes On Mass Refusal: General Strikes During Social Upheaval

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Healthcare should be inherent and free.

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Pizza Hut delivery driver got $20 tip on a $938 order.


I work security at an office in Dallas. A Pizza Hut delivery person came to the building delivering a HUGE order for a group on the 3rd floor. While she is unloading all the bags of boxes pizza, and the boxes of wings, and breadsticks, and plates and napkins and etc. I took the liberty of calling the point of contact letting them know the pizza was here. While waiting for the contact person to come down, I had a little chat with the delivery driver. She was saying how she had a big order before this and another one as a soon as she gets back. She was pretty excited because she said it was a blessing to be making these big deliveries. She didn’t flat out say it but was excited about the tip she should receive on such a large order. An 18% tip would have been $168 dollars after all. She told me about her kids and how they play basketball in school and are going to state and another one of her sons won some UIL awards in science. You could tell how proud of her children she was. However, she revealed it’s been tough because it’s not cheap, in time or money. She had to give up her job as a teacher so she could work a schedule that allowed her to take care of her children.She said her husband works in security like I do and “it helps but it’s hard out there.”

Eventually the contact person comes down and has the delivery lady lug most of the stuff onto the elevator and up to the floor they were going to because the contact person didn’t bring a cart or anything to make it easier. I help carry a couple of boxes for her onto the elevator and they were off.

A few minutes later she comes back down and she sees me and says “I got it all up there and set it up real nice for them,” as she shows me a picture of the work she did. And then as her voice begins to break she says “they only tipped me $20. I just said thank you and left.”

I asked for he $cashapp and gave her $50 and told her she deserves more but it was all I could spare. She gave a me a huge hug and said that this was sign that her day was gonna get better.

And I didn’t post this to say “look at the good thing I did.” I posted this to say, if someone is going to whip out the company credit card, make a giant catering order and not even give the minimum 18% tip to the delivery driver who had to load it all into their vehicle, use their own gas to deliver it, unload it and then lug it up and set it up. You are a total piece of shit. It’s not your credit card! Why stiff the delivery driver like that?!

I was glad I could help her out but I fear she will just encounter it over and over because corporations suck, tip culture sucks, everything sucks.

Edit: fixing some typos and left out words. Typing too fast.

Another edit: Alright I can understand that 18% might be steep for a delivery driver but, even if she didn’t “deserve” an 18% tip, she definitely deserved more than $20 for loading up, driving, unloading, carrying and setting up $938 worth of pizza. This post is about is mainly about how shitty tip culture is and I can see how some of you are perpetuating the problem.

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I'm not resigning.. fire me bitch- Part 3!


Morning Reddit. I type this with a weight lifted from my shoulders and my baby boy sleeping in my arms. My fight is over.

Recap: Work was trying to force me back into the office immediately upon returning from maternity leave after being remote for over 2 yrs due to pandemic. I fought, saying there's no reason to be physically in. We perform best at home, as they've said countless times. They came back later lowering the number of days. Didn't matter. Not going in, not able, willing, or comfortable with it. Maybe a little petty, but hell I had nothing to lose. Maybe I could help things change. Found out they made exceptions and were backtracking on that. Saw they posted my position online as open the same day I returned, before I first objected. I was pissed.

Well, I gave it all some serious thought over the weekend on what to do. Can't back down now right? If I said okay, what was the point of my fuss. Fuck it. Husband supports me and is also living vicariously through this lol. I replied this morning to my boss' boss last email with something almost word for word a comment said. (Thanks guys! I swear I read almost every single one.)

Emails below:

Me: Morning, I apologize for the delay. I hope you understand that I have not offered, nor will I offer, my resignation. You cannot accept something that was never offered. I am more than able to work remotely as I have been. I will continue to do so until such time as you determine firing me and losing a valuable employee is the better option. You of course have the right to terminate our relationship and my employment, but to be clear- this is not in any way voluntary on my part. -OP


About an hour later, I got a call from my boss' boss and HR. NOT answering that shit! I want my paper trail. They constantly say stupid things over the phone and my mind goes blank. I know my limits. She called 3 times! I messaged them saying I'd prefer to keep this over email due to the sensitive nature of our conversation. She replied, "you have to answer the call". I ignored another call. I said, "If you're going to fire me, I'd prefer you just say so."

20 minutes go by...

Boss' boss: Your refusal to return to work one day a week and answer my calls today has brought us to the point where we will accept your resignation.  We will pay you through the end of the day today, any unused vacation is forfeited.  Your benefits terminate at midnight tonight.   Contact HR regarding any questions about your health insurance and or other benefits.


Me: While we can agree to disagree about the need to be in the office, I think it would have been crazy to answer your call this morning considering previous conversations over the phone in the past. Thank you for keeping this over email. You continue to use that word, “resignation”. I don’t think you understand what that means… It was a pleasure. Good fucking luck.

My access was cut. Don't worry, I have copies of all of it. All of my coworkers texted me saying there was a meeting immediately after with the entire department. They were told that none of them are being replaced. I resigned. Management posted my job last Tuesday (lie) because I said that day I was not coming back. They already got 63 resumes and brought seven people in for interviews so far (lie). She doesn't think it will be hard to fill the spot (sure, but turnover) but she wanted them to know that none of their jobs are in jeopardy and that I decided not to come back. Wow. 

My coworkers are all pissed. Some are looking elsewhere for employment, some are asking for raises, and others are just quietly doing the bare minimum. Oh yeah, and I still had over 200 emails that needed my attention and over 1000 items in my queue. Sure, they'll find someone lol.

So there's the end of my saga.

Thanks for all the support! I will be enjoying my time off with my smiley baby, and maybe slowly start applying or see what unemployment says cuz why the hell not right. We'll be okay for a while. (Not why I did this. I was trying to fight for what I believed in. Well aware of the consequences). Lucky as hell to be in the position I am. Husband is so supportive. He brought our little man over to me after I closed my laptop for the last time, bouncing, singing "mama's got her baby! Mama's with her baby!" Ugh, my heart!

Some of you suggested I reach out to an employment lawyer. I think I will. Not sure I have anything, but it doesn't look good on them either way and again, I know my limits. I don't know law.

Tldr: new mom, 3 months postpartum. First day back to work 6/13. Remote since pandemic, only hired 2 months before that. Top performer on team. Not planning on going into office. Told it's "policy" and they'll accept my resignation. Back and forth a bit. They said I "resigned". Smh

Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/vgzpy5/im_not_resigning_fire_me_bitch/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/vj51vu/im_not_resigning_fire_me_bitch_part_2/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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Anti-union guy can’t believe his woman partner is qualified for her job

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Welcome to our lovely society

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Do Americans just not get protests? The purpose of them?


So not trying to like be nitpicky about HOW to protest. More like just the purpose. I've seen so many posts and experienced this at a protest just this last weekend. Sentiments like; "Don't protest on the road, people will turn against you" and others like it. Basically if it's an inconvenience, suddenly supporters will turn against you? I'd argue they weren't supporters to begin with if they say "Well I was late to work so women shouldn't have body autonomy". It's the same sentiment with strikes. They say "Grow up".

Americans are taught protests are just for awareness even in schools when talking about the Civil Rights Movement, women's rights and worker's rights. But they're not. Most people knew workers wanted rights and women wanted votes in the early 1900's, everyone knew the Civil Rights Movement wanted desegregation in the 50's and 60's. Everyone knows about the abortion debate now. Thousands of people died during those protests.

It's not about awareness; it's about power. Collective power specifically. It's a lot easier to silence one person than 1000s. It's also easier to arrest one rather than 1000s. It also shows the opposition that a large portion of people will not back down in the face of adversity, even violence. It allows people who feel alone in the struggle to give them hope and realize they aren't.
Am I missing something here?? American born, raised and living here in a deep red state so my world experience is inherently limited but this is what I've picked up on. I'm curious to know how other places view the purpose of protesting.

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If paying people a living wage destroys your business........your business deserves to be destroyed.


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They're not doing it to help you, remember that.

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A lot. We’re doing a lot.

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This is some Class A bullshit

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Let’s stop pretending that employers having ultimate control over our healthcare is ever a good thing

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How do you react to this? and how the hell is Hey isn't professional?

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This audacious and condescending BS is framed and hung up at the local Dairy Queen

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Hey Lucy, breaking news. You're wrong, and no one gives a shit. The only thing dangerous is settling to be financially exploited.

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Don't worry we won't...

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Looks correct!

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Just texted my boss that I won’t be on today and it was cathartic AF.


For context, I live in a liberal area but my boss and majority of my coworkers live in Mormon town. They were celebrating during our team meeting on Friday while I was holding back tears. I just texted my boss these exact words: “Hello *****, I unfortunately won’t be on today so I can protest the decision to revoke a constitutional right, I will be on tomorrow.” It was also nice hearing all of them shut up on Friday when I blankly said “yeah, now if I get raped my husband can watch me be pregnant with another man’s baby and be forced to raise it with me for 18 years.” I hope some light bulbs finally went off for them, but I doubt it.

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“Been looking forward to this day since i was 18 years old”

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I’ve seen this attitude a lot and it’s kinda frustrating to say the least

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Dont tell your employer you are having an abortion


Alot of companies are saying they will cover abortion travel. Yall know damn well that when it gets made illegal and the lawyers are knocking at the door demanding records they WILL sell you out for a lighter fine. Alot of these abortion laws have built in stipulations that getting am abortion elsewhere can still land you in prison as soon as you come home.

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Give money to working people who spend it

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never too late to learn

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Employer-provided healthcare is a labor disciplining device

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Alone at Subway at 17


Hello good people of r/antiwork,

Today I, a teenage subway worker, will be working an 8 hour shift alone until 10 pm. I’d love some suggestions on what to do with my time with great Sunday evening! What music should i play, what sandwiches should i make, what time should i lock the doors? I’ll be posting the suggestions I get as the night continues!

Edit: to the person who gave me gold, WHAT THE FUCK DUDE


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Housing is Rigged

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